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What is up with the coaches and excercises this season?
I like the show but it seems like this season the coaches are kind of mean and trying to hard to act or something, I know it is all about ratings
1 messages
10-26-05 04:11 PM
The only one I see on the show that actually should be there is Jessica. That girl truly NEEDS and WANTS help! and nobody can argue that! That's
brown eyed angel
8 messages
10-26-05 05:37 PM
10-26-05 Show -- HELP!
I missed today's show. Can I have the Readers Digest version? Thanks a mil!
2 messages
10-26-05 05:43 PM
when will the show be availabe on dvd
I am so estactic about when the show will be on dvd. I have missed a couple of shows due to unforseen circumstances, so I am eagerly waiting for the
2 messages
10-26-05 05:44 PM
Isn't this teamwork we are watching?
Isn't it even remotely possible that Dr. Stan, Rhonda and Iyanla are a team, working together and planning what is best and necessary for each w
2 messages
10-26-05 06:19 PM
Yeah Dr. Stan!!
Dr. Stan is sooooo cool! In about 2 mins he told Jessica what I have been trying to say on this board for days - that Jessica can grieve her mother
2 messages
10-26-05 07:03 PM
Where is the love ?
I have to say, these six women are as distant and cold, as can be. I am not sure what the problem is with these new cast members. Maybe%
3 messages
10-26-05 07:43 PM
Todays Happenings
Ok during Dr. Stans Attention Session, the course turned towards allison.. It seems this happens alot but then it forwarded into her activity which
0 messages
10-26-05 08:52 PM
This season is not good
I was so thrilled about starting over when I found it two seasons ago. Then the season of the couples wasn't as good and what happened to them? %0
2 messages
10-26-05 09:07 PM
As you all will notice, we did a "board split" today, creating a separate board for threads about individual contestants -- making this board
1 messages
10-27-05 10:04 AM
Spoilers Anonymous
Hi, My name is Christina, and I was addicted to spoilers. It has been 6 months since I have read a spoiler for Starting Over and I'm feeling pr
0 messages
10-27-05 11:19 AM
Todays show was so refreshing! Dr. Stan looked very laided back in his jeans and colorful shirt. He was completely professional yet hands on w
3 messages
10-27-05 11:30 AM
This season is a MESS
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 10-25-05 AT 08:41 AM (EST)[/font] The life coaches are being B_____es. They are just trying to ri
16 messages
10-27-05 11:33 AM
The attention conversation didn't ever get to Jessica
I think we all love Jessica but are baffled by her selfish behavior. I think she is deeply deeply ambivalent about the public saint role she has been
6 messages
10-27-05 01:16 PM
Whats the Deal with cleaning
This is the first episode that ive seen the girls well two of them cleaning.. whats with that? that was a bit annoying Little Miss
14 messages
10-27-05 04:25 PM
What was that thing on Christina's arm today?
It looked weird. Was it a sock puppet gone mad? .....:)
1 messages
10-27-05 06:07 PM
10-26-05 Rhondas hair!
Don't you think it would have been nice it that camera operator would have said "Excuse me MS Britton, but you might want to check out your hair
9 messages
10-27-05 08:20 PM
Boards question/suggestion/comment
Does anyone else wish we could be emailed a response to the threads we're following up on? Even when bookmarking threads, I've still found it
1 messages
10-27-05 11:10 PM
a couple of french fries short of a happy meal.....
This season has got to be the most, how do I want to say this? out of the ordinary season ever....their are only a couple that dont seem to be a c
brown eyed angel
0 messages
10-28-05 09:14 AM
today's (10/27) episode
Can anyone give me a run down on today? I wasn't able to watch. Please?
3 messages
10-28-05 10:50 AM
Thank god for Dr. Stan
He comes and and has a compassionate yet practical voice of reason. Notice how the women always feel relieved after speaking with him? WHY? Becaus
21 messages
10-28-05 01:41 PM
Anybody know about the pears?
I don't know if anyone has noticed the pears that sit on the coffee table in the living room but they are just what I need in my house. Looked at t
2 messages
10-28-05 01:43 PM
I Really Really Like The LCs
Rhonda clicks my "cute" button. I just want to pinch her cheeks & hug her. IV is soooo beautiful! I think it is mostly the inside shwoing
0 messages
10-28-05 04:43 PM
Who thinks S.O. has been COMPROMISED??
I've been having a hard time connecting with any of the SO Housemates this season. It feels...Fake. All I can think of is the infamous O
21 messages
10-28-05 06:09 PM
Help! Show interrupted by News Alert!!
Can anyone tell me what happened during the last 15 mins of the show today?! It was interrupted by a STUPID news alert regarding that indictment
15 messages
10-28-05 07:02 PM
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