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Daily Program Summaries
Is this the proper place to ask a question about the Starting Over Website? I cannot get the daily program summaries to show when I try t
2 messages
01-26-06 02:25 AM
Does anyone know what the HG's do on the weekends
in the house? Do they take the weekend off? Do they go to church?
6 messages
01-26-06 05:56 AM
Kim is the most self-centered person ever to be in the house. I'm sorry, but every conversation turns to HER. She is the most annyoing person I%
1 messages
01-26-06 10:39 AM
Why in the world is she still in the house? She is clearly NOT ready to start over. She is still the same little spoiled brat that walked through th
1 messages
01-26-06 10:45 AM
Spouses sleeping in different rooms/wife not working
I don't think that spouses sleeping in different rooms/beds is 'a sign of trouble in a marriage'. There are legit reasons for it, such as th
38 messages
01-26-06 11:11 AM
Lisa 1 - to much
Lisa's in the SO house to learn to be financailly independant. So do they have her out there working every day (like she will need to do - once sh
1 messages
01-26-06 12:38 PM
Can anyone fill me in on today's episode (1/26)?
The president cut in with his speach as Rhonda was wrapping Christie and he talked until SO was over! What happened? What was it that Lisa1 d
1 messages
01-26-06 12:45 PM
Dr. Stan on drive-time radio
Dr. Stan was on a morning show on 98.7 FM in Los Angeles this morning. I don't know the names of the hosts of the show, but Dr. Stan was counsel
1 messages
01-26-06 12:48 PM
Why the heck is kim so worried about connecting with jill so badly. if she just stopped and looked at herself she would see she is trying just too har
1 messages
01-26-06 01:07 PM
Can someone catch me up!!!
I missed today's episode because Bush cut into my Starting Over time. What happened?????????
1 messages
01-26-06 04:00 PM
PLEASE SOMEONE TELL ME WHY!!! Why did Lisa have the other Lisa throw out the box with Mr. Internet's picture in it??? I thought th
1 messages
01-26-06 04:04 PM
Maybe this has been covered before but in the first season didn't they try to help those who smoked quit? Is this something they no longer do?
0 messages
01-26-06 05:00 PM
Love ya Jill
I'm not sure if this is going on the right web page (SO) I just want to say I love you Jill hang in there I've seen you come a long way. I adm
1 messages
01-26-06 05:50 PM
How many abortions?
I think it's interesting that suddenly, in the third season, abortion comes up as an issue. NuLisa told Iyanla about her abortion in a way that
0 messages
01-26-06 10:07 PM
Who is your favorite life caoch?
I put this on the other forum & got locked out. But & we had a pretty good conversation going to. I wish I would have seen the show when this life
17 messages
01-26-06 10:28 PM
I love the starting over house. I feel you can take what you want and leave the rest. I have always enjoyed hearing Iyanla speak. One thing that I
12 messages
01-26-06 10:25 PM
has starting over changed amyone else's life
I feel like it has for me. I just started watching this season & It has really helped me get real with myself
47 messages
01-26-06 10:35 PM
Rhonda new book looks like it will be good
Rhonda has a new book coming out it's called do I look fat in this dress? How to get over your body and move on with your life. I cant wait t
12 messages
01-26-06 10:36 PM
Why are the new houseguests always saying "Why Did I Sign Up For?"
The new houseguests always make me so mad when they be like, "What did I sign up for," "What did I get myself into," I'm l
15 messages
01-26-06 10:53 PM
When was the last BOR? It seems like it has been a long time. Maybe because of the holiday reruns but they need one soon to get rid of Lisa1.
17 messages
01-26-06 11:00 PM
I am so glad that Christie has entered the picture. Finally, some real life issue for the rest of us real women to relate to. Who of you does not
2 messages
01-26-06 11:13 PM
I Cannot Stand It Anymore....
This season is the absolutely most frustrating thing to watch, and today's episode pushed me over the brink. We start out with Christ
14 messages
01-26-06 11:21 PM
Great show, relate to lots of issues!
I have just started watching the SO show and I'm seriously hooked already! Jill is so outspoken and I can relate to her but I see her focusing on
1 messages
01-27-06 02:45 AM
Graduation Gifts?!
I believe that I am a very fair person and I just DO NOT understand how the coaches and the SO sponsor come up with these graduation gifts. Alliwhine
8 messages
01-27-06 09:22 AM
It seems to me that people are graduated when the producers want them gone and not when they are necessarily "cured". The last couple of graduatio
17 messages
01-27-06 10:11 AM
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