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Starting Over on DVD?
I would love to have SO on DVD. I wonder if they'll ever release it to DVD? What do you all think?
4 messages
11-13-05 04:45 AM
Christina's photos
I am a law student at the University of Texas and I have been given a mock trial assignment regarding the fate of Christina’s upcoming lawsuit with
15 messages
11-13-05 09:06 AM
IV response to Jill telling her she has a tumor
I don't get it. I adore IV. But when she burst in on Jill when she was crying on the patio after she'd been told she has a tumour, and called he
4 messages
11-13-05 03:53 PM
Ms. Bob Guccione~Christinas Photos
My fiance is the founder of Penthouse Magazine. I am very bothered by the photo situation. The fact that its even being discussed is going to only bla
19 messages
11-13-05 06:41 PM
Do You Think Christina Will Get Her Pictures Down?
I have to admit, I find this storyline intriguing. Maybe because I had a friend once who was in a similar situation, but she couldn't afford a l
20 messages
11-14-05 06:40 AM
Little Tidbits
I know all of the HG's have goals and assignments to work towards those goals, but some of the women have said and done things that haven't been
0 messages
11-14-05 02:43 AM
Jessica is NOT from New York!
Does it irritate anyone else that Jessica always tells people that she is from New York. AKA "The City" when she really lives in New Jersey? Las
1 messages
11-14-05 10:33 AM
SO read all this?
Do you think the HG or LC read any of these postings? Thanks
3 messages
11-14-05 01:07 PM
Cast of Show
I've had to stay home from work sick at various times during this past year, and this show was the "least bad" of anything else on at the time
1 messages
11-14-05 01:11 PM
This is a spoiler-free zone
Please do not post spoilers in this forum. Our guidelines clearly state that if a show has a designated Spoiler forum, that is the only appropriate
1 messages
11-14-05 02:30 PM
Surely I can't be the only one to like the LCs!?!?
Ok, I love both of the LCs. I feel they both offer some awesome advice and "projects/exercises." Sure they are not perfect, nobody is. I
9 messages
11-14-05 02:48 PM
For Rhonda fans, her blog
She's not my favorite person but if you like her, you can follow her life and musings here a
1 messages
11-14-05 05:20 PM
Housecleaning! Who Needs to Go?
It's time to clean house and get some women in there who are looking to do something with this opportunity. Time for Allis
22 messages
11-14-05 06:22 PM
Casting call
This morning I went to a casting call for SO, went without expectations and an open mind. But all day its been bugging me. For those of
18 messages
11-14-05 07:03 PM
Show is on the edge of boring me.
I wish they the producers would find educated people with problems, and I'm not saying even just book smarts. It is hard for me to identify with w
1 messages
11-14-05 08:53 PM
A theme song for Alison's Life
Kelis : "Caught out there" Lyric : " I hate you so much right now I hate you so much right now Aaaaah I hate you so much
0 messages
11-15-05 00:21 AM
Iyanla's Turquoise Neckalce on 9th Episode
I gave this to Iyanla a couple months an Artist I share my gift with those who have inspired me, and she certainly has done so for many year
13 messages
11-15-05 09:11 AM
What happened to SO?
Did SO "jump the shark"? Or "jump the couch"? (refering to Tom C. jumping on the couch....) Do they what to help people or just get
5 messages
11-15-05 09:47 AM
Todays episode ticked me off!!!! 11-14-05
This is suppose to be a safe house, yet the three stooges (allison, christina, & Jessica) have their lil click! Whats up with Christin
11 messages
11-15-05 02:14 PM
I thought the show was cancelled today because of Vetrans day... that no one was able to watch it....SOMEONE please give me what happened today!!%
Viewers Opinion
8 messages
11-15-05 03:08 PM
Inconsistencies galore, Christina's assignments vs the rest
What is going on here? Every woman in the SO house is given difficult assignments like: Jill Carrying luggage all over the pl
1 messages
11-15-05 06:48 PM
Life Coaches
Does anyone feel like there is ever tension between Iyanla and Rhonda. I haven't seen them talk much to each other yet this season, like in group
4 messages
11-15-05 07:43 PM
The Crying Poem
Where would I get a copy of the poem that Iyanla read to Allison on crying. I have a friend who is going through a lot. In the last year a
3 messages
11-15-05 08:06 PM
SO with your friends...
Hi all I am new to the message board after reading some of the other posts I am glad to know that I not the only one who has issues with this season o
1 messages
11-15-05 08:06 PM
Reality Tv Blog
A funny blog-like look at Starting Over. Just something funny to share with y'all. Check it out at: http://www.toomuchfreetime.
1 messages
11-15-05 10:09 PM
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