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why dont the house excise
many of the should have a daily execise routine somehow that really promotes self love .
3 messages
01-27-06 03:52 PM
What is up with all the past house guests hanging with the new ones?
I'm confussed do they have like SO Alumni meetings? How is it they all know each other? I noticed on the myspace websites they have Summer
12 messages
01-27-06 04:15 PM
Not much progress; not many steps
I think at least part of the reason so many of us feel frustrated with SO this season is that, with the exception of Jill, no one seems to be maki
9 messages
01-27-06 05:06 PM
What was up with that note on the dryer?
Jill put Kim's name on it but nothing was said?
20 messages
01-27-06 08:46 PM
I guess it's true! SO is going to the dogs...
Remeber a post a while back when the gal said the life coaches was giving her assignments on how to train her dog? Well I guess they are coaching ca
17 messages
01-28-06 03:03 PM
Jill-what progress????????????????
I like Jill and appreciate her problems but after watching her this week really where's the progress and she's got to be graduating soon. All I se
1 messages
01-28-06 06:07 PM
All the women
I see myself in all of the women on the show. All of the bad and all of the good. I have my favorites and some of the women I just can't stand,
Me myself and I
22 messages
01-28-06 06:54 PM
Warm Fuzzys?
I've been watching SO from day one. Love the show and tape it everyday. I try to apply lessons to my own life,like someone else stated. My problem
12 messages
01-29-06 01:53 AM
So did you cry when the ladys talked about there moms?
Man, I started to ball when the ladies closed their eyes and started talking about their moms. Then Kim got on the floor and just let it all out. I
25 messages
01-30-06 03:53 PM
who's your least fav. cast member?
mine - in order from least to most are: TJ - she's too annoying and just doesn't get it. what progress has she made, really?%0
54 messages
01-30-06 03:57 PM
S.O., NBC and The Olympics...
For those of you who have S.O. running on your local NBC station ... I wonder if S. O. will be impacted during the olympics?
1 messages
01-30-06 11:42 PM
Where should they have the next season?
So far the so house has been in chicago,la and somewhere in california again. This is the second season in california. I think it is time for a chan
32 messages
01-31-06 01:46 AM
New to SO web site
I am addicted to SO. I have watched from the very beginning and I have hooked almost all my friends on it. I agree about TJ being to bossy but why is
4 messages
01-31-06 07:36 AM
Lighten Up !!!!!!!!!
I teach high school--deal with kids with all kinds of problems everyday--it's so sad sometimes it breaks my heart. Maybe sometimes the life coaches
3 messages
01-31-06 09:45 AM
OMG OMG OMG I didn't see that coming whatsoever. Della Reese tells Jill she is not graduating, why and what she has to do in order to graduate et
Dayum Yankee
1 messages
01-31-06 09:56 AM
1 messages
01-31-06 10:23 AM
Jodi has myspace account
i was reading jessica's myspace and Jodi the one that is in the house now has a myspace. the address is
1 messages
01-31-06 01:12 PM
Jill Before the Judge
I was pleasantly surprised today that Jill did not graduate. I think she did an excellent job defending herself, however, being in the Starting O
1 messages
01-31-06 06:22 PM
Retraction and apology
I recently blew away a thread that was talking about the next season of SO, considering it as spoiler material. Upon further review, I
Cygnus X1
23 messages
01-31-06 10:35 PM
did anyone besides me see Oprah in the courtroom today I TEVO and rewatched and I am pretty sure it was her.
1 messages
01-31-06 10:41 PM
Christie and Kim's converstion about abortion
Did anyone else get the feeling that they might have had an abortion as well? Kim making the comment that she could have a child 20 by now?
7 messages
01-31-06 11:48 PM
First time posting on this site, so forgive if this has already been address. Does anyone else find the whole jury thing so out of the realm of wha
1 messages
02-01-06 08:37 AM
Rev. Micheal Beckwith's messages to Jill
" You must have a vision for your life that is so clear that when FEAR comes in it is trespassing." I really liked him. His presence seemed so cal
1 messages
02-01-06 08:43 AM
Does anyone else feel that Ilanya dropped the ball on this one??
I thought your LC was supposed to make the decision of when you graduated. Now, this whole thing with Jill has just taken a complete turn
2 messages
02-01-06 10:23 AM
Be a Leader! Kiss the Crutch! ??? Lisa1 & Rhonda
OK, this was on -- yesterday, I think-- but, I have been giving this a lot of thought. Mind you, I am *not* a fan of Lisa1. But, SHEES
1 messages
02-01-06 02:00 PM
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