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Rhonda's comment about Kim's expectations...
After Kim's excercise about feeling unloved Rhonda made a comment that has been gnawing at me a bit. (Now I'm paraphrasing a bit, so bear with
34 messages
02-22-06 11:25 AM
Are any of you doing the assignments given to the guests?
I think some of the assignments are really good. Especially the ones they are giving Jill. They really make you think. I started today actually wri
20 messages
02-22-06 11:34 AM
The Olympics
I live in New York City and I haven't seen Starting Over in almost two weeks because of the Olympic coverage. Instead of keeping Starting Over on a
1 messages
02-22-06 01:13 PM
"Good MO'nin LAY-dies.. How ya Liv'in" I just wanna SMACK the life coach sometimes
This show could be really great but the psycho-babble is off the chart, and most of it seems to be driven by Iyanla (sp?).. Rhonda seems just
77 messages
02-22-06 01:35 PM
Enough with the BURNING of everything!
I am so sick of them burning crap in the outdoor fire place! It's like watching a bunch of witch perform a ritual. I can't even count how many
24 messages
02-22-06 07:03 PM
Christie, her man, and the Lisa'a
I'm having trouble with this one so ladies and gents please help me out. I personally like Christie because many of her vices and some of my own.
15 messages
02-22-06 09:43 PM
What are their qualifications?
Does anyone know what qualifications the life coaches have, in order to put these women through these assignments, obviously they have some issues
1 messages
02-23-06 09:56 AM
season 2 and 3
I am watching both seasons at the same time. I record them oth them come home and watch them. I have seen the 1st 1/2 of season two so this is a ref
8 messages
02-23-06 04:47 PM
Lisa1's resurfacing? Any thoughts about her whereabouts?
I admit I missed a few days, but has Lisa1 resurfaced yet? I'm willing to bet she has met up with Mr. Internet and has started over with him. I
2 messages
02-23-06 10:21 PM
jodi and jill in the truck yesterday??
did anyone else catch when they were coming back from jills date they were pulling into the driveway of the house and they showed them both in the tru
3 messages
02-23-06 10:27 PM
Early Warning: Olympic Pre-Emptions of SO
Thanks first of all to SOfan0221 for pointing this out in the [ s/DCForumID91/158.shtml|Where and Wh
Cygnus X1
53 messages
02-23-06 10:46 PM
Can any one give me the words applied to the word "FAITH" by Iyanla today?
2 messages
02-24-06 10:03 AM
vision boards
hi everyone...i was just wondering what everyone thought about the vision boards the hg's made...i noticed how much happier kelly seemed in her conf
3 messages
02-24-06 12:08 PM
Kelly is alright
Gotta respect a person calling a spade a spade!
4 messages
02-24-06 05:20 PM
Do the LCs meet the HGs before going into the house?
Do Rhonda and Iyanla meet the women before they enter the house, or do they meet for the first time during the morning meeting?
6 messages
02-24-06 07:11 PM
SO Program Flaws
I noticed something on a rerun the other day. Another poster noticed the same thing. I am now going to be watching for more, and thought perhaps s
64 messages
02-24-06 11:55 PM
this week show
does anyone remember what the FAITH was broke down to?
1 messages
02-25-06 10:00 PM
I just love Iyanla
I have watched the Starting Over show since it started. I have always liked the show but when Iyanla came on for this season, it made me
25 messages
02-27-06 12:36 PM
Is Jill trying to copy Iyanla?
On the past few shows, Jill has said/done some things that make me wonder if she is trying to incorporate bits of Iyanla's personality into her
15 messages
02-27-06 04:25 PM
Equal Time For All The LC's
Why has Rhonda been basically the only LC that we see anymore? Dr. Stan is hardly on anymore, and definately Iyanla has not been on like she used
3 messages
02-27-06 04:28 PM
Be The Houseguest Roleplay Thread - Week 3
[s]SO[/s]. So. Rhonda wants me to meet her by the pool. Not bad. What da heck did I do with my Speedos?! And how to meet
Cygnus X1
56 messages
02-27-06 07:10 PM
Dr. Stan completely ROCKS!!
I just love him. He isn't manipulated by any of the whining or manipulations the women try to pull on him. I LOVE LOVE LOVE how he shut Allison down
42 messages
02-28-06 08:41 AM
Agoraphobia vs. Agraphobia
Did anyone catch the other day when Rhonda, in one of her annoying little asides said something about Kelly's mom and characterized her as having
30 messages
02-28-06 01:11 PM
Kelly and Jodi!The Fight???!!!!!
OMG!I couldnt Believe it when I saw the fight between these two today!IMHO_Jodi was WRONG-BUT-I dont think she was trying to be mean -when she com
5 messages
02-28-06 02:32 PM
Is Rhonda the primary coach for FOUR women?
*confused* I missed a couple episodes, and I`m wondering if Rhonda is Kim`s, Jodi`s, Christie`s, AND Kellys P-coach?
14 messages
02-28-06 07:22 PM
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