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When Jill was typing to her Dad
When Jill was typing her letter to her dad what was on the sticky note "record"?? anyone know??
1 messages
02-08-06 09:02 PM
Houston Time Change is...
I know this may have been posted. But the link provided was confusing. So I also live in Houston, the new time is 4:00 am on WB channel. Luck
1 messages
02-08-06 09:05 PM
I believe Lisa has been given too many chances and she should be booted at this point. If she doesn't get the boot, she will only continue her se
0 messages
02-08-06 09:08 PM
Rhonda got a little too emotional...away from Lisa
I watched the episode where Lisa was found e-mailing Mr. Internet again. And Rhonda called her on it and then SOME!!! Rhonda told her she wasn
20 messages
02-09-06 12:57 PM
Where Has Iyanla Been?
Has anyone noticed but me that Iyanla has not been around for like weeks, It's been a total Rhonda show, whats up with that? They say she and
0 messages
02-09-06 01:09 PM
Rhonda Being Tough On Lisa1
Has anyone noticed how tough Rhonda has been on Lisa1? Lisa1 got what she deservred when Rhonda walked out on her that day when she saw her on the
0 messages
02-09-06 01:19 PM
Iyanla Not Being Present
To me Iyanla seems to be in another world the few times that she has been on the show lateley. She dosen't seem to be as enthused as she normally i
0 messages
02-09-06 01:22 PM
How To Find Starting Over Sites
How do some of u people out ther find those sites that tell what is happening in the future? I have looked but could not find. Any site will do,
0 messages
02-09-06 01:25 PM
Starting Over And The Olympics
Is SO going to be pre-empted because of the olympics? I need to know if Friday is going to be the last show for a while or is the show going on as
0 messages
02-09-06 01:27 PM
Starting Over Pics
Just curious, where do you all find those kick-a** picks everyone puts at the bottom of your post, and how does one do that. Like if i want t
0 messages
02-09-06 01:59 PM
I am really disappointed with this SO season
Todays show with Lisa being sent home for 30 days is really dumb.What will they think of next.The stories of the houseguests seems to be stretched out
0 messages
02-09-06 02:39 PM
Clarification about these forums
OK, now that we've found out that the SO website is directing folks to this forum (it was news to us, folks), let me offer some explanatio
135 messages
02-09-06 03:00 PM
Are you kidding? Where is SO's Integrity?
How many more chances will they give Lisa N.? 30 Days at home and then she gets a chance to graduate. Bet Sommer is fuming. Lisa must have some k
0 messages
02-09-06 04:24 PM
slap on the hand messages
What is with the snide and sarcastic comments from moderators to newbies trying to start a new conversation? It's not a very welcoming environment
2 messages
02-09-06 11:46 PM
Rhonda should Start Over and IV can be her LC
Whatís up with Rhonda? Tess and Sommer both were coached by Rhonda and did not graduate, now Lisa. Thatís probably why the 30 days stipulati
0 messages
02-10-06 02:25 AM
Iyanla, off base as usual
Where does Iyanla come off thinking the new Lisa is somehow living off her 'husbands money' when she asked her how she survived (since the new
26 messages
02-10-06 11:58 AM
Women supporting Women
I'd just like to say how much I'd really like this show to do a U-TURN around and do what it started out doing. It wasn't about drama queens an
3 messages
02-10-06 07:51 PM
Starting over not on in NY....
I love watching SO every day at 12, and according to my tivo, SO is not scheduled to be recorded as of next week. It has nothing to do with the O
0 messages
02-10-06 09:02 PM
ALERT -StartingOver preempted for Olympics on NBC
NBC will air Judge Judy in the "Starting Over" time slot for two weeks while the Olympics are on. Call NBC at 212.664.4444 and ask for the comm
1 messages
02-10-06 11:18 PM
Yay, the end of the "Lisa Show"!!!
I'm so excited, we can actually watch people that are seriously working on "Starting Over" now, instead of the Camera hog with her fake tear
0 messages
02-11-06 12:28 PM
Anybody *accidentally* Starting Over?!
Since I started watching the show this year, every now and then I'll catch myself in conversation with somebody like my husband, and I'm sayin
19 messages
02-11-06 05:45 PM
where are they now ?
Does anybody know if they still have the where are they now section. thanks for any help.
5 messages
02-11-06 06:31 PM
Iyanla and spell casting?
Given IV's religious beliefs do you think this is something that may actually be incorperated into the show at some point? She does push the envel
19 messages
02-12-06 01:37 AM
Variations on a theme?
After listening to Kelly's story today, it struck me that almost all of the women in the house this year have got the same basic story. Parental a
20 messages
02-12-06 11:22 AM
SO "Power Players"
On Survivor, one of the last "castoffs" said that there was one person "in charge", while there was one person who thought they were
16 messages
02-12-06 09:48 PM
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