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Cancelled...or at least dropped
I was doing some searching on Windfall online today and came across NBC's schedule for the upcoming year. TH is not on it. I guess it didn't wor
20 messages
07-10-16 04:32 PM
Will there be another NEL segment?
Does anyone know how many more episodes are left of TH and if any are NEL legs? It feels like this show has gone by faster than TAR. I guess that%
4 messages
12-09-15 11:54 AM
Sorry to bug you guys, but I've been looking for treasure. Anyone seen any around here?
2 messages
12-08-15 05:55 PM
Worst Finale Ever [View All]
Kinda makes you look back fondly on Rosie O'Donnell's Survivor finale. I mean seriously, if you couldn't ask any decent questions AT LEAST pu
29 messages
09-04-15 02:24 PM
Loved the contestants, hated the rest!
The only reason that I kept watching this fiasco was because of the contestants. The clues and treasure hunt itself were just plain ridiculous. Basi
1 messages
03-11-15 05:57 PM
Top 10 things I'll miss about the show
1. Thank you X 100. Thank you to everyone for your kind words about my summaries, and all of the things said about the show. You all justified th
2 messages
03-06-15 07:16 PM
Treasure Hunters OFFICIAL episode summary #10 - "Three Episodes for the Price of One!"
The series finale (yes, I said series, and I don't think I'm wrong about this) of our favorite currently running puzzle solving race game
5 messages
08-27-06 04:19 AM
I've got a bad feeling about the potential "winners"
There have been some things to like about this show. However, there have been some things to dislike too. One of those things to dislike is the ca
16 messages
08-22-06 03:15 PM
Vote Thread
I can't believe none of us thought to have a winner vote thread - and that it's way late to start one now... But I'll give it a try and hope tha
14 messages
08-22-06 02:02 PM
The Final Show. [View All]
It Ends.
Earl Colby Pottinger
72 messages
08-22-06 01:29 PM
Solution to the final cryptex
Does anyone have an idea of what the 5 letter word might be that opens the final cryptex? I think it may be the word Brave. The main theme in the la
13 messages
08-21-06 08:38 PM
How can the finale be a LIVE show?
I don't understand...did the producers wait until everyone got into the room and then hauled them all out until tonight? I don't know
2 messages
08-21-06 01:26 PM
[b]THE PAST brought to you by “Don’”[/b] As any summary writer, I should start by recapping what led up to this%
6 messages
08-19-06 06:51 AM
How far can editting fool us? [View All]
How much can an editor twist the truth by editting what we see?
Earl Colby Pottinger
27 messages
08-19-06 06:48 AM
Treasure Hunters OFFICIAL episode summary #9 - "Oh Say Can You See" (part 1)
Previously, on America's favorite currently running puzzle solving/race reality game show... please rise for its anthem: [i]Oh
4 messages
08-19-06 06:45 AM
Final Show [View All]
It starts.
Earl Colby Pottinger
42 messages
08-19-06 06:43 AM
Questions Answered?
i was wondering for those who were on team brown's chat session last monday, just many questions did they answer if any. I do want to ask a lot of
0 messages
08-18-06 05:03 PM
where is the live season finally
anyone know were the live season finally is being held? I got a clue on my phone from last nights show saying UN Militiaman
18 messages
08-18-06 01:56 AM
The U.S. won the War of 1812?
No, you guys didn't. Methinks a little history lesson is in order. ds%
21 messages
08-13-06 07:41 PM
Note to the "geniuses".
Yo! Lambchop-boy. That flat thing in your lap ain't just a place to set your BK Stacker and [s]french fries[/s] freedom fries (we ar
16 messages
08-12-06 09:10 PM
Online Treasure Hunt, Pt. 2
Since the other thread is so long, this thread is being started to continue discussion of the online game. The first part of the discussion can be
2 messages
08-10-06 07:08 PM
Team Brown back in action!!!
for all those who were fans of team brown. i was messing around on the net and came across that team brown (3 brothers) has this chat session ever
0 messages
08-08-06 07:09 PM
New Show - To the Waldof [View All]
Living it up before winning.
Earl Colby Pottinger
31 messages
08-08-06 01:13 PM
Online Treasure Hunt
Is anyone playing the online game and want to exchange ideas? It seems harder than the show!
211 messages
08-08-06 01:08 PM
Treasure Hunters Question
First why is the tonight's episode chat thread locked? Second where does the last helicopter take you?
3 messages
08-07-06 11:15 PM
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