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Women of 'Joe Millionaire' revealed
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 12-08-02 AT 03:10 PM (EST)[/font] The would-be gold-diggers have been announced... htt
14 messages
01-27-16 06:56 PM
Joe Millionaire: Beauty and the Beast
I was looking for Belle, Mrs. Potts, Chip, Lumiere....I sure do hope Evan finds love before the rose dies! http://community.r
6 messages
01-13-16 02:04 PM
David & Linda
Does anyone know if they are still together? Any update on what's happened since the final show?
5 messages
12-08-15 05:09 PM
Official Episode 10 Finale Summary, Joe Millionaire 2
[font size = 4][center]This Turkey is Done![/center][/font] Things I am thankful for on this Thanksgiving: %0
15 messages
05-14-15 07:01 AM
What ever happened to Evan.. The $19,000.00 a year man? He was HOTTTTTT.. And Zora, Damn that girl was GEORGOUS!!! So.. To bad for Slirp
6 messages
05-06-15 01:55 PM
Evan Marriott in 2012 illionaire-evan-marriott-then-and-now-photo-goatee-wtf-419/ http://community.real
2 messages
05-06-15 01:48 PM
Now What? [View All]
Hey Linda can I borrow a few bucks so i can pay the taxes?? How is this guy going to pay the bill's... How is he going to live at "T
El Supremo
31 messages
04-15-15 07:54 PM
My wife would like for Xmas a DVD or VHS copy of Joe Mill 1 and 2? Can anyone help? Thank you, Joe
1 messages
03-26-15 05:49 PM
Joe Millionaire
I was wondering if David and Linda are still working on there relationship or if they have went there separate ways.They are two people that really lo
1 messages
03-24-15 11:56 AM
How do I get on Joe Millionaire? I have the greatest hook. Not only am I not a millionaire, I'm currently incarcerated for something I didn't
5 messages
03-24-15 11:55 AM
What about poor CAT?
}> :'( x( Despite all the hyperbole from David ( in People Magazine, December 8, 2003, with Michael Jackson on the cover, b
9 messages
01-13-08 06:17 PM
OLINDA Superstar
Let's give it up for our favorite Rockstar. OLINDA Superstar (sung to the tune of Jesus Christ Superstar) Every time
7 messages
07-25-05 07:18 AM
willing to pay money for vhs or dvd of joe mill 2
need vhs or dvd of the next joe mill will pay
0 messages
01-08-05 03:39 AM
Last episode, Texas ranch, Italian musical score?
Please, what was the Italian musical score at the finale when they rode off together on the Texas ranch? Thanks.
1 messages
01-01-05 06:49 AM
Evan vs. David [View All]
So who is actually a better catch, Evan (from the first Joe Millionaire) or David (from this season of course). Assume that both have the sa
25 messages
11-30-04 07:58 PM
My 5 year old and I loved the show
Have only just finished watching the show in the uk and I have to say I really enjoyed it. Every morning at 10.00am me and my 5 year old daughter avi
1 messages
10-04-04 06:18 PM
More pics of linda !
if u go to lindas m odeling agency site..u will see new pics ..they added some more !!
0 messages
04-25-04 01:01 PM
How can we find out the reactions from the rest of the girls?
It seems an obvious follow up show should have, at least, the final few girls describing their feelings about the outcome and the $$ poor real
3 messages
12-08-03 01:30 PM
David & Linda on TV anywhere?
Just wondering if anyone knows if David and Linda will be making any appearances on TV shows now that it's over. Usually the day after the finale t
4 messages
12-07-03 11:30 PM
3025.1 I think so. But I thoroughly enjoyed the show. The final episodes were the most riveting shows I have ever seen (reality or ot
1 messages
12-01-03 08:51 PM
Ah...Come on guys
Hey, lets hear it for those romatic saps that truly thought it was a nice ending (me!)Yes, there are a lot of "what if's" (the main
5 messages
11-30-03 08:06 PM
I'm confused! Was the ranch from his family or from the show???
Somebody fill me in. i was under the impression that the show gave him this ranch. but from the comments on this msg board it sounds like it was his f
3 messages
11-30-03 04:03 PM
Official Episode 9 Summary
[b]Would You Like Some Filler To Go With That Tasty Filler?[/b] I am sitting here wondering how in the heck they are going to d
12 messages
11-28-03 09:40 PM
What about Hurricane ?
On David's new ranch they brought his horse named "North" to him. Um, what ever happened to Hurricane ? Can he trade in Linda for Hurricane
4 messages
11-27-03 02:40 AM
I don't understand David's father!
You know that moment at the end when Paul Hogan handed the Deed over to David? How could David's father give up a moment like that to Fox?%0
1 messages
11-25-03 11:17 PM
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