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I'm sick of sick of seeing the LCs personal attacks
I have been watching SO since Season 1 and I don't like the way the life coaches have been this season. What really gets me is their twisted ideas
23 messages
01-19-06 08:52 PM
I have been watching "Starting Over" since the onset and airing of the show. I have even thought about going on the show myself, a time or two
8 messages
01-19-06 08:59 PM
HG Assignments
Does anyone know how they come up with the assignments for the houseguests? Do the LCs put them together or do they have a handy-dandy team of PAs s
4 messages
01-19-06 09:17 PM
This is the first season I have ever watched Starting Over. I became intrigued with the life coaches ingenius style of therapy. I think they kick #
tough love
4 messages
01-19-06 09:18 PM
Finally! A productive episode...
I know I will meet with opposition here. It seems that there is so much negativity on this board that any positive feedback is lost. Today
27 messages
01-20-06 01:01 AM
"What's a life coach to do?" -IV
I think I fell in love with Iyanla again. I knew Allison was having a hard time understanding what Iyanla was telling her about filling you
21 messages
01-20-06 01:07 AM
I have to say that I started watching this show because of Iylana. I heard about her on Oprah...and I bought 2 of her books. Her books helped me get
1 messages
01-20-06 01:08 AM
Enough sensationalsm and shallow drama, please.
Every reality show is about tossing a motley crew into a house and filming them as they bicker and play it up for the camera. This show was different
5 messages
01-20-06 01:19 PM
Allison is Ilanya's Favoirte.I found Illanya admitting to it on a website.
Vanzant explains that she turned down the first offer from "Starting Over" because of her daughter's illness. But when they contact- ed her agai
28 messages
01-21-06 05:14 AM
Lisa is a Master Manipulator and Rhonda is a Pushover
Today's starting over was an eye opener for me in terms of how easy it is for people to live in denial and manipulate others. I have deep sympathy
2 messages
01-21-06 08:09 AM
LCs new approach--bash new HGs upon admission
THe LCs seem to have a new tactic of welcoming new women into the house. Jump all over them with both feet, call them liars and confront them on eve
1 messages
01-21-06 05:49 PM
Definitely some EDITING going on with this show.
To each his own...
7 messages
01-21-06 09:18 PM
Rhonda danggling carrots infront of us
"with the way lisa is contacting mr. internet, I don't know if she should even be in the SO house." Oh Lord God we have heard the over and ov
25 messages
01-21-06 10:30 PM
I'm Outraged by Christina and Jill!!!!!
This is my first time on a message board, and I can't help myself but to post this: Hasn't Christina and Jill learned ANYTHING in SO House?
13 messages
01-22-06 06:25 AM
We need to voice our frustration
I just sent a message to the SO website's 'feedback'. It would be effective if several people wrote and told them how displeased we are with wh
68 messages
01-22-06 02:43 PM
A Life Coach Who Could Whip The House Into Shape!
Ike Turner.
21 messages
01-22-06 02:56 PM
Oh, I'm so disappointed, Just saw Dr. Stan on Blind Date
Dr. Stan did a guest appearance as a pre-marital counselor on blind date. Guess they are having some long running "girl trying to marry some guy"
10 messages
01-22-06 04:52 PM
Have all the HGs who left the house without graduating been Rhonda's?
I count: Kimberlyn Christine 2 Sommer Tess Is this why she won't get rid of Lisa?
7 messages
01-22-06 05:25 PM
Season 3 SO Women - did they ever “get it”?
Does SO help or hurt these women? Aren't their emotions like onions (Shrek…ogres are like onions, we have layers), and this show is not
6 messages
01-22-06 06:04 PM
Today Was a Really Good Episode!
Today's episode was pretty good! Anyone out there agree with me? I think Iyanla pulled together a lot of her season's lessons with the "Le
10 messages
01-23-06 01:56 PM
Gossip? or Seeking Support?
i feel like there is a difference. somewhere along the lines jill went from seeming like she was seeking advice to just being catty and ga
4 messages
01-23-06 04:12 PM
What happened to Mr. Australia????
I've missed a few SO episodes. I noticed Lisa talking about Mr. Internet but never speaking about Mr. Australia. What gives?
29 messages
01-23-06 04:50 PM
Jill and Jenny Craig
Does anyone know if Jill is still following the Jenny Craig diet? She hasn't been to weigh-in a quite sometime. Also, when is her surgery? L
1 messages
01-23-06 06:02 PM
Group meeting about KIM
What did you guys think? Where they ganging up on her? What about the fact that they diguised it as a group meeting vs. we all have issues with yo
6 messages
01-23-06 06:08 PM
life coahing lessons
Did todays life coahing lesson make any one think about there own life landscape or the part with big balls? Does any one remember any other life co
5 messages
01-23-06 09:32 PM
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