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Conferences Starting Over General Discussion Forum (Protected)
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Do they read the message boards?
Does anyone know if the houseguests have access to the message boards while they are in the house. What about former HGS. It could be pretty devasti
1 messages
02-13-06 01:06 AM
I missed the beginning go Friday's show. What did they do the the BOR, I didn't see her later in the show. Please update me. Thx..
2 messages
02-13-06 01:38 AM
Be The Houseguest Roleplay Thread - Week 1
I can't believe how well this show is going! The girls are as sexy as ever, the challenges are incredible, and we've gotten more positive fe
Cygnus X1
171 messages
02-13-06 10:44 AM
Starting Over in Greater New York Area
What happened to Starting Over in the Greater New York area? It has been on at 12 PM forever and now it seems to have been replaced by Judge Judy?
6 messages
02-13-06 12:34 PM
starting over couples
hello everyone, i'm a 1st timer. does any one knows when the couples at the beginning of the season, will be coming back?
1 messages
02-13-06 12:35 PM
SO Housemates: websites & myspace
I did a search and wasn't able to find a thread that lists the housemates websites and myspace pages, so I thought I'd start one. Please add wh
1 messages
02-13-06 02:35 PM
Pre emptied or Canceled???
Pre emptied or Canceled??? I live in the NYC area and I was checking my To Do List on my Tivo and there was no SO for the foreseeable futur
0 messages
02-13-06 02:59 PM
no air play?
Does anybody in the EastCoast NY/NJ know why Starting Over didn't come on today and is not scheduled to come on at all or at least this week?
1 messages
02-13-06 05:23 PM
When is S/O being seen now that the Olympics are on?
Help! The station which broadcasts S/O is WNBC so that knocks my daily fix of S/O not unless someone knows where else I can turn to?
1 messages
02-13-06 06:08 PM
Eastcoast Programming
Hey, does anyone know what channel Starting Over is on for the East Coast. It was on from noon til 1 on NBC channel 382 DirectTV. Help fast.
1 messages
02-14-06 11:50 AM
Kelly arrives, Iyanla forces a hug and then says...
"You don't know me well enough to be snottin' on my jacket!" HELLO this woman just shared her horrific story about the therapist when she w
23 messages
02-14-06 12:39 PM
HG Value Systems - or LC Value Systems?
(I looked back 16 pages and didn’t find any posts on this topic, so here goes…) What are your thoughts on the SO HG’s value sys
13 messages
02-14-06 03:25 PM
No SO for NYC Area, Bah.
I signed onto this site just so I could find out why SO is not on at noon in the NYC area. I've browsed through various postings and could only find
1 messages
02-14-06 03:58 PM
StartingOver Contract Question
Has anyone here ever seen the actual SO contract the cast members are required to sign?
16 messages
02-14-06 10:00 PM
myspace mayhem
sorry if posted but i cant find it what are the myspaces for starting over ladies? they were posted a bit back but im new. tha
1 messages
02-14-06 10:19 PM
Iyanla's Master's Degree in Spiritual Psychology
Is Iyanla a psychologist? She has a master's degree in spiritual psychology from the Universitiy of Santa Monica (USM), Center for the Study
31 messages
02-15-06 00:30 AM
headhunter's comments to Jill ?- my tv station ran a PSA
Can anyone tell me what the headhunter's comments were to Jill and Jill's responses? paraphrase, of tv station ran a PSA emergenc
1 messages
02-15-06 12:08 PM
No longer on in NJ....
Does anyone know why WNBC is not showing Starting Over anymore -at least in NJ? It's not because of the Olympics - they replaced it with Judge Ju
2 messages
02-15-06 12:42 PM
Group exercise: Line Dancing
What did anyone think of the group exercise today? I guess it fit in with today's theme of going beyond your "comfort zone" and trying someth
14 messages
02-15-06 01:29 PM
Forgive me for missing this, but...
I totally missed the Board of Review episode where Lisa was to be reviewed and I have yet to find out what happened. I hope this is the right place to
1 messages
02-15-06 04:06 PM
Would anyone like a SO sig?
I'll be happy to make sigs on request, just email me through the boards. I reserve the right to turn down any request that is obscene or makes fun
127 messages
02-15-06 05:58 PM
Messy beds
You would think that before the new housemate arrived, someone would make her bed for her. Isnt that common courtesy?> I mean, are those OldLi
37 messages
02-15-06 06:59 PM
Frumpy Andy Paige
Hi! I'm new and trying to learn the rules...Anyway, I Tivo'ed yesterday's SO & I thought I saw Andy Paige's green underwear sticking out
46 messages
02-16-06 09:42 AM
Life imitates art
Ever notice how this forum feels a little like a giant starting over house? We have the "older members" coaching the "newbies"...
1 messages
02-16-06 01:01 PM
Jill Needs to Graduate
Does anyone else think that Jill needs to graduate and fast? She has shown sooo much improvement that I really want to see her graduate. I wish that
1 messages
02-16-06 01:02 PM
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