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To the RTVW (SO) Mod's
Thank you. With my decreasing interest for Starting Over, I have ventured over to other boards off this site. The mod's on this board are excepti
1 messages
03-01-06 06:23 AM
Rhonda's new book!
Rhonda's new book "Do I Look Fat in This" Get Over Your Body and on With Your Life is being released on Thursday. Everybody go buy it!!I jus
2 messages
03-01-06 11:00 AM
Rhonda and the Straight Jacket
Ok, maybe I am being fussy, but did anyone else find it very offensive when she put Kelly in a straight jacket. I know she had a point of asking
43 messages
03-01-06 11:01 AM
Iyanla on the Rampage
Iyanla leaves her houseguests seemingly without anything to do for what seems like weeks on end then proceeds to show up to wish Jill love and joy "
0 messages
03-01-06 12:45 PM
stop NBC from canceling Starting Over
I spoke to Rhonda Britten today. She said the rumor is true that NBC may cancel SO. The best way to keep it on the air is to call your local NBC aff
1 messages
03-01-06 01:22 PM
Kim & Her Lifeless Attitude
Did anyone notice how today Kim Said I'm glad Jill is leaving, how rude! Everyone there was upset, even Kelly who had only known her for abou
1 messages
03-01-06 02:35 PM
Who Is The Next Staring Over Houseguest?
There has been no mention of the next housemate. Is this the end of the new girls. No names have been mentioned so I am curious as to who it will be
1 messages
03-01-06 03:02 PM
Iyanla is an attorney?
I had no idea until I just read this in a post. She is just another Star Jones know-it-all.
43 messages
03-02-06 00:32 AM
Congradulations JILL!!
I just want to say congradulations on graduating. Im very happy for you.
1 messages
03-02-06 01:40 PM
why "starting over" is getting cancelled....lets get real!
.....ok, guyys, get mad, lock my thread,tell me im you see the picture as clearly as i see it? When jill graduates, what wil
3 messages
03-02-06 01:48 PM
Jill mentions Okla Blue
In her online journal. Just thought it was nice to see her talk about it in such a nice way. If this is in the wrong place im sorry!I di
8 messages
03-02-06 02:43 PM
Hey Jill, if you read this......
Its funny how I see pieces of me in every person on the show. But for some reason you (Jill) stuck out as being the most inspirational! Like y
0 messages
03-02-06 04:13 PM
About these hateful posts.....
Every person out there who wrote something hateful (and I've seen quite a few) ~ I hope your applying to be on the show, because you all nee
1 messages
03-02-06 04:17 PM
Now that Jill is leaving......
.....will there be any more women of color in the house,women who are obviously not white....that's all im asking,and if there is a thread to su
2 messages
03-02-06 04:18 PM
We've got too many on the IH forum anyway. We'll lock first and ask questions later.
Cygnus X1
0 messages
03-02-06 04:22 PM
Couples Show Reruns ?
I was getting ready for work today just as SO was ending. Did I hear right - that starting either tomorrow or on Monday that they are going to show r
1 messages
03-03-06 01:48 AM
Do you have to do screwed up to be a life coach?
I've noticed a pattern not just on the show but in life to that those who portray themselves as life coaches are really messed up people. Iyana has
14 messages
03-03-06 03:38 AM
Negative Postings
There's a saying that I try to live by: SAY WHAT YOU MEAN, MEAN WHAT YOU SAY, BUT DON'T SAY IT MEAN. I think
1 messages
03-03-06 08:53 AM
What is going on?
Jill is going on a final interview, staying an extra night in the house and the next thing you are going to see is some repeat from a year ago? H
0 messages
03-03-06 10:36 AM
What is the????
Monday was the first time we in the NY area got to see SO due to the Olympics. Yesterday Jill graduated and today see was supposed to have the final i
0 messages
03-03-06 11:59 AM
someone from couples next housemate?
Maybe they are reairing couples shows to bring up to speed and one of the women from the couples is the next housemate. Just a thought, cause it su
1 messages
03-03-06 12:11 PM
can someone tell me?
I had to miss the show for three days and when I returned they have a couples show on, what happened to Jill, Christie and all of them? WILL th
0 messages
03-03-06 12:43 PM
Couples show re-airing?
After Jill's graduation today, the promo for tomorrow's show was the "couples" show that aired earlier last year. Does anybody kn
4 messages
03-03-06 03:33 PM
Christie and Rhonda
So, I JUST about fell out the other day when I heard Christie tell Rhonda "Well, I am a little irritated with YOU!!" Harrr har
12 messages
03-03-06 06:29 PM
Couples: Troy and Cheryl's website
I found this link on the WCW website. Troy and Cherylís website is It is interesting. Both Troy and Cheryl wrote something pe
1 messages
03-03-06 07:04 PM
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