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Renee' From last season?
Hello- all Does anyone remember the name of the Behavioral Learning Specialist that Renee' went to last season? She was on Wilshire I believe
0 messages
11-07-05 06:09 PM
Nov 7th Show
Iyala Vanzant read a poem to Allison today. (NOV 7- Monday) It was called "TODAY I CRIED". Is there anyway I can get a copy of that poe
2 messages
11-07-05 11:20 PM
Let's play the Starting Over Drinking game
It's simple..All you have to do is take a drink (of whatever you like) anytime you hear any of the women on SO say: Accountability%
33 messages
11-08-05 10:03 AM
Blessed Be Ms.Iyanla
I have to say over the seasons there has been countless occasions that I've experienced countless emotions, as anyone would in daily therapy. It%
2 messages
11-08-05 10:11 AM
Can we post recaps here?
I've been writing the recaps for a few other sites and didn't see any on this forum so let me know if you want me to add them. Note to admin--Shoo
7 messages
11-08-05 07:24 PM
Peeve about the Starting Over site
Every once in a while I check the website to see what they have to offer. (That's where I got my siggie GIF)I am still amazed that the content s
6 messages
11-08-05 08:08 PM
Is it just me or have the coaches changed attitudes?
Hey there, I haven't watched SO in awhile, but this new one the coaches seem much more harsh and impatient with the women. Almost a tough
6 messages
11-08-05 10:20 PM
Their All Buggin
All the ladies and coaches on SO are just too much this year, Dr. Stan is the only sane one! I miss the days of the first season when Rhonda and
7 messages
11-08-05 10:34 PM
Rhonda makes me sick!!!!!
I don't what happened to her but Rhonda makes me sick this season, especially this week. Yesterday, she bursts into the SOH and totally bulldoze
14 messages
11-09-05 01:52 AM
I missed Monday's episode
Can anyone give me a rundown on what happened Monday 11/7? I was at Dr's appointment and did not get tape. HELP :)
1 messages
11-09-05 08:37 AM
Christina's "other" website
In my area we had a lock down of a schol district and it pr-empted the show, the day it was discovered Christina still had websites up and running w
1 messages
11-09-05 10:28 AM
Jill you inspire me..hold on lady....
This is a message I am sending to Jill, either support me or not. It does not matter. I just want Jill to know that she inspires me so much.
0 messages
11-09-05 12:45 PM
Kim from Season 2
I always kind of had a hunch she was materialistic AND out of touch with reality. I found this interview today http://www.
8 messages
11-09-05 12:56 PM
Lisa's clothing...where does she get it?
I love some of the tops lisa wears like tank top with the cross and some of the colorful t-shirts. Does anyone have any idea what they are and where
1 messages
11-09-05 03:05 PM
What breed of dog is Mr. Ozzy?
That little black dog is adorable! Can anyone tell me the breed? Is it a miniature schnauzer? A cockapoo? I don't think it's a mixed b
4 messages
11-09-05 04:16 PM
Puppy ?
I guess I missed the episode about the puppy can someone get me clued in ?
2 messages
11-09-05 04:37 PM
The house is off probation, how convenient!
I find it interesting that the house was given a grade of B just in time for individual reviews. For the past few days the HG's were reminded that e
4 messages
11-10-05 08:22 AM
Ivanlya(sorry for the spelling) is making me crazy
I have watched SO since it's first season but I gotta say that Ivanlya is driving me nuts this year. She addresses everyone by either Miss or Mr,
4 messages
11-10-05 08:44 AM
Jessica board of review today
What happened with Jessica today? Did she graduate. We had breaking news and that part was blocked.
4 messages
11-10-05 09:06 AM
What was Christina's revealed dark secret today?
Episode preview states she reveals a dark secret. Did anyone see it today?
3 messages
11-10-05 09:59 AM
Do they really need drama that bad?
Do they need drama so bad for the show that they let the con artist Christina stay and Lisa. They are wasting our time, their time and money. They h
4 messages
11-10-05 11:03 AM
Motovational Poem for those Starting Over
I have recently committed to running a 26.2 mile marathon to help the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. I have a journal where I share my struggles and t
0 messages
11-10-05 11:12 AM
Christina hustled me today
Christina should be an actress because when she was talking to Iyanla today about how she hasn't been real I fell for her manipulation. Little did I
4 messages
11-10-05 11:27 AM
why are all the SO women emotional wrecks
I have noticed that since the second season, all ot the women who are on the show are emotional wrecks. Why is this? Does the SO production staf
5 messages
11-10-05 11:55 AM
christinas pictures
does anyonw know if christina still has those pictures on the web and if so what site. growing older is mandatory%2
1 messages
11-10-05 12:54 PM
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