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I cannot, for the life on me understand why these women can live there that long and behave the way they do. They GOSSIP about each other all the ti
1 messages
12-04-05 09:42 AM
I am finding it very difficult to follow this seasons show. I am never sure who is mad at who, arguing with ?, talking behind ? back. I
3 messages
12-04-05 09:46 AM
1 messages
12-04-05 05:31 PM
Im glad they gave Lisa another chance but ....its not all her!
If you think about can anyone after 40 years of habits change as quickie as a few months. Lisa got her deserving "D" but she deserved an
0 messages
12-05-05 12:30 PM
allison is making me sick
I loved allison in last seasons show but this season she is so full of herself it is disgusting. She has a drinking problem and the only one calling h
0 messages
12-05-05 04:47 PM
Tivo messed up
The sound on my Tivo was scratchy yesterday and I can't hear what happened, would anyone be kind enough to give a a brief low-down please?
4 messages
12-05-05 05:43 PM
Rhonda's Destructive Coaching - Unethical
Is anyone else as disgusted with Rhonda as a coach as I am? It seems like a lot of posters here are thrilled to see Lisa go, and that%
85 messages
12-05-05 07:22 PM
Would you watch this show if you weren't already hooked?
I was hooked on this show last season, when things were very different. I still like the show but in a different way. I used t
16 messages
12-05-05 07:30 PM
I don't think that the Starting Over House is the right place for TJ
I finally caught up on last week's shows over the weekend and in my opinion the Starting Over House is not the place for TJ. TJ ties for least favo
0 messages
12-05-05 10:37 PM
Banned from Habitat For Humanity!
After the fiasco at the job site, does HFH want them back? "Sorry that I scratched your car...giggle giggle." "Oh I broke it, I break ev
15 messages
12-06-05 09:14 AM
The Real Reasons they are in the Starting Over House
Here is my opinion of why the ladies are really in the S.O. House: Allison - She doesn't want to live in reality. I think she did come
1 messages
12-06-05 11:29 AM
I'm sick of the "Speak to the Universe" Crap
IMO, SO has REALLY gone downhill this season. The exercises, for the most part, seem trivial and impractical. I remember the first season -- i
9 messages
12-06-05 12:00 PM
Who's Most Powerful
Today I feel that Dr. Katz missed a great opportunity to praise Lisa for being the most powerful woman in the group. Now, there have been times whe
4 messages
12-06-05 12:56 PM
Missed todays episode....
Not sure if this is the right place, but can someone fill me in on what happened today? I wasn't able to catch it thismorning?? Thanks a bun
1 messages
12-06-05 02:46 PM
Allison sitting on the floor at the church??
Does anyone have any ideas why Alison was sitting on the floor when they were at the church with everyone?? I thought it was so strange that she w
0 messages
12-06-05 04:47 PM
Starting Over for teens!!!
I think that there should be a Strating Over for teens!!! I am a teen goin' through tough times. AND I NEED TO CHANGE!!! So thats what I
1 messages
12-06-05 07:44 PM
This is the worst Starting Over Season!
I have to say, I have watched every season of starting over and this is the worst. I am getting so bored! First of all Alisson is no
1 messages
12-06-05 08:45 PM
Great Editing--we were flipped the bird today!
Did anyone notice the "city scene" today? The scene before Christine arrived home from her "interview"--a male on the street walks by the ca
2 messages
12-06-05 10:56 PM
LA and house scenery on the show
Does anyone else get as tired as I do of the never ending shots of the LA freeways, the gardens of the house, kids skateboarding .....? It irks
19 messages
12-06-05 11:08 PM
Stop all the psychobabble!
Does anyone notice the way the women are speaking this season? For example, Jill said "I lost 11 pounds" and Iyanla looked her and then Jill
1 messages
12-07-05 07:14 AM
Today's show was so productive.
It was so great to see Allison go to Texas and help out the Katrina victims in Texas. That's something that I would have loved to do instead of wat
1 messages
12-07-05 07:15 AM
stop using the word authentic!
Is anyone else sick of the over-use of "authentic" and "being present"? It's starting to seem like those words are generalities that keep
13 messages
12-07-05 12:24 PM
I would LOVE to compare Neilson ratings for all three seasons
Anyone know where we can get information like that? I would love to know how this years show compares to last year and the year before. If I were
1 messages
12-07-05 02:34 PM
will these women ever graduate?
In past seasons it seems that the exercises were more realistic and the women graduated ,by this time of year they were on the second group for the
1 messages
12-07-05 08:13 PM
When is Lisa going to be called on her disrespectful comments, name calling and language in general? Where is the respect for her housemates?
1 messages
12-08-05 04:19 AM
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