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Conferences Starting Over General Discussion Forum (Protected)
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Ok, perhaps I have my events confused...someone PLEASE clarify!! Jessica is sitting in anticipation of September 11th. While Allison
2 messages
11-29-05 03:33 PM
Did anyone else catch the slip up?
Maybe I heard wrong but at group Jessica said the anniversary of her moms death is in a couple days so I was thinking its Sept.9 but during the meetin
0 messages
11-29-05 03:53 PM
SO Couples
I enjoyed SO when they had the couples on, before this group of women. Who's with me on this? Now it has become so mean and vindictive between
6 messages
11-29-05 04:17 PM
15 minutes of people raggin on her!??
Are you kidding me? NOBODY ragged on her! If anything, Jill made a few comments that she felt judged. That was it...that was the only thing ment
3 messages
11-29-05 04:26 PM
I'm ready to boycott SO!! Are you?
Is anyone as fed up with these overt displays of double standards, toleration, and ignorance as I am? Is anyone ready to turn off the tv? I th
0 messages
11-29-05 04:50 PM
This is CRAZY
Pleeeease...correct me if I am wrong.....But to me...the whole concept of Starting Over is just Start Over...What I dont understand is how t
0 messages
11-29-05 05:48 PM
Has anyone seen how SO doesnt use real people. They use semi celebrities or once famous people for the house. Towanda a Braxton, Vanessa a famous gy
9 messages
11-29-05 05:51 PM
Text Message club
Has anyone joined the text message club? Do they give the voting results? I really REALLY hope everyone said jessica or allison cause all the dra
1 messages
11-29-05 08:41 PM
Get rid of ALL of the houseguests
I know the consensus on the boards is that everyone is discusted with this season's houseguests...I think that they just give everyone an "F",
2 messages
11-29-05 11:03 PM
If I got to pair up past & present roomates...
You want to see these women step it up? Send in some past HG's who would lay it on the line and tell them about reality. Here is my roommate list%
7 messages
11-30-05 03:20 AM
Wait--I LIKE This Season of Starting Over!
I like that the LC's addressed the funky negative mood in the house, and I think this year they're illustrating the principles of 'authentic s
3 messages
11-30-05 08:33 AM
Iyanla - Time to Leave the House!
Well, I was so disgusted after seeing today’s show and the angry demeanor of Iyanla towards TJ and Jill. The pain in TJ’s face was so sad to wat
8 messages
11-30-05 11:46 AM
I can relate to Jessica. Losing my mother. It has been 4 years and it seems like last week sometimes.Watching this show has helped me.
1 messages
11-30-05 12:54 PM
If I have to hear the housemates say I love you to each other one more time
If I have to hear the housemates say I love you to each other one more time I think I'm going to barf. Who are these people kidding?! They can
2 messages
11-30-05 01:16 PM
6 of them and not one friendship. No alliances. No emotional connections. This is the most self-centered group f women I've ever seen. How can 6 [
6 messages
11-30-05 03:38 PM
I am so sick of Alison's moaning and groaning!!!!!
I think Alison just keeps "inventing" problems so she can stay on the show! I loved her last season and I really wished the best for her- but sh
1 messages
11-30-05 05:35 PM
Allison's mother right about her Hollywood proclivity?
geez I thought Al's mother sounded really mean when she said people back home found her whole star thing phony and she may have turned some friends
0 messages
11-30-05 05:37 PM
ENOUGH ENOUGH ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ok here enough of the torcher on TJ here these women can relate to someone with her disability here sorry but no one in this house cant relate to each
3 messages
11-30-05 09:41 PM
Why is Christina being allowed to abuse T.J.?
I'm sorry but my opinion especially because I don't think she is getting the help she needs, is that Christina will be back on the pole and on t
1 messages
11-30-05 05:42 PM
What happened to the lifecoaches hugging the HG's after each session? Last season that's all they did, but this season the LC's just get up
0 messages
11-30-05 09:57 PM
'Emergency grp on gossip-Nov.28
Any thoughts about 'emergency' group today on gossip with Iyanla?
33 messages
11-30-05 10:00 PM
Jessica is unamerican
I am so completely sick to death of Jessica. How well does it speak of her mom to have raised the most self-centered, narcissitic person I have ever
4 messages
11-30-05 10:07 PM
Why I Love TiVo
Hi ppl! This is my first post to this board, and indeed my first post to any television show board. Let me tell you, I fell upon SO
13 messages
12-01-05 02:23 AM
Christina's Motto
Has anyone noticed that Christina keeps on repeating the phrase "and I don't want to deal with her now". Usually it's in reference to TJ. I
1 messages
11-30-05 10:14 PM
When was season three shot?
We see Jessica once again dealing with the 9/11 death of her mom. Just when was this episode filmed? If it was filmed in September, why all the
5 messages
12-01-05 02:46 AM
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