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24 Countdown! [View All]
12 Days! ds/User_files/3f414a577bdc1efa.gif
Devious Weasel
28 messages
11-23-21 02:12 AM
146.Wanna date?
[iframe width="560" height="315" src=" BC5-xqI8KSQ" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen%5
MCV Corporation
1 messages
11-19-21 03:29 PM
motherload of 24 Spoilers
S P O I L E R A L E R T hidden text [font color=ddddd] From th
6 messages
03-10-16 07:01 PM
No 24 tonight.....
Next new show (episode 18) will be on Sunday 9pm Eastern. ds/User_files/3ed17abb510
4 messages
03-10-16 07:00 PM
Once Again, Last Night's 24
Okay, I broke down and watched. I must say, I don’t get the show’s creators. What was President Palmer doing in that white shirt and glasses%2
Devious Weasel
4 messages
03-10-16 06:59 PM
Episode 3.16: Day 3: 04:00 a.m. to 05:00 a.m.
24 is back this week! Jack loosens his control of Amador in order to find out who he’s working for. Meanwhile, one of 12 vials contai
19 messages
03-10-16 06:57 PM
145.You wanna date?
[iframe width="560" height="315" src=" 3CjROqJNYr8" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen%5
MCV Corporation
0 messages
03-10-16 00:35 AM
Last Night's 24
I don’t know where to begin. Jack was nowhere to be seen. Tony was nowhere to be seen. No Nina, no Kim, no Chase, no Salazars. All we had was
Devious Weasel
11 messages
01-15-16 04:21 PM
24 [View All]
Ok, where's the thread about last night's show. Surely, I can't be the first one posting about how much I hate that they've written Jack
24 messages
05-05-15 04:29 PM
Season 8 Preview
While watching Family Guy Sunday night, I saw a preview of 24. Looks like President Taylor, her advisor, and Chloe are back. Looks l
5 messages
03-20-15 01:03 PM
Webisodes - 24 Spinoff
There's an online spinoff of 24 coming out featuring a character named Jeremy Blaine who was seen on Season 5 on the Russian Sub. I kinda maybe rem
1 messages
03-05-15 06:30 PM
The return of 24
Wow. Now that Howard Gordon has been so successful with [i]Homeland[/i] and also has two more new shows, [i][
5 messages
05-29-14 10:32 PM
Looks like Season 8 might be the last one afterall. [i]Executives at U.S. TV network Fox have decided to end their long-running hit 24
6 messages
10-31-11 07:37 PM
Season 8 Premier - Hours 4pm to 8pm [View All]
Anyone still watching? Initial thoughts? First reaction: I [i]really[/i] don't like the appearance of the new CTU.
92 messages
06-08-10 02:03 PM
1/22 Episode [View All]
Filler, blah, blah, blah, blah, know what's funny is my daughter's initials are BLAH.....enough filler okay then. %
25 messages
05-13-10 03:36 AM
Keifer has surgery
get well soon "Jack",- 20344208,00.html http://community.realitytvwo
0 messages
02-16-10 10:40 PM
24: The Movie
[i]"Under the most optimistic scenario, feature would be greenlit early next year and lense next spring and summer during the hiatus between s
Emily RugBurn
7 messages
02-09-10 08:08 PM
Season 7 finale
Boy, I really succeeded in forgetting season 6 (with Philip Bauer and brain-damaged Audrey), didn't I? I titled my post on the current fi
13 messages
05-22-09 08:11 AM
Season 6 finale
So evil Tony is trying to use an innocent person to pin the poison gas attacks on Muslims, while Jack is trying to live long enough to stop the atta
2 messages
05-13-09 04:58 PM
10:00-11:00pm [View All]
I thought I'd create this one just to get up to speed. We're missing 5 hours.
66 messages
05-12-09 03:20 PM
4:00 - 5:00 [View All]
I love this premise of needing only those they can really trust. What a great way to bring back the golden oldies. Of course....Aaron Pierce. Yippe
36 messages
03-27-09 01:01 PM
First Arc Over?
That was a good episode. Jack, Bill and Tony looked great didn't they? Filler, filler, filler. Seems like this season is a litt
17 messages
03-04-09 05:36 PM
Set your DVR- 24 season 7 starts tonight [View All]
So we all know Tony Almeida is coming back from the dead- anything else we need to know? http://community.realitytvworl
31 messages
02-20-09 00:23 AM
How do you kill Jack Bauer?
If things could end in a tidy way, where the producers have their say as to what happens to his character instead of the series being unceremoniousl
7 messages
02-19-09 01:24 AM
2 hour 24 prequel fall 2008
FOX will air a 2 hour 24 "prequel" fall 2008- bridge between season 6 and 7. Also producer Joel Surnow has left the show. http:/%2
8 messages
02-12-09 05:16 PM
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