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Why can't SO ever choose anyone attractive?
Not fat, not skinny, someone with looks...there are plenty of us gorgeous people out here!
9 messages
02-16-06 02:31 PM
Just wanted to let anyone know that may be interested.. I am a Myspace user and came across Meg from last season. She looks great and seems to be doin
1 messages
02-16-06 11:21 PM
Christie's Resume Service
Christie posted a message the other day on the bulitin board on myspace that she has aresume service and is looking for clients. She charges $50 fo
1 messages
02-16-06 11:22 PM
Starting Over break during the Olympics??
Hi. I haven't seen a Starting Over episode since the Olympics began last week. Is the show being aired another time? Does anyone know when the
1 messages
02-17-06 00:00 AM
The House Guest Die Partners
Does anyone remember who picked who? I remember Christie picked Jill Jill picked Christie what about the others?
18 messages
02-17-06 01:10 AM
what's going on
Hey everyone please feel me in on what is going on. Time Warner cable no longer carries starting over so i have missed a lot. please feel me in on wh
1 messages
02-17-06 08:27 AM
When is it on in New York?
Can't find Starting Over in the New York area. Its supposed to be on at 12:00 noon on NBC, but the last 2 times I checked it wasn't on.
1 messages
02-17-06 01:17 PM
The Date Doctor
Do you think that learning how to flirt and attract a man is what these women need to learn? I mean, look at Lisa1. She could flirt like a son of
16 messages
02-17-06 05:17 PM
What was the name of the bra store?
I live in the Los Angeles area and would love to checkout the bra store that fitted all the housemates. Anyone remember the store's name. Thanks.
6 messages
02-17-06 05:22 PM
Time switch for Starting Over on the East Coast??
Hi - I don't get to watch the show every day - sometimes I'll catch part of it a couple times a week. Suddenly I tuned in to NBC at no
1 messages
02-17-06 06:51 PM
The 2nd Wave of HG's
I think that this second group of HG's seem much more likable and down to earth than the first. They seem like women with deep problems, however%
15 messages
02-17-06 06:57 PM
I can finally relate to all the women!
Oh finally! Late in the season, i can finally relate to the ladies in the house. many of them have the same issues i have...some of them more than
1 messages
02-17-06 06:57 PM
What was the name of the shop that Andi Page took the girls
to purchase one item, such as Lisa's purse and Jill's scarf? It looks like a fun little store to poke around in.
2 messages
02-17-06 07:48 PM
Call me a prude but....
There aint NO WAY I'm sticking my hand in a bag full of used bras. Good grief what an assignment. %
37 messages
02-18-06 05:38 PM
Do you think any of the HG's really get "cured" or get any real, lasting help from being in the house?
It seems like most of the women have much more serious issues than what they can address on the show. (Or maybe they are more than the LC's can h
28 messages
02-18-06 05:41 PM
Lisa One's Strange Disappearance
Does anyone else think it is weird that Jill has mentioned about 4 times that she isn't hearing back from Lisa 1 and Jill has also had phone convers
1 messages
02-18-06 09:44 PM
Jill has found her way!
This is from Jill's web site - current time... "So, just wanted to drop in and share with you the power of intention. Several days ag
0 messages
02-19-06 11:14 PM
Re Run Today
For those who are getting Starting Over in your area, I've got a rerun going on right now....dang, I thought we got rid of Allison! Bummer.
5 messages
02-20-06 12:54 PM
Help with 2 ?'s
First of all if these have been answered elsewhere I apologize for double posting. First question-Does anyone know how to find out what is going on r
1 messages
02-20-06 04:54 PM
Do any of you do some of the SO exercises? And if so, have they helped?
What are some of the activities in the past that the LC's have had the women do?
1 messages
02-20-06 07:21 PM
I missed yesterdays show ds/User_files/43d92a836bd8ae0a.jpg I missed yesterdays show, the olympics were on
1 messages
02-21-06 11:33 AM
starting over? where did u go?
If anyone can please help me - I live in NY and watch on NBC at 12:00 until the other day they have replaced this show with Judge Judy,YUCK! Ple
1 messages
02-21-06 12:57 PM
Be The Houseguest Roleplay Thread - Week 2
All this rumor-mongering about SO's cancellation has to stop. [small]Until we can get plausible denial. Although I do admit it'd give me mor
Cygnus X1
66 messages
02-22-06 06:12 AM
An Interesting Theory
I've noticed that there are several threads about reruns and that got me thinking about why everyone seems so surprised that SO is in reruns this we
9 messages
02-22-06 08:34 AM
Season Comparison
I have been a faithful watcher of Starting Over from day one. I have certain issues in my life that I want to face with a positive attitude and not ap
19 messages
02-22-06 11:19 AM
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