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I don't feel sorry for Lisa!!!!!!!!!
I am so sick of Lisa's tears and her whiny voice. If something doesn't go her way, that 3 year old attitude comes out and tries to ease her way
0 messages
11-17-05 04:38 PM
What happened to the post RE: Lisa's Parents' Visit
I was wondering about several post that I read regarding people's thoughts on the visit from Lisa's parents. The seem to be missing from the mess
1 messages
11-17-05 04:38 PM
Christina & Jill
Is Christina hustling all of us-if she is serious about changing and she didn't think to take her photos off the web-who is she fooling? She just
10 messages
11-17-05 05:56 PM
I am a huge fan of the show...but I am just not feelin' it this year
I have never missed an episode of SO since its first season but this year something seems to be amiss. I feel like there is no connection with the ho
15 messages
11-17-05 06:11 PM
Open Casting Calls
Have any of you been to an Open Casting Call or know what they're like? I was wondering what to expect there, like if I need to "camp out"
4 messages
11-17-05 07:27 PM
How did any of the SO chicks get picked this season
I am glad to see Tj actually improving herself. She was my least favorite, but now the rest of them chicks just seem to be livin it up in beverly hi
Angel Baby
3 messages
11-17-05 07:51 PM
Do you think any of them will be back this season?
6 messages
11-17-05 08:28 PM
How many steps????
How many steps did the HG's have last season? I Thought there was 5 - but now they only have 4. The producers must have known it would take thes
2 messages
11-17-05 08:30 PM
Who would you rather have as a coach?
Rhonda or Iyanla? Usually when I'm watching SO, my FI is in the background making snide comments about how weak the women are and cal
35 messages
11-17-05 08:30 PM
Question of the Day - Is Lisa regressing? Y or N?
What do you all think about the question of today's episode. Question of the Day - Is Lisa regressing? Y or N?
1 messages
11-17-05 08:36 PM
Does anyone ever wonder...
Does anyone wonder or know if the LC's ever read these boards???
8 messages
11-17-05 09:04 PM
Pottery exercise: what was the purpose?
Anyone have any thoughts about what the heck was the purpose of the pottery painting exercise? I understood the theory of getting Josie to leave he
Amalfi coast girl
1 messages
11-17-05 11:09 PM
Bad Editting or Bad Housemates
I think this season all the good stuff is being edited out and we are left with this whiny bunch of babys. I think we have a truely gifted crew on th
2 messages
11-18-05 02:43 AM
Allson was NOT brough to be A MINTOR. Elane from last season was suppose to be the HOUSE MENTOR. Elane was the LAWER that could not marrie t
Miss Helen
0 messages
11-18-05 02:47 AM
To the Jerry Springer crowd & Maury lovers
Please turn off the Starting Over program and let those who value the show, and respect the work of the Life Coaches grow and learn. "Who my baby
2 messages
11-18-05 07:45 AM
"Reality Show Writers Seek More Pay"
Reality Show Writers Seek More Pay Nov 15, 2:03 PM EST The Associated Press NEW YORK -- Television's reality intruded
Starry Sky
10 messages
11-18-05 09:05 AM
Reality or Soap Opera - It's OFFICIAL -
Ok, IMHO, the question has been answered - this is a Soap Opera if ever there was one. This is no more reality than Surreal Life or Real World %2
5 messages
11-18-05 11:00 AM
I do not think Lisa is ready to make the necessary changes in her life. I for one am tired of listening to her excuses. Change is hard and we all ha
1 messages
11-18-05 03:27 PM
What happened today?
Help! I'm so upset. LA area viewing of Starting Over was pre-empted by news about a fire that went on & on for hours! What happened on toda
0 messages
11-18-05 04:19 PM
New "ho" around town :)
Hi everyone! My name is Karin and I am a stay-at-home mom and I also homeschool. Anyway, this my first season of SO and I like it. I often wond
10 messages
11-18-05 06:43 PM
Recap of episode for Nov 18, 2005
can someone please give me a detailed description of what happened on today's episode (11-18-2005)? I did not see it. It was interupted by bre
3 messages
11-18-05 08:26 PM
Today’s episode 11/18/05
Has anyone else seen it yet? I wanted to wait to comment so that I wouldn’t spoil anything for those that are waiting to see it for the
Amalfi coast girl
3 messages
11-18-05 08:46 PM
replay of LAs 11/18 episode
does anyone know if they are going to replay todays episode in LA? I come to watch it on tivo and its just news about some fire....arrrgggggg!!%
4 messages
11-18-05 09:26 PM
I think I know why there is tension in the house
I was catching a few of the syndicated reruns from last season and there is a HUGE difference between how the HG's are handled by the LC between thi
7 messages
11-18-05 09:40 PM
Is it too late.........
To scrap this season and really STARTOVER?? How sad to think there are probably piles of applications from women who REALLY need help and are wil
9 messages
11-18-05 09:51 PM
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