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New Game- Pick a houseguest...
Pick a houseguest and use the letters in their name to describe them. I'll start with Allison: A Assinine and Apathetic L Lack of
32 messages
12-20-05 01:58 PM
Chistina's picture pose
Did anyone notice that in group today jessica took a picture of (I beleive) Christina, Lisa and TJ. Christina displayed her hand in a fashion t
15 messages
12-20-05 02:03 PM
Anyone from NJ/NY?? Quick question....
Being that the show was interrupted today with the transit strike you know when and if they will replay the show?? I cant believe we m
0 messages
12-20-05 02:28 PM
buh- bye Allison!!!! This season bites.
It's about freaking time and don't let the door hit you on the way out! This season is like a bad accident. First that joke of couples boot ca
0 messages
12-20-05 03:23 PM
season 3
so is the season over? already into reruns?
0 messages
12-20-05 04:23 PM
is season 3 over? when will it restart?
this is so wrong!!!! i am not ready for this!!!!
2 messages
12-20-05 06:51 PM
TJ's "Allison Face"
I hereby dub TJ the QUEEN of Left-Handed Compliments! When they were in group today talking about Allison graduating and TJ did that scrunched up A
1 messages
12-21-05 02:34 AM
Individual threads for each houseguest?
I'm new here also, and was wondering if there were individual threads for each houseguest for us to post in. I have my favorites and my "not so
1 messages
12-21-05 06:27 AM
central ohio viewers... here's the drill from WTTE 28
last week SO was pre-empted by infomercials so I emailed channel 28 and asked what was going on. here's their reply: "Thank you for
1 messages
12-21-05 06:56 AM
I think this is the WORST season yet!!
Does anyone else agree?? We have a psycho South Beach whiner (Lisa) ..One that doesn't know if she is coming or going and I wish she would j
0 messages
12-21-05 11:33 AM
what happened 12/21/05
the s/o show aired the beginning show when the housecrew just arrived. where's the continued shows with the new house guest kim? anyone please
1 messages
12-21-05 01:15 PM
pre empted again!
Is anyone else out there in the New York area getting tired of not getting to see the show for the last 2 days. That's not counting all the other da
0 messages
12-21-05 02:03 PM
Has anyone else thought that Allison looks like the sea witch from little mermaid? Especially after that "artist" came out and drew her portrait
0 messages
12-21-05 03:13 PM
Is There a List of the Exercises Seen on Starting Over?
Does anyone know of any website or any other place that would have a list of the exercises (and a description of each) that have been seen on Star
1 messages
12-21-05 03:31 PM
Allison needs to know it not all about her
Allison really gets to me becaues the starting over really did a lot for her and she don't seem like she gives a care about anyone or anything but w
0 messages
12-21-05 09:38 PM
End of Season?
I'm so confused! Why are they showing repeats from the beginning of this season? How long do we have to wait until it's back on again and re
0 messages
12-22-05 11:41 AM
Is Christina Pregnant?
They made it so dramatic when she was going to take the pregnancy test. They never revealed whether she was or wasn't. Did I miss something??
0 messages
12-22-05 11:44 AM
Kim and TJ
I find it interesting that even though Kim and TJ both were physically abused as children, Kim is being encouraged to face her abuse, and TJ is no
8 messages
12-22-05 12:35 PM
Speical Reports!!!!
Is anybody else in the New York area REALLY REALLY angry with all of the special reports they keep airing during SO? Why don't they air them at a
31 messages
12-22-05 02:18 PM
I was wondering what happened to the end of the show....all of a sudden they're showing the beginning of this group.. Did everyone graduate in the
3 messages
12-22-05 03:13 PM
ok I remember Karine offering her a job as her assistyant a month ago but now she has totally blown her off and is now working in her daddy's store
0 messages
12-22-05 11:23 PM
RERUNS NOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don't make me start over!!
It was bad enough watching it the first time do we have to do it again. When will we get something new?? Do we have to go through the whole mise
0 messages
12-22-05 11:26 PM
What is a life coach?
I think the reason they use life coaches has something to do with the confidentiality required with therapy. And, anyone can become a life coach.
12 messages
12-22-05 11:31 PM
Where do the houseguests go during the holidays?
Do you think that the houseguests stay at the house during the holidays, or do they go home? The taping seems about two and a half months ahead%2
0 messages
12-23-05 00:58 AM
Is that a Cheetos finger print on the phone?
Has anyone else noticed the mark that has been on the base of the phone all freaking session? It looks like someone was eating Cheetos and picked u
10 messages
12-23-05 05:47 AM
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