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Summary writer sign-up thread for NBC's Next Action star [View All]
This thread is the episode summary writer sign-up thread for [ tar/|NBC's Last Action Star], whi
42 messages
01-19-05 10:53 PM
"Bet Your Life" made me long for a sequel to "Deuce Bigelow"! How embarrassing for Billy Zane to have to deal with the awkward sc
9 messages
09-09-04 12:10 PM
Anyone know GREG Homepage?
Does anyone know GREG Homepage? I love this Cutie.
0 messages
09-02-04 02:30 PM
**Official Summary - Next Action Star – Finale**
**Official Summary - Next Action Star – Finale** (or to misquote Sally Field “You hate me, you really hate me!”) %0
8 messages
08-12-04 03:43 PM
Well, I'm going to watch the movie. Anyone else?
Corinne's website. She's a Canadian! Who knew? htm http://commun
16 messages
08-05-04 10:50 AM
And Of Course Inflection: Next Action Star Episode 8 Summary
Well good day there. I'm, oh, let's call me "Sir Edwin". You don't know me but I'm an acquaintance of Skiver. The poor lad was origina
6 messages
07-29-04 04:51 PM
Episode 9 Re-Cap from NBC (Never Aired)
Hi everyone. I'm pinch-hitting for tonight's episode (Ep. 10 - finale) and came across the synopsis of episode 9 on NBC's site when I was c
3 messages
07-29-04 10:30 AM
T.V. Guide Spoiler
SPOILER ***************************************- *****%2
2 messages
07-27-04 12:00 PM
YIKES!!! Re-set your VCR for Action Hero Early Ending!
I had no idea our favorite Action hero show was doing this poorly! NBC must really want to dump it, but I can't imagine for WHAT?
1 messages
07-24-04 08:35 PM
Who got cut?
Does anyone know who got cut last night? We had a really bad storm and my satelite went out right when they were explaining the next screen shot?
5 messages
07-24-04 05:24 PM
Next Action Star Official Summary, Episode 6: Cheated!
Cheated is exactly how I felt after watching this week’s episode! You will too but we will have to wait just a few before we get to that.
9 messages
07-22-04 08:56 AM
I need help!
I did not know about the schedule change, and missed the episode I was supposed to summarize!! Ack! And then, I
9 messages
07-16-04 09:37 PM
Jared is a nincompoop.
'Idiot' is much too classic a word to apply to him. Who the heck does he think he is? Brando? I don't see a complex, self-tortured man
7 messages
07-16-04 01:43 AM
who do you think will win
Get your choice in early to avoid the rush! My leading guy to win left last night, but I am thinking Linda will be the winning female.%
16 messages
07-15-04 04:02 PM
Anyone intrested
Would anyone be interested in maybe being in a "Next action star" Online Redux? I won't start it unless i get people that are interested in it
2 messages
07-14-04 11:45 AM
Not Your Run Of The Mill Reality Show
I'm kind liking this show. I think they are doing a pretty good job of showing the actual process involved in evaluating actors and doing a shoot.
0 messages
07-08-04 01:04 PM
Official Summary, Next Action Star, Premiere Episode pt. II
[center][b][font size = 4]If It Bleeds, It Leads.[/font][/b] ”Those in the free seats are the first to
9 messages
07-07-04 11:21 AM
Episode 4 Summary
Hi, everyone - and by everyone I mean the three people who may read this. This is my first summary for this or any other show, so please be as cri
9 messages
07-06-04 11:44 AM
Official Next Action Star Episode i Summary
[font size=3][b][center]Official Next Action Star Episode i Summary Freaks and Geeks[/center][/b][/font]
5 messages
07-02-04 03:14 PM
Tonite's Episode 6/30 ??Spoilers??
I don't know what time/days everyone's seeing this, so I don't want to spoil anything for anyone who perhaps might not be on the West Coast
1 messages
07-01-04 01:08 AM
Is Viviana for real?
She said that she is just being herself....what an f'ing drama queen b!tch! I could not be her friend for more than 5 mins! %0
12 messages
06-30-04 05:04 PM
This Show is Weird.
I can't figure out why they skip showing things like the team picking last night in full--which would have been very interesting & revealed a lot
1 messages
06-30-04 10:41 AM
Next Action Star eoisode 3 summarry: Trapped!
Trapped is a good word to use. So far I feel as though I have been trapped into watcdhing this show, by the promise of a good series and so far it h
3 messages
06-30-04 10:30 AM
Reality Show Celebs?
Ok so the "I slept with Fabio" chick is there (but didn't make it). But did anyone notice when they showed the 30 finalists at the end of t
10 messages
06-28-04 10:49 AM
Web site for Jeanne
1 messages
06-22-04 01:29 PM
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