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I'm confused.
I'm not sure how I got stuck here on the lot. Help!
2 messages
07-10-16 04:11 PM
Final 6 (July 24) [View All]
Who will get eliminated? Sam - "Key Witness" Andrew - "Zero2Sixty" Jason - "Sweet" Kenny - "The Losers"
Cathy the Canadian
30 messages
04-13-16 12:57 PM
Finale 18 - First Show. [View All]
Well, Burnett is following his Rockstar formula - I love the worldwide voting. He again gets inspiration from American Idol, with the live audien
Cathy the Canadian
27 messages
04-13-16 12:56 PM
Cast Your Vote - who goes home this week.
I think it's pretty clear who the judges feel are the bottom three: 1. The wacky cab driver (Kenny) 2. Peeing on the b
Cathy the Canadian
13 messages
04-13-16 12:55 PM
Final 5 (July 31)
Who goes home this week? Sam - American Hoe Zach - The Bonus Feature Andrew - Keep off Grass Jason - Old Home Boyz Ad
Cathy the Canadian
16 messages
04-13-16 12:53 PM
first episode
I must admit I didn't think it was going to be good, however after watching it last night it turned out to be okay so far.
2 messages
04-08-16 01:14 PM
On The Lot [View All]
This looks like a great show! It premieres on May 22nd. From the [|site]: [i]"From Mark Bur
29 messages
02-02-16 04:50 PM
A commercial for Ford
Come on, hasn't any one noticed that this show is just a huge drop in ad for Ford products. Previously we had "When two worlds collide" Cave m
What a crock
16 messages
12-09-15 11:40 AM
in all reality
I have really nothing to add here. Just thought you'd all like to know.
0 messages
09-04-15 02:52 PM
Final Results Show [View All]
All good things come to an end. Same goes for bad things. And this season has been a bit of both as [i]On the Lot[/i] comes to a close tonig
32 messages
05-04-15 05:48 PM
It's official
THERE WILL BE NO SEASON 2. The following post was from Eccefama mod at the [i]On The Lot[/i] official site. Posted: Aug/26/
7 messages
05-04-15 05:42 PM
better then On The Lot
I was so disappointed by OTL I stopped watching for a while. Then I gave it another chance and guess what... It's still bad and confused. I'm wati
5 messages
03-05-15 07:14 PM
Final 3 (August 14)
The end is near! Will Sam be spared this week? Will Adam take the lead away from frontrunner Will? Does Jason actually have
Cathy the Canadian
12 messages
08-21-07 10:37 AM
Final 4 (August 7) [View All]
So, who among Adam, Sam, Zach, Jason and Will get sent packing off the lot this week? Zach had better be worried after last week's repeat.
29 messages
08-13-07 08:57 PM
The Ratings History for On The Lot.
I just thought you all would like to see how this show has done ratings wise since it began. Tuesday, May 22 - On the Lot (6.2/9 from
18 messages
08-08-07 09:43 PM
Fun with next weeks logline
You know, as soon as I heard this logline... [i]A guy wakes up in a dress [/i] I could just imagine Zacks entry:
17 messages
08-05-07 09:33 PM
Final 10 Episode 2 (July 17)
It's action night, with Sam, Jason, Andrew, Kenny and Mateen directing. We should be treated with plenty of action and some twists (not of
10 messages
07-20-07 06:55 PM
Triple Play Tonight!
Buck, Doe, and Fawn! Call if forest veal. The Lot. I like this even though the production team sucks. Big Brother:
1 messages
07-17-07 02:58 PM
truly good talent
i was skeptical when i heard of this show but i have to say there are truly some amazing talent on this show.
0 messages
07-17-07 02:11 PM
Request regarding contestant films
Hope this is OK for a new thread. I've missed a couple of episodes, and have tried to see the directors' films by going to FOX TV cli
1 messages
07-15-07 08:35 PM
Final 10 Episode 1 (July 9)
Hope everyone remembered it's a day early this week! Who goes home? Jason - Eternal Waters Kenny - The Malibu Myth
Cathy the Canadian
15 messages
07-12-07 11:11 AM
On The Lot Actors
Hi everyone! Very long time lurker and first time poster. I didn't see a thread about this and just had to ask...Does anyone else recognize actors
14 messages
07-09-07 09:33 PM
Final 12 Episode 2 (July 3)
Hmmm, not sure who the guest judge is this week - it doesn't look like they've updated the website yet (unless it's Mark Waters again).
Cathy the Canadian
19 messages
07-09-07 06:49 PM
Final 12 Episode 1 (June 26)
Guest Judge will be Mark Waters (Mean Girls). Who goes home this week? Zach - Sunshine Girl Mateen - Lost Jessic
Cathy the Canadian
15 messages
06-29-07 10:25 AM
For those who can't stay up on Tuesdays....... ds/User_files/46635c0318a49746.jpg > There IS a recast (no pun intended) of the s
2 messages
06-26-07 01:30 PM
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