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Conferences Starting Over General Discussion Forum (Protected)
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Panic Attacks??
Has anyone on this board every had a panic attack?? If so, then you know that what we've seen from these HGs is not even CLOSE to a true pani
38 messages
12-23-05 08:57 AM
Contacting house guests
Does anyone know how to email the house guests?
6 messages
12-23-05 12:50 PM
Caving in to Allison .....again
Oh boy. Allison's in a snit because the people around her aren't behaving in accordance with her expectations about her graduation. This behavio
0 messages
12-23-05 01:49 PM
LISA and her spit loogies
is it just me or does any one else out there notice that each and everytime she cries she gags and spits all over her self? today i almost puked mys
1 messages
12-23-05 07:04 PM
What happened to everyone??????????
Hello, I am a little upset with the producers of Starting Over!!! Something has happened to me both years that I have watched this show and I
1 messages
12-23-05 08:14 PM
Help! My Mother is Like LISA!!!!!
Okay guys....hear me out. My mother is a narcisist. She's flip about serious things. She never considers or remembers anything about my life, a
6 messages
12-23-05 08:22 PM
Reply to messages
Can anyone tell me why I can't find a reply button on some of the messages? I would like to reply but can't find out how. Thanks for any help
classy lady
1 messages
12-24-05 02:38 PM
If I here alison say UMMMM one more time, I think I'm going to throw up. Does anyone agree with me?
1 messages
12-24-05 03:29 PM
Could someone please fill me in...
I live in New York City and we had a transit strick this past week and starting over was not shown at all. Today it was showing but I notice that it w
0 messages
12-26-05 04:02 PM
Dressing a Grown Woman Like a Baby????!
Im only an occasional watcher of the show, I find the women interesting and their life stories intriguing, but do not agree with the psycho-babble
14 messages
12-26-05 09:22 PM
Christmas Cheer!!!
Twas the night before Christmas in the S.O. House I thought it would be funny to involve the whole group. Add your own verse if you want!
7 messages
12-26-05 09:26 PM
what happen to the SOH
why did the show start over when the strick in NY happen. The last thing I saw was the LC's talking about Summer not do her assignment and paying mo
1 messages
12-27-05 05:12 PM
Does anyone know what happened with Allison's graduation? Last week they showed her graduation day, everyone outside waiting for her to come dow
1 messages
12-27-05 08:42 PM
What happened to Rhana Brown?
Does anyone know what happened to Rhana Brown? She was a life coach alongside Rhonda Britten when Starting Over first came on the air. During the
1 messages
12-28-05 08:18 AM
What the difference in TJ and Lisa and Jill
Someone please explain to me the difference in what TJ said in just slipping when she talked about her mom. And Lisa and Jill being at the computer an
2 messages
12-28-05 06:49 PM
Any hgs ever have an issue with religion?
I'd be interested in seeing a houseguest with religious issues. Like finding one for themselves and having assignments of working with priests and r
14 messages
12-28-05 10:42 PM
Reruns hmm a way to unaddict myself
Ok now that SO is in reruns and this season was so terrible will they even start the show again? I mean everyone suffer threw it once and has proba
3 messages
12-29-05 08:27 AM
SO on TVOne
Does anyone know what happened to Starting Over on TVOne. I started watching Season 2 on TLC last year and it got pulled. Now it seems like the same t
1 messages
12-29-05 09:16 AM
So, Why can't guys be in the SO House?
What would be the drawback of that? I think it'd be interesting to see a guy go through some of these exercises. Is there a reason this show is JU
15 messages
12-29-05 03:19 PM
Dining Room Table!
Help! I LOVE the SO dining room table but I can't find one like it any where! Does any one know where I can find it?
4 messages
12-29-05 05:36 PM
Cancelled Casting Call - Not Cancelling show???????
I just noticed on the SO website that the only Casting Call, for Phoenix, AZ has been cancelled. Makes me wonder (PLEASE SAY IT AIN'T SO) i
2 messages
12-29-05 05:39 PM
Allison's Breast Cancer Awareness Purse
Does anyone know where I can get the Breast Cancer Awareness purse that Allison has on the show. I would appreciate your help. Thanks,%
Mama T
2 messages
12-29-05 06:10 PM
Christina's Picture Ruined - What Happened?
On the rerun they showed today 12/30, Christina was showing Allison a picture she had drawn and left laying on a dresser. Apparently something ha
4 messages
12-30-05 03:02 PM
Is Christina Pregnant
Does anyone know if they ever revealed the results of Christina's Pregnacy test?
1 messages
12-30-05 10:55 PM
Dr. Stan's Twin
is Ronald McDonald! I was watching the show with my 3 year old. Dr. Stan came on and she said "Where is Ronald McDonald's costume"? I to
1 messages
12-31-05 01:22 PM
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