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If you are a user, I have created a Starting Over group. fans Spoi
1 messages
12-08-05 07:11 AM
Missed Todays Episode
I missed todays episode can someone fill me in? Thanks.
2 messages
12-08-05 07:11 AM
when did Alison become the maid?
What is the problem with Lisa? Why was she complaining that the house was dirty because Alison wasn't there to clean up? Why doesn't Alison
0 messages
12-08-05 10:37 AM
Anyone know what happened to Andrew's SO board?
Excoboard is defunct--shock! Anyone know what happened or how to contact him? Thanx.
0 messages
12-08-05 10:37 AM
Change of Dynamics
Has anyone else noticed the change of dynamics in the house since Allison has been in Houston?? All the others are at least including TJ in their
10 messages
12-08-05 01:51 PM
Ali in TX... the wall with children's photos made me cry
When Alison was in the Houston dome, and stopped to look at the pictures of children on the wall I wanted to cry. The Red Cross woman said they were
0 messages
12-08-05 01:59 PM
She's been there how long and hasn't mentioned this to a LC For someone who has been around and around -uh -EPT anyone? I hope she's not
0 messages
12-08-05 03:59 PM
What's Up With Christian!!!
How long has she been there and just finally said something. I know if that was me I would of been at the doctors like the 2wk. Rightnow I don't thi
0 messages
12-08-05 05:36 PM
Christina's not pregnant!
Think about it. She's absolutely not pregnant. She's had a cycle when she first came to the house, plus she hasn't seen her boyfriend in alm
4 messages
12-08-05 07:08 PM
December 8th show 2nd Season
I think this show was done in good taste. Racism and Prejudice. It's taking me a little while to warm up to the new house mate though. But th
1 messages
12-08-05 10:19 PM
Can anyone help me remember?
Hi, Awhile back TJ had an assignment and she had to wear cards around her neck on these cards were things she had to ask herself before
2 messages
12-08-05 10:44 PM
too much drama!!!!!!!!!
Was nice to see a couple of days with no one bickering while Allison was gone. I believe if the life couches would have all roommates doing their own
1 messages
12-09-05 09:29 AM
Dec. 9 show - Christina
I did not see the beginning of the show and just wanted to find out if the results of Christina's pregnancy test were revealed. I figure she's no
4 messages
12-09-05 03:40 PM
Missed today, December 8
Help! My cable went out just in time for the show. Can someone please recap? Thanks!
2 messages
12-09-05 05:13 PM
Mr. Ozzy
Anyone know what happened to the dog?
2 messages
12-09-05 06:52 PM
The "Lisa Show" must GO!!
I'm so sick of watching Lisa and her "reason's for being OK with acting like an ##### to others" attitude. I am lucky in that I tap
1 messages
12-09-05 06:54 PM
This show is PLAYING us!! I don't buy ANYTHING anymore.
You know, I'm about done with it. Us viewers don't know what is going on when and none of it adds up. I think they took the bits and pieces that
4 messages
12-09-05 08:19 PM
TJ needs a "f".Shes snotty & failed with meds or not.Lisa is just weird.U go Jill,& aLi & Christina.Sister power 2 all of U.
0 messages
12-09-05 08:20 PM
Board of Review, what do you think should happen?
Allison thinks she is going to graduate, I don't think she should. She still has work to do on her victum status and a solid plan to get her fin
19 messages
12-09-05 11:33 PM
Bitter Roommates
I honestly can't stand watching these women continue to not stick up from their "opinions." Lisa is such a child, saying one thing to only All
9 messages
12-09-05 11:35 PM
Starting Over Blog
I was pointed to a blog about Starting Over, mostly we rant and rave a lot and bash everyone. If you're interested,c'mon over. htt
1 messages
12-10-05 07:00 AM
Someone take MS JILL to a STOP smoking clinic instead of diet crap.Hello Jill TUMOR smoking tumor in uterus today is tumor in your lungs/brain tomma
4 messages
12-10-05 09:05 AM
looking for TVgal?
Hi, I am not sure if this will go thur, but I am looking for the web site where TVgal posts. Thanks
0 messages
12-10-05 10:30 AM
Todays board of review
My DVR cut off before TJ got her grade. Who else did they review and what happened Someone fill me in please!!;)
4 messages
12-10-05 11:01 AM
Why isn't there separate posts for each person in the house?
I've been looking for an individual post (Lisa) to post in. Do you see what I mean?
2 messages
12-11-05 07:59 AM
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