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0 messages
12-01-05 05:48 AM
So is Allison the narrator of the show now??
I know she wants to be the house mother and she's still bitter about Lane getting that position... but come on! Her confessional clips are out of
3 messages
12-01-05 07:25 AM
I get the show twice a day 11am and 3am fox 59
0 messages
12-01-05 09:22 AM
Last names?
Could someone help me in finding out what the last names of each of the women are. I am really just trying to find individual websites for each to se
5 messages
12-01-05 09:53 AM
When was the last time TJ had a meeting with Rhonda or Dr. Stan?
When was the last time TJ had a meeting with Rhonda or Dr. Stan? It seems that Rhonda and Dr. Stan barely meets with TJ or the show is not showing h
1 messages
12-01-05 02:15 PM
TJ might have...
I think some of her annoying habits is just her. It's part of personality and she could work on that. I'm talking about her trying to be Allison%2
1 messages
12-01-05 02:15 PM
I can't take TJ any longer
I feel sorry for Christina. I can't imagine having to live with TJ. The coaches really should intervene on Christina's behalf. It is as though
0 messages
12-01-05 04:34 PM
Current housemates
I have watched and loved SO from the beginning. However, this particular group of housemates just don't seem to be benefitting from the process a
2 messages
12-01-05 08:50 PM
Where are the Life Coaches?
Does anyone else feel the LCs have disappeared, and the HGs are on their own most of the time? Seriously, they pop in for 5 minutes
4 messages
12-01-05 10:12 PM
Christina "isn't being heard"???
What in the world did Miss Christina mean when she said she is "frushstrated" because she is not being heard by the others? All she has don
3 messages
12-01-05 10:16 PM
There are just a few
There are a few people in that house that are benifiting from this experince and the others just there for the ride i swear i don't understand lisa
0 messages
12-01-05 11:10 PM
Really Frustrated With This Seasons House Guests!!!!!
Lisa Makes my skin crawl. Her flirting makes me sick. she isn't all that. And her not having worked ever. when The guy said that he never met som
4 messages
12-01-05 11:41 PM
No one graduating yet...COME ON!!!
I believe that this is the first house that has been in operation for almost 3 months with no graduates. And all of the women seem to love each other
6 messages
12-02-05 07:31 AM
I cant take TJ anymore
I agree with you that I feel sorry for Christina. As we all know that we make mistakes. She shouldnt have to deal with TJ acting mean like she always
0 messages
12-02-05 11:50 AM
Who's narcissistic?
I read a thread on this board stating that once the Life Coaches read these boards, they will change their Coaching styles. What makes anyone think
0 messages
12-02-05 03:13 PM
Ties of Friendship
What friendships - started in the SO house - will stay with the HG's after they leave? I was thinking about Meg's recent post on her website say
0 messages
12-02-05 05:22 PM
Miss "It's All About Me" Allison
Did anyone else notice today when they had to say the 3 good and 3 bad (pleasing/not pleasing) things everything Allison said was self-centered%
0 messages
12-02-05 05:25 PM
Changes in the women's relationships
I think it's interesting how the relationships between the women have changed throughout the season. Jill's first impression of TJ was that she d
2 messages
12-02-05 05:26 PM
Anyone notice the side of Christina's sunglasses "XXX"
Did anyone else notice Christina's sunglasses the other day when they were working at the HFH House. She had on white sunglasses and on both sides
5 messages
12-02-05 06:14 PM
Hi, this is my first time posting on the SO message board. Like many of you I have also been watching this since the first season. I too am concer
2 messages
12-02-05 08:58 PM
I feel Jessica will be first to graduate!!!!!!
I myself losing a loved one-my husband of 4 years 12-31-2001. I couldn't imagine being in a house with all the back stabbing, bickering, etc....
1 messages
12-02-05 10:51 PM
Casting Call?
Has anyone ever gone to a casting call? Just curious what your experience was.
24 messages
12-03-05 00:02 AM
confused and hurting other around me
I don't know what to do anymore with myself anymore because I tend to hurt everyone around me. I try to even hurt myself too. I say thing that
4 messages
12-03-05 09:28 AM
Lias is way pass slim
Please excuse me if this has been brought up already but. Is it me or doesn't any one noticed how skinny Lisa is she looks like a rail. I mean,
1 messages
12-03-05 09:20 PM
integrity of current ladies on the show.
I find that Jessica appears to be the only house guest genuinely interested in STARTING OVER. Why are the other ladies, especially Lisa and TJ s t
1 messages
12-04-05 09:41 AM
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