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A GREAT episode blog!
I found this site : and it has very good detailed summaries of each episode. Wel
1 messages
11-01-05 04:12 PM
Whar happened? I didn't see the maniplulation show, I got when Jessica's sister came!
Hi, this is my first time posting. (thou I've been reading the boards for a while) I'm confused what happened to day. I saw Jessicas sister
6 messages
11-01-05 07:02 PM
What's to come..
So, who wants to take dibs on the likelihood of a new roomate soon? Obviously the housemates all have a very long time until someone's ready to
3 messages
11-01-05 07:12 PM
Synopsis of 10/29 and 10/31 episodes, please
My VCR didn't capture the 10/29 or 10/31 episodes. Can someone please fill me in? What is Allison's great secret? How is the house doin
Want to know
1 messages
11-01-05 08:34 PM
Behind the scenes at the SO House
I reckon most of you haven't seen this exclusive [ y-tv-world-goes-behind-scenes-of-starting-over-new-
Cygnus X1
1 messages
11-01-05 11:25 PM
Mannequins are freakin' scary
Poor Christina! First, she gets stuck rooming with Jill, who snores like a buzzsaw. Then, to make matters worse, she gets a second roommat
2 messages
11-02-05 01:16 AM
who 's in charge?
for the starting over website. somebody is not keeping up with the episode guide.
2 messages
11-02-05 07:38 AM
SO Application
I am interested in applying to the 'Starting Over' house. I know that my chances are one in 3000+ but believe that it is better to have tried. %
12 messages
11-03-05 06:08 AM
Starting Over
This is one of the most amazing show I have had the pleasure of sitting still for an hour to watch. I am usually not a TV person. I choose to stop wat
0 messages
11-03-05 10:44 AM
A couple of general questions....
OK, is it just me or does it bother anyone else when they refer to what Christina did for a living as "dancing" and "escorting?" If she c
12 messages
11-03-05 02:00 PM
Communicating with Integrity
Rhonda gave TJ four questions to ask herself before speaking, I can only remember two of them: "Is what I'm about to say true?" and "Is
1 messages
11-03-05 02:58 PM
SO made TIME Magazine
I was reading the November 7 issue of TIME magazine and was shocked to see that SO was listed on a list of 6 TV Shows Not To Overlook. The others wer
1 messages
11-03-05 03:35 PM
Jessica unsupportive
i wanted to voice my opinion about jessica's part in the mess yesterday. i rewatched those parts of the show, just to make sure i didn't miss s
10 messages
11-03-05 04:36 PM
Corrine Stefans on S.O HOuse is so Disappointing
How can such a great show put Corrine Steffans on this show as a supposed role model to Christina. do you not know who she is and how truly disgu
3 messages
11-03-05 09:14 PM
I am so disappointed!!!!!!
i have remained a faithful viewer of starting over since the very beginning, but i must say this season i have just felt extremely disappointed. i
8 messages
11-03-05 10:02 PM
Jill I pray for you
Hello to Jill, and all who support her. First of all, of all of the s.o. mates I can relate the most to Jill. I tend to overcompensate and be dr
1 messages
11-03-05 11:34 PM
S.O. Stripped Down/Unplugged!
I originally put this in a post under "compromised", but I decided to put this issue out there. From what I've been reading, I'
24 messages
11-03-05 11:34 PM
Allison's Breast Cancer Handbag
I don't know if anyone else has noticed, but I am wondering how I can get a purse like Allison has. It's the breast cancer ribbon as the handle
2 messages
11-03-05 11:49 PM
What's with the Sound Effects
I thought it was so mean of the producers to add the sound bites of kind of "clumpy, clumpy, ba dum de dum" to Jill when she was walking aroun
28 messages
11-04-05 00:05 AM
speaking of sshhtrippers...
yyy did they have to stoop to that on smallville tonight? i found myself wondering if christina's story inspired it, but of course it didn't.
0 messages
11-04-05 00:08 AM
The Difference
Is it just me or is this season really different. I find that the house guest are not connecting very well, as though they haven't gotten the mess
bumble bee
7 messages
11-04-05 00:08 AM
My local TV station screwed up!!
I can't believe it, my station is airing tomorrows show!
1 messages
11-04-05 00:11 AM
to jessica's credit...
jessica appeared to be attempting to be a supportive housemate w/ jill today. there. 5x
6 messages
11-04-05 02:05 AM
I may have been the only one who noticed this, but on Wednesday's show at Jessica's Sept. 11th memorial ceremony, Rhonda asked Jessica how she
1 messages
11-04-05 12:03 PM
Questions about how this show works!
Hi all, New to this show and new to this forum. Thanks in advance for helping me understand a couple of things: 1. Do they
9 messages
11-04-05 12:55 PM
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