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author who helped Christina
Does anyone remember the name of the woman who helped Christina. She had a life similar to Christina's but became a best selling author by turn
1 messages
11-25-05 03:05 PM
Yesterday what happened?
I missed yesterday's episode I seen Allison yelling around for a second but missed it all. If anyone wants to recap for me I'd be grateful. My tiv
2 messages
11-25-05 11:13 PM
Where's Dr. Stan?
I wonder why the ladies are being sent to these different psychologists and therapists. A couple of the ladies lately have seen other therapists abou
4 messages
11-26-05 05:37 AM
No S.O. Friday in NYC - will it still be shown
There is a St. Judes Children's special in Staring Over's 12 noon time slot. Does anyone know if it will be shown at another time ot will we
6 messages
11-26-05 10:20 AM
Ok well today episode seem to have a lot less tears in it than the last one this season. We actually saw a grown up Lisa and Jessica said something p
2 messages
11-26-05 01:35 PM
SO Summaries?
I was wondering if you, O denizens of SO, might consider setting up some sort of schedule for folks to summarize the shows. It might put an end t
Cygnus X1
2 messages
11-26-05 03:23 PM
missed 11/25 episode
Could someone please be kind and tell me what happened on Friday's (11/25) episode. I forgot to set the VCR after Thanksgiving. Thank you so
1 messages
11-26-05 04:29 PM
Who was the multimillionaire on today's show.
I would like to look into the guest that was on today's show that was a multimillionaire and was 20 years old? Did anyone catch his name. I've b
3 messages
11-26-05 08:55 PM
Why not the same type of show for men
A lot of the anxiety and fears that the woman suffer from, so do I, I could sure use a good coach.
6 messages
11-27-05 08:02 AM
Pre-empted Friday the 25th--can anyone give me a quick recap please
Hi The New York City area was pre-empted for a charity broadcast. Can anyone give me a quick rundown of what happened? I'd really appreciat
0 messages
11-27-05 05:54 PM
SO's ABC's
It's Starting Over's ABC's--join in on the fun! A: Alcoholic Allie B: Boyless Bethany C: Child-hearted Cassie(
3 messages
11-28-05 01:57 AM
Towanda had her baby!
I was just checking out Kimmie site and on it was posted that T and her hubby welcomed a little boy on November 11 2005 at 12 36 His name is Braxto
1 messages
11-28-05 02:58 AM
Coming back doesn't work
Has anyone noticed that bringing housemates back just doesn't work? Allison, Josie and Chloe, Andy and the rest. Even though they were inter
17 messages
11-28-05 08:53 AM
I was on SO Friday and it didn't air in my city!!!!
A friend of mine called to tell me I was on the show and I didn't get to see it. I signed up to "start over" and emailed a pic and my goal. Ap
0 messages
11-28-05 09:44 AM
Freeze Frame
This is a fun game they play on the America's Top Model Board. Someone posts a picture each week and everyone writes a caption. They usually manage
21 messages
11-28-05 02:39 PM
I am sick of the Allison/Lisa show
I am sooooooo tired of Allison & Lisa taking up the whole show. Would someone on the east coast just e-mail me when TJ &/or Jill are gonna
8 messages
11-28-05 05:33 PM
Interview with Karrine
Here is the link. After reading some posts on this forum I decided to do a search and find out who Karrine Steffan is. I had never heard of her unti
11 messages
11-28-05 06:27 PM
Do you think the life-coaches are being manipulated?
After watching mondays show I was really struck with the inconsistency of the life coaches in their approach to each of the women. Christina and Jessi
1 messages
11-28-05 07:11 PM
Allison"s drinking?
I just finished watching the show that I taped today, and I was wondering why none of the ladies failed to mention Allison's drinking problem? I
1 messages
11-28-05 10:03 PM
Where is Dr. Stan
What's happened to Dr. Stan. Why do Rhondumb and IV no loner appear together.
1 messages
11-28-05 10:40 PM
confusion about showing times
I've been watching Starting Over for quite some time. I'm a bit confused. I'm seeing shows repeat themselves.. I have one channel that comes
6 messages
11-29-05 05:07 AM
this show is dangerous
Today, we're to believe that shame and guilt are to be eliminated from our lives? Then, why was Jill presented with "charges" of guilt?
6 messages
11-29-05 08:16 AM
Lisa and Jessica in the car
Did anyone see how Lisa and Jessica were bad mouthing TJ and Jill when they were in the car? I don't think that's right someone should call them
1 messages
11-29-05 12:15 PM
Give us your "Top Five" Not-to-be Missed Moments This Season!
In an effort to spare us time searching through hours of TiVo'd shows, please list the Top Five best moments on Starting Over this season (Seaso
6 messages
11-29-05 12:53 PM
Finally, I'm glad I watched today
JMO - as always. But this was the first show I remember in this season that I felt positive after watching it. The women focused on today actually see
0 messages
11-29-05 02:30 PM
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