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Starting Over Tapes?
By chance, does anyone have tapes of the season with the couples? I used to know one of the girls on that season, and I would really like to see
2 messages
11-15-05 10:29 PM
What happened to the forum on the SO website?
I went to the SO website to visit the forum and I found that now the forum has 'moved' here. Or more like SO stopped hosting a forum an
1 messages
11-15-05 10:33 PM
LC Belief System
Beliefs (this taken from so website) A belief is a thought fueled by an emotion that leads to an experience or an action. If we want to trans
2 messages
11-16-05 07:17 AM
Belief BS and HG Humiliation
IV is psycho! This belief definition she's laying out is obviously wrong. She said that a belief is based on a thought not on an experience. For e
11 messages
11-16-05 07:53 AM
Does Iyanla LIKE Jill?
Yes, No, Maybe, I don't know.... What do you think? I just wanted to ask this question directly to ya'll. I'm asking because to me somet
25 messages
11-16-05 09:55 AM
today's show was awful
HAPPY BIRTHDAY JILL! at least that seemed to go right. TJ definitely deserved steps over Cristina, Jessica was so fake today I could hardly stand
3 messages
11-16-05 10:33 AM
Jenny Craig guy
That guy that is representing Jenny Craig that Jill sees, I don't get him. Does he know that the disco area and leisure suits are done and hopefu
4 messages
11-16-05 01:38 PM
Do Any One Learn from Watching?
Even the show sucks because you connot connect with the women and there is a lot of crap going on, does anyone learn anything from watching the show
9 messages
11-16-05 01:53 PM
How can you post such negativity?
I have wathched this show since day 1, I even had a friend whom tried out for the show, and I must say... I'am such a fan of the coaches, and
1 messages
11-16-05 02:54 PM
starting over falling down and starting over each day a new
[since its taken me so long it seems to finally be able to get in to this site, trust me im out side my comfort zone yeh but look at me go no
1 messages
11-16-05 04:43 PM
LCs causing the problems?
Watching IV prompt Allison to go into the kitchen to confront the girls and especially TJ made me angry yesterday. It is a growing trend I see that t
12 messages
11-16-05 05:54 PM
LC Mr. Ozzie
Considering the quality of life coaching goning on this season, I'd like to see Mr. Ozzie stay on as a life coach. He was demanding yet loving an
1 messages
11-16-05 09:14 PM
Why did Mr. Ozzy have to go?:-(
I really loved seeing that cute little puppy running around the house. I didn't really see the point in their bringing him in the house for that sh
3 messages
11-16-05 09:19 PM
Who Is Your Favorite?
I love Allyson.. Christina and I'm sorry I forgot the gal's name who lost her mom in the 911 event.. Little Miss Sassy
46 messages
11-16-05 09:33 PM
I think the life coaches and DR. Stan need to GET IT.
Miss Helen
0 messages
11-17-05 01:34 AM
I think she is the better coach.
Miss Helen
0 messages
11-17-05 01:50 AM
Josie the new "Valley Girl" of the SO house....
"Josie the new "Valley Girl" of the SO house...." Has anyone notice the way Josie is talking since she came back to the SO house? The
1 messages
11-17-05 07:30 AM
Lisa gets on my nerves!!!!!!!!!! I am also glad Josi is coming back!!!
Lisa is a whiny lil #####! she needs to grow up...!!! at 40 yo's old wow!!! and she treats her parents like crap!!!!
4 messages
11-17-05 10:00 AM
I missed today's show and can't figure out from the posts of today exactly what, if anything, happened. Thanks!
2 messages
11-17-05 10:32 AM
Please Stop with All The Fake Dates
One aspect of this show that is really getting are this carefully constructed dating scenarios they come up with. They are just painful to watch and
3 messages
11-17-05 11:35 AM
why do you watch the show?
Given the number of negative comments posted on these boards, I have to wonder why some of you even tune in. There is very little respect for the l
10 messages
11-17-05 01:01 PM
this season the group as a whole is AWFUL
First of love I think the coaches are doing a good job. Honestly I think they should be tougher with this group. I cannot embrace them
0 messages
11-17-05 02:37 PM
Chloe Sharing SO House with Christina?
Having Chloe in the house with Christina the hooker/callgirl/con-artist is a major blunder on the part of the Starting Over producers.
26 messages
11-17-05 02:49 PM
How do I get my boyfriend to realize that this show is NOT stupid?
I love Starting Over. I love how these women are trying to "fix" their lives, but my boyfriend thinks it's stupid & I'm stupid for watchin
32 messages
11-17-05 02:57 PM
Does anyone know how to reach Betty Ann Craig
Today she helped two houseguests work on plates but also is the artist who made Christina's necklace. Anyone know of a way to contact her? %0
0 messages
11-17-05 03:28 PM
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