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Custom packaging If you are a King of Glory player, click on the personal homepage to find out your game rounds, multiply it by 20 (minutes
0 messages
11-16-20 11:32 PM
How can you forget it?
[ 9Ne4] Let enjoy it now.
MCV Corporation
1 messages
10-25-18 01:10 AM
Paula Arrested
Guess that therapy didn't work. Note that this is a different boyfriend from the woman basher, Keith, from the show. http://ne
13 messages
07-10-16 04:21 PM
The Real World Key West Summaries
Alright guys...I am willing to offer up doing some of the summaries for The Real World Key West but would like some help with 2-3 peeps willing to wor
1 messages
07-10-16 04:21 PM
My Real World Austin Art ifacts
OK...... Real World had a [b]Garage Sale[/b] (actually it was an 'alley sale' cause it was behind the RW Austin House), Friday and
13 messages
07-10-16 03:33 PM
Editing Needs a bit of Practice
Is it common for them to edit scenes like this without paying attention...The pool scene bothered the heck out of me. First 1 clear glass with blue d
5 messages
07-10-16 03:32 PM
5/30 Episode Discussion [View All]
Another week already? WOW! Let's see what happens tonight.
29 messages
03-07-16 01:51 PM
Rachel and Veronica on E Online chat
Rachel and Veronica were on the E online chat and answered questions about the Inferno, Tonya and hookups. I am mad because it made me like them,
4 messages
03-04-16 11:51 AM
OMG realworld auditions from the webcam
2 messages
03-04-16 11:50 AM
Hey! Let's date!
[iframe width="560" height="315" src=" bn33gwsydvY" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen%5
MCV Corporation
0 messages
03-02-16 03:26 AM
Assault With A Deadly Hair Dryer.
On the plus side, given when this happened and how long it took to come out, Grodner probably didn't get her in time for this summer's [b]
3 messages
02-19-16 11:52 AM
Real World Philadelphia Music Question - Can Anyone Answer?
Does anyone have a list of music that was played during the Real World Philadelphia. There were several songs that I really liked and I cannot seem t
3 messages
02-19-16 11:51 AM
The Real World Austin Season Finale 11/22/05 [View All]
Just thinking that I will never have to type The Real World Austin has me LOLing big time! And to top it off...Wes gets slapped. Let's
42 messages
02-19-16 11:48 AM
RW Season 25 Las Vegas
I don't know if anyone is watching but I just had to come here and post that I really, really dislike Mike. He's such a whiner. He was totally w
2 messages
02-19-16 11:47 AM
Who wants Rachel off the show
*Sparked by the "Who wants Tina off the show" thread* I've had it with Rachel after last night's episode. When she thought Ver
12 messages
02-19-16 11:46 AM
RW RR drinking game
I think we need a new drinking game. Take a shot when... You hear "Balls to the Wall" Mike is voted into the Inferno %
15 messages
02-19-16 11:44 AM
New Reality Series
We are a new reality TV program that is putting its foot down and changing the unrealistic and unattainable standards of the fashion and beauty
1 messages
01-14-16 04:45 PM
The Miz has accomplished his dream
The Miz is now the WWE Champion. 89088/ http://community.realitytv
1 messages
03-09-15 11:13 AM
Real World Cancun [View All]
Well, where is everybody? Two one-hour episodes in the can and NO ONE has posted anything!! WHat's going on here?? Where's all our loy
DaveThe Dude
31 messages
01-16-13 02:46 PM
RW 25th Season Back in Vegas
I'm going to Vegas in a couple of weeks looking for something else, and I came across this news article: http://www.lasvegasnvb
2 messages
03-11-11 02:18 AM
RW/RR challenge: Cutthroat
Anyone watching this? I watched part of the first episode. I quit watching RW, so I don't recognize a lot of the cast members. Lo
1 messages
11-21-10 02:28 AM
Does reality tv make you competitive?
I am doing research for a top university on the topic of reality tv and its affect on human emotions. I am focusing on reality tv and how it portrays
0 messages
11-14-10 10:55 PM
D.C. is not the real world.
Maybe that's why Sean Duffy will fit right in. al-world-sean-duffy-congress/%0
0 messages
11-03-10 09:30 PM
Is Sahar an anti-Semite?
Last night when Knight was inquiring about Sahar's boyfriend's real name, he suggested it might be David, to which Sahar responded in disgust%
4 messages
10-10-10 09:38 AM
Future Real World Seasons
Please, MTV, oh PLEASE, consider having a season of the Real World in a place like Vienna, Austria, Budapset, Hungary, or Prague, in t
DaveThe Dude
1 messages
09-13-10 04:18 PM
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