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Conferences Playing It Straight Forum (Protected)
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There was an INCREDIBLE MARATHON of Playing it Straight on today, and I was ABSOLUTELY HOOKED> I had never heard or seen the show before... just c
1 messages
07-10-16 04:37 PM
where are they now
Hi everybody! This show is now on Russian MTV channel. it's just great! It's very important for all people to see that gayguys are just l
1 messages
07-10-16 04:37 PM
Playing it Straight, episode 4 - resumé
Episode 4: (If you don't remember who is who - go to 1057632) They all go to Las Vega
6 messages
12-08-15 03:16 PM
Play it straight 1 and 2... are they still together?
I am still wondering if they are still together. I would be shocked if they were still a couple:because it all seemed really fake. The girls were
0 messages
12-06-05 05:52 PM
will a dvd and music cd out by christmas
Hope to see if there will be a dvd and or a cd cum out at christmas and a calendar on the men on the show in the nude? :)
0 messages
10-14-04 04:10 PM
just watching the pretaped show and missing the guys on playing it straight
iwould luv to talk to some of the guys on playing it straight just email me at . I would luv to get to know them. epeci
0 messages
10-14-04 04:05 PM
1 messages
09-21-04 06:34 AM
Who was eliminated? Didnt get to watch the episode.. :(
I didnt realize PIS was on another night I was thinking it would be on Friday as usual... but I see they have even switched FE..... Could someone tell
2 messages
09-20-04 11:22 PM
Playing it Straight, episode 6 - resumé:
Jackie is going on a one-on-one date with each of the guys, hoping that someone will scream "I'm gay!!!" Banks is first. Jackie fe
3 messages
08-31-04 11:05 PM
Playing It Straight Results
Yup - it's over. To see the results, go to their website and you can read about all of the episodes.
10 messages
08-16-04 12:26 PM
Why it was taken off air
How naive are you guys? After episode 3 there were only 1 (one!) straight guy left. Just look at them. Bill is the one, the rest are gay - a
1 messages
07-21-04 01:37 PM
do any 1 now what jackie pick det she pick a gay oh straigt TELL ME PLEASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS
0 messages
07-18-04 07:23 AM
Playing it Straight, episode 5 - resumé
A day at the ranch. The guys have to build a stargazing tower for Jackie. "Constructing is a very masculine thing" (Jackie) She wants to see w
1 messages
07-14-04 11:32 AM
Just started in Norway...
Episode number 2 tonight. If TVNorge sends all episodes before the show is back on Fox, I can tell you what happens :o) Christina
4 messages
07-12-04 01:20 PM
Petition for Fox to air remaining Playing It Straight episodes
I have started a petition to Fox to air the remaining episodes of 'Playing It Straight':
2 messages
07-07-04 09:24 PM
Lowdown on Playing It Straight
OK, here's the lowdown on [i]Playing It Straight[/i]: - Alex (eliminated week 2, gay) - Banks (gay)
3 messages
06-20-04 12:56 PM
When will the show be back on
Hey Gang. Has anyone gotten the date of when this show will be back on? I'm looking forward to watching the whole thing play out. Als
9 messages
06-11-04 07:47 PM
Playing It Straight pulled from the air? [View All]
I've received a report that the Friday 8PM timeslot has once again claimed another reality show as "Playing It Straight," the first reality sh
30 messages
06-04-04 11:35 PM
And now we'll never know: PIS not on FOX summer, fall or mid-season schedule.
Only FOX would go to the trouble of announcing three different lineups. And only FOX would leave PIS out of all three. Looks like the rumor of a sum
3 messages
05-25-04 11:04 AM
(Not The) Official Playing It Straight Episode #6 (Finale) Summary: Get Along, Little Doggies, Get Along.
A very old-fashioned movie projector, pre-threaded with a large roll of film, was sitting at my front door this morning, along with a rolled-up
2 messages
04-23-04 09:58 PM
Eddie [View All]
I thought that Eddie looked great in those briefs. Especially when he stood up out of the water. He was the star of the moment and he can whisper an
36 messages
04-22-04 01:53 PM
(Not the) Official Playing It Straight Episode #5 Summary: Men Are From Venus, Women Are From Mars.
An Overnight Express package arrived at my P.O. Box this morning, containing one VHS tape and the following letter. ‘Dear Estee,’%0
4 messages
04-20-04 06:24 PM
Playing It Straight
Hi, I'm new here. Well, I wouldn't have got an account here but I live in Appleton, WI, and well, I went to Wal Mart April 10th and saw
world of disgust
5 messages
04-20-04 06:11 PM
Playing It Straight
It was canceled. But they are going to run it in the summer. It did not have good ratings. They said because it was on a Friday night when everyone
0 messages
04-10-04 09:52 AM
Playing it Straight - gone or still on
I live in Canada and for the past 2 weeks Playing it Straight has not been on, or I have missed it. Can anyone help me out. Thanks.
1 messages
04-09-04 10:03 PM
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