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Thank you, Lisa!
I am eternally grateful for Lisa's experience in the SO house - both her mistakes and successes (however few those have been!) Watching her st
4 messages
11-20-05 04:48 PM
The SO Houses
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 10-18-05 AT 08:40 PM (EST)[/font] Which was your favourite SO house? Season 1 - It w
12 messages
11-20-05 06:34 PM
Has Anyone Noticed
First time poster but long time reader. Has anyone noticed that we never see the coaches together this season in group? Even when Lisa was recently
10 messages
11-20-05 07:56 PM
SO question on Friday 11/18 was whose forgiveness letter
SO question on Friday 11/18 was whose forgiveness letter did you think was the best? So what do you all think? I find it a
2 messages
11-20-05 09:32 PM
Please Help A SO Fan From Australia
I was wondering if someone could please help. We are only at the end of season 1 (yes you read it correctly season 1) here in Australia and I have
3 messages
11-21-05 02:29 AM
Can you imagine
Can you imagine if the entire house is asked to leave?! I thought this at the beginning but the two people who seem to be doing well are Jessica
2 messages
11-21-05 07:51 AM
SO didn't run in Los Angeles 11/18 - What Happened
Starting Over didn't run in Los Angeles on Friday 11/18 because of a stupid forest fire in Ventura County. Anyway, what happened? Or where c
1 messages
11-21-05 12:54 PM
Is It Just Me..Or???
I love this show...however, I have to wonder where these women come from??? Are they all mentally challanged or have they just been in a box
0 messages
11-21-05 01:27 PM
Lisa, please read this!
After watching today's show, I had to try to contact you. I hope you're doing fine. Please don't let those idiots ruin your life. How can y
1 messages
11-21-05 02:17 PM
TJ and the drama
I was furious at the way TJ was singled out as the only one who handled the obvious "Drama Set Up" in the resturant inappropriatly. So what the ot
1 messages
11-21-05 02:18 PM
Who do you think may get kicked off the show?
Who do you think would be the most likely to get kicked off the show without graduating? I'm think it would be Lisa or Christina. I think Lisa isn
8 messages
11-21-05 02:35 PM
too much drama
I watch this show everyday and so far it appears that the life coaches have helped me turn my life around more than the women in the house. I'm only
0 messages
11-21-05 03:34 PM
People coming back
Are they coming to stay? Or is this just a visit? I mean is Josie really going to be in the house a 3rd time! I have no problem with her, thou
10 messages
11-21-05 04:35 PM
Missed the show!
Hi, does anyone know if they replay these shows on a cable channel at a later date or later today? I forgot to set my recorder and I'm dying to
2 messages
11-21-05 04:53 PM
Where did Josie go?
I didn't get to watch Fridays show but I read the recap and it didn't say anything about Josie. When did she leave? Did she even get the help
2 messages
11-21-05 04:57 PM
I have noticed that some of the women that have graduated have blogs or web pages. Does anyone have a list of these links?
2 messages
11-21-05 05:09 PM
These women need so much more than SO
I love to watch SO, hence my screenname; but as a Christian I get really frustrated watching them beat these same issues to death. I have been mol
27 messages
11-21-05 07:03 PM
Mistakes SO has made this season
What do you think is screwed up about SO this year, in terms of the choices made by the SO production people? I have sevearal and here they are...
1 messages
11-21-05 08:23 PM
What was Rhonda talking about?
What was Rhonda talking about at the Board of Review this morning? She said never in the history of the house has there been a woman who has not co
1 messages
11-21-05 11:18 PM
Song Inspired by Starting Over
I have been watching Starting Over since first season... It is an amazing show. For me, the most powerful moments are when the Job Coach turns from
0 messages
11-22-05 01:59 AM
and the Emmy goes to Stalin!...
This show is completely insane. Good thing Rhonda and Iyanla don't even have pape from a boxtop U, because the institution (key word) would ha
0 messages
11-22-05 08:12 AM
What Can You Do When Someone's a Skater Like Lisa?
I'm a Lisa fan, even if she gets kicked off. I think she needs a lot more pushing, a much more difficult task, a bigger problem to overcome be
1 messages
11-22-05 01:16 PM
Jill needs a third opinion
I love Jill, but I can believe that she just accepted the opinion of the second doctor without question. I think it was what she wanted to hear. %
1 messages
11-22-05 03:39 PM
Why exactly is Lisa leaving the house? I missed a couple shows so I am behind.
2 messages
11-22-05 03:42 PM
TJ's handling of the disturbance at breakfast
I'm new to your chat room and I probably don't fit the average demographic for the show since I'm male and 60 but I wanted to comment on wha
2 messages
11-22-05 04:46 PM
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