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There u go!
I liked last seasons SO house. I especially loved when they went to Vegas. The last house was cool. This house has no conectivity between the house ma
1 messages
12-11-05 12:02 PM
Rhonda Has Written A New Book
Miss Rhonda has written a new book entitled 'Do I Look Fat In This? : Get Over Your Body and on With your Life. Cost : hardcover 24.95 Pages
0 messages
12-11-05 04:34 PM
Text Message Polls
Where can you view the results to those text message polls they have every day on the show?
1 messages
12-12-05 03:10 AM
Do they have new producers or WHAT?
I can't believe the difference between this season and past seasons. IT'S LAME, LAME, LAME. The earlier seasons would have dumped the whole
10 messages
12-12-05 11:31 AM
Rhonda's fun run
I am so disgusted right now. I swear Rhonda made up this exercise JUST to show off her figure. Sooooooooo obnoxious!
22 messages
12-12-05 12:07 PM
Unfair to Jill?
I Tivo the show so I'm a few days behind but did anyone else think it was so terribly unfair and even cruel to Jill for Rhonda to have the chocolate
1 messages
12-12-05 01:00 PM
Church Visit
Top of the day... I just have a very simple question to all, what was the name of the church that Ms. Vanzant was invited to speak at? It w
3 messages
12-12-05 02:31 PM
Miss Lisa
Is it just me or does Lisa seem like a compulsive liar. I know that's harsh, but nothing she says seems believable to me--especially...?
1 messages
12-12-05 04:46 PM
Is Christina pregnant?
We had preemption for the first 10 minutes or so on friday due to weather. Did they ever clear up whether Christina was pregnant?? I take it she%
1 messages
12-12-05 11:27 PM
It's crossed my mind that Ilyana is a self hating black.
I can't believe how she treats Jill, who so obviously adores her and seeks her approval. What excuses are possible? The world is more diffi
22 messages
12-13-05 05:45 PM
Least favorite Houseguest Or LC
Least favorite LC LC ~ Rhonda ~ I just want to slap her face and she treats T.J. terriable. Least favorite Houseguest in order top
6 messages
12-13-05 11:03 PM
Thiis season
I have found this season of so to be very confusing. I have not been able to relate to any-one particular hg. all other seasons we were able to follow
1 messages
12-13-05 11:22 PM
CONGRATULATIONS JESSICA!! Out of the current housemates I had the most in common with her. Having Jessica on the show has really helped me alot i
1 messages
12-14-05 01:18 PM
Bethany and Emily Saliers (Indigo Girl)
Separated at birth?
0 messages
12-14-05 02:29 PM
Does Anyone Watch...
This will more than likely get locked because it's not about the HG's or the LC's but I just HAD to ask you guys. Do any of you all watch Proje
2 messages
12-14-05 05:15 PM
Any thoughts on why Iyanla was originally brought in?
Does anybody have any ideas on why LC Ranna (what was her name?) did not come back after season 1? I had a thought that maybe she was not tou
8 messages
12-14-05 06:36 PM
Jessica's Website
I'm happy for Jess - she's come a long way. Does anyone know if she has a website yet? What's the address?
1 messages
12-14-05 07:14 PM
Allison loses her identity now what role will she audition for? Mother Theresa?
Guess what, Allison has lost her identity. That was proven when she called home to mom. Mom knew she wanted to leave, but Allie is the one that
0 messages
12-14-05 08:24 PM
Is Christina preggers?
I missed some shows and was wondering what happened with Christina and her thinking she was pregnant. Thanks
1 messages
12-14-05 10:51 PM
TJ and Allison
I just have to say, TJ gets on my last nerve! I am so sick of her drama and her acting like a life coach! I wish they would get her off the sh
2 messages
12-15-05 07:31 AM
What I won't miss about Jessica
Is there ANYTHING Jessica won't cry about? It's ridiculous. She cries constantly. She's happy, she's sad, she's eating dinner, she
1 messages
12-15-05 09:14 AM
Vivian Rocks!!!!
I can't believe how great Jessica's step-mom is. What a gracious, compassionate, kind, loving and understanding woman. Jessica can learn a
6 messages
12-15-05 10:21 AM
glad to see jessica leaving wish it were allison
I am glad to see Jessica leaving but I really wish it was Allison with her whining,fake self. Why has she been allowed to stay in the SO house this
1 messages
12-15-05 10:25 AM
the growler grad!
YAY, Don't get me wrong. I liked jessica and as a native NY lady I really empathasize but after all these months we don't have to listen to her
0 messages
12-15-05 01:58 PM
can't we all just get along?
I've watched starting over all three seasons. I may not want to make these women my best friends but I believe that they are very brave to air the
1 messages
12-15-05 06:20 PM
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