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Today best show this season
The show was better today. The coaches were on target more and the excercises were very good. Today was why I starting watching SO to begin with. Its
3 messages
10-28-05 09:19 PM
Is it PMS or a ratings race?
This is my first time posting but I've been an avid SO watcher since the beginning. I want to know if the LC's are on permanent PMS mode or what%
0 messages
10-28-05 09:28 PM
is there a delay?
Hi all, Does anyone know how much of a delay there is between when something in the house happens and when it is aired? I'm just cur
2 messages
10-29-05 01:58 PM
Thrusday's show
Okay so programming screwed up and showed us Friday's episode (where Christina hussles her housemates and feels bad about taking money) and then
1 messages
10-29-05 03:08 PM
You Be The Coach
Who would you want to work with and why? Who would you not want to work with and why?
2 messages
10-29-05 05:06 PM
Where is the talk about sex?
For a house full of women there is very little talk of sex, unless it's involved in an assignment. What's up with that? There may be a sexual
4 messages
10-29-05 05:36 PM
Broken Rule?!
I was recently reminded in another post about one of the Starting Over house rules being that you neither hurt yourself or another housemate. Thank yo
3 messages
10-29-05 10:07 PM
Who will be the first to graduate? I'm not but...
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 10-21-05 AT 12:49 PM (EST)[/font] [font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON
14 messages
10-29-05 10:23 PM
Sock Puppet Close-Ups???
I kept getting distracted by the sock puppet close-ups. I kept expected lambchop to show up any minute. Did they choose dark socks to help Jill rela
10 messages
10-30-05 04:39 AM
Individual Houseguest Forum Added
FYI, a new forum has been added for discussion of individual houseguests to accommodate the high posting volume. If you've posted in th
1 messages
10-30-05 12:54 PM
Andy Paige fans
I like Andy, I think she would have made an awesome life coach. I hope you will join me in urging her to go to the next level by encoura
4 messages
10-30-05 02:52 PM
Do the LC really like each other???
I think Dr. Stan gets along well with both of the LC. But I have a feeling that Rhonda and Iv do not agree all of the time. Many of my friends who are
1 messages
10-30-05 11:51 PM
Unresolved wonder they earned a C
It seems that this season many of the issues between the women are being left open-ended...or if they are being resolved the viewers are being left ou
2 messages
10-31-05 11:13 AM
Last 15 minutes of Fridays show...
What happened? I have Tivo but the show was pre-empted by a news report. Anyone care to share?
4 messages
10-31-05 02:58 PM
Chistine's Bullseye
Phone rang during the "bullseye" segment with Christine. I thought this was a very clear way of describing boundaries, and wanted to pass it on
3 messages
10-31-05 07:02 PM
Anyone tired of "Getting IT" ?
Last season you really heard alot about Tess "not getting it" and I guess thats when I really noticed how much they use that phrase on the show.%0
15 messages
10-31-05 07:40 PM
OK East's what happened today
Most of today was about Allison, Christina & Jill. First, Iyanla asked the group to think about how they manipulate, and the fear that motiva
4 messages
10-31-05 08:21 PM
Next week!!!
I can't wait to watch SO next week. If you saw the previews for the upcoming shows then you know it's going to be an explosive week. For instanc
15 messages
11-01-05 02:30 AM
How do I see the show now?
I am SOOOO BUMMED OUT!!! I've been on Medical Leave for the last 6 weeks (from the "Girl" surgery), and I have to go back to my 7-4p
1 messages
11-01-05 02:32 AM
New poster - can't help it - fed up!
I've been watching from day one, Season One. I've read the message board and enjoyed the conversations but never joined in until now. I hope I
8 messages
11-01-05 05:13 AM
What happened to starting over, they took it off the air!!!
Someone please let me know what's happening on Starting over, they took it off the air! I missed yesterday's (Monday's) program and I'
Dear Debby
0 messages
11-01-05 08:13 AM
Starting Over website - so sloppy
I can't believe that with all their vast resources, the Starting Over website is so sloppily maintained. Today is Tuesday, November 1st, and i
0 messages
11-01-05 10:06 AM
SO #1 Drama Queen
Now that we are in the 3rd season of show, who do you think is the #1 drama queen? There are so many...I don't know where to start, but I sa
21 messages
11-01-05 10:09 AM
Looking for a site For chat
Does this site have a chat? anyone know of one that discusses SO. this one is confusing.
1 messages
11-01-05 10:18 AM
I don't know what the story with the SO website. It doesn't seem to be updated as much. I find that they don't have a basic story line about e
2 messages
11-01-05 11:44 AM
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