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Conferences Starting Over General Discussion Forum (Protected)
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hi all, Just wanted to know if anyone knew what happened to layne from last season?
1 messages
02-01-06 02:23 PM
Lisa1 as a Tupperware Saleswoman???
I personally do not see Lisa1 succeeding in any endeavor. Is it just me?
1 messages
02-01-06 03:40 PM
Will Jill find her father? What will be her reaction?
Short and simple -- Will Jill find her father? Dr. Stan asked if she was serious. How will she react if so? Will she get a date with a hot guy%
1 messages
02-01-06 03:51 PM
Jill's mom - chugging wine
Did anyone notice this? I just though it was seems like they could have cut-away much sooner, but the kept the camera on her! I think s
20 messages
02-01-06 07:17 PM
The whole "Dating Doctor" exercise in embarrassing
And why do they need a gay man to teach these women how to be more assertive in coming on to straight men? Jill doesn't need a dating
2 messages
02-03-06 09:52 AM
Be the Houseguest Game - Interest Thread
In a thread on IH, I broached the idea of "Be the Houseguest", a game similar to others played on RTVW (and created by Angelfood: are you
Cygnus X1
16 messages
02-03-06 12:36 PM
Which original HG will return to SO house?
I'm wondering which of the orignial (6) hg, will come back to the starting over house needing additional help. I think Lisa will be back befor
8 messages
02-03-06 04:33 PM
JODI's HAMSTER!! "Frankenhamster??"
Did anyone else catch today the comment Jodi made about how she had a hamster and a dog, and the dog bit the hamster in half, and her mother didn%
29 messages
02-03-06 06:30 PM
Feb 3, Friday's Show and "Independent/Co-Dependent Lisa"
Hello Ladies and Fellow S/O watchers!! "Independent/Co-Dependent" I really wish Lisa "The Baby" would
2 messages
02-03-06 06:33 PM
Season DVD's of Starting Over
I'm wondering how many of you would buy a copy of Starting Over Season DVD's. I would love to be able to review some of the exercises used in wor
1 messages
02-04-06 01:41 AM
SOH rehab
OMG seems so strange that Christie's telling her boyfriend he can't drink around her and then she turns around and the HM's are drinking vodka%2
3 messages
02-04-06 03:08 AM
Thursday's Show....
Hello, I am new here but I am a fathful watcher of SO. I have gotten a temp job as a floral designer for Valentines Day so I missed Thurdsay'
0 messages
02-04-06 08:51 AM
SO House Guests
Why is there always just one African American house guest? The only time there were two was when one of them was kicked out. Just an observation
37 messages
02-04-06 11:52 AM
Iyanla's & Rhonda's books
I know that a lot of you greatly admire the LC's and credit them with helping to change your lives. I'd like more information on what in particula
13 messages
02-04-06 12:57 PM
Petition to keep SO on the air
A site I visit has started a petition to keep SO on the air. If you like to sign it you can find it at
3 messages
02-04-06 01:43 PM
Jill going in front of Della Reese as her judge?
This whole thing is such a joke! I thought the CHARGES and INDICTMENT were enough! Now we have her going in front of an actress as her judge? G
71 messages
02-04-06 03:02 PM
Petition to keep SO on the air ition.html Here is a petition if you want to fight to keep the show.
1 messages
02-04-06 03:47 PM
I think this is the name of the woman they let go because of her talking with the camera men all the time. She's the one who had a gastric bypass do
1 messages
02-05-06 11:24 AM
PLEASE: All I want to know is What happened on Thursday show.... That is it......
1 messages
02-05-06 01:06 PM
What happened on Friday, Feb 3?
I missed this episode. Can someone tell me what happened and also where to go when I miss an episode?
1 messages
02-05-06 06:24 PM
SO fan in Cali.....
Woohooo Glad to have found this place!! This is my first season of being a devout fan of SO..... Glad to find others who appreciate &
1 messages
02-05-06 06:27 PM
Dear Friends, SO might will not come back for another season, so many of us who love the show are signing a petition. The petition is on line
2 messages
02-06-06 01:27 AM
That picture in confessional
Sorry - I had posted this in the individual forum on accident. I would love to know if --- Has anyone else noticed that weird picture that
4 messages
02-06-06 11:36 AM
somebody please trow lisa out of SO .i cant stand her anymore.she is soo childish and will never change her life. I hope she is asked to leave.s
0 messages
02-06-06 01:00 PM
Lisa has too go!!!!!!!
I cannot believe that Rhonda cannot see through Lisa's tearless lie's. She has been using people her whole life so she can have them pay for her
2 messages
02-06-06 02:13 PM
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