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Worthless show
I usually think Fox has the better of the reality shows, but I couldn't even get through the first episode of this one. I couldn't stand the con
2 messages
07-10-16 04:01 PM
Why is Matt still here??? [View All]
Argh! This guy is so sleazy and annoying! I think my comparison to Boston Rob and Johnny Fairplay was quite apt. Somebody shoot him. And if you wo
23 messages
03-09-16 06:05 PM
HELP!! When can I watch Forever Eden again????
OK, I've NEVER EVER gotten into a reality show (not even the popular American Idol) BUT THIS was on yesterday ALL day and I watched them all%2
11 messages
03-09-16 06:04 PM
Unaired Episodes
I was able to get my hands on all the unaired episodes. :) They were aired overseas, and someone was nice enough to capture them. 25 episodes fo
7 messages
02-24-16 11:56 AM
Cassie, Cassie, naiive and trusting
Not that there was any chance of her being the one bannished, but one can never tell in Eden with all the twists and turns. I realize at this point
2 messages
02-24-16 11:52 AM
Cassie on Coyote Ugly
Cassie is competing on the Search for the next Coyote Ugly Dancer or something. Here is a link and her picture should be there http%3
1 messages
02-24-16 11:50 AM
Does Kassie seemed Two Faced or NOT?
After watching the third episode, Kassie kinda rubbed me the wrong way. For those who don't remember her by name, she is the curly haired girl
5 messages
02-24-16 11:49 AM
Forever eden
I really enjoyed the show, but fox keep changing days way to much and I kept missing the show, when it comes back on they need to keep it on the s
1 messages
12-08-15 06:57 PM
Did anyone watch Eden last nite?
I missed the show last nite from running errands. Who got voted out? Was it Matt? Did Neveen get her revenge? Who are the newcomers? I know th
8 messages
12-08-15 06:51 PM
Forever Eden: Hit or Miss?
I saw the episodes and I don't know about the show. I love the twists, but the people are stuuupid. luckily they can be replaced. I'll give t
8 messages
09-04-15 02:31 PM
Try to guess the date this show gets cancelled (win valuable prizes) [View All]
Let's start a pool and see who can guess the date this show gets mercifully cancelled. Here is the relevant info....Monday's show drew
shakes the clown
51 messages
05-08-15 04:40 PM
Eden is now Paradise Lost ...... Bring on the popcorn with curry salt ..... n.cgi%
4 messages
05-08-15 04:35 PM
Downloading the episodes - Any Suggestions?
I really really want to see Forever Eden, but I just can't seem to find anywhere to download it or anything! I'm in Australia and Paradise Hot
1 messages
05-08-15 04:32 PM
2 messages
05-08-15 04:30 PM
episode 10
we have forever eden very night here in Norway, yes a bit behind from the US but we've got them all coming! In week 10 Kassie banks a
5 messages
05-08-15 04:28 PM
Does anyone know what the ending of this show was? it stopped airing in the states and never returned.. so just curious how it ended.
2 messages
03-12-15 10:52 AM
There's No Hiding Under The Radar on Forever Eden
After watching three episodes of the show, I noticed that it is much harder to use the "under the radar" strategy on this show, because
Howard Dean
15 messages
03-11-15 12:57 PM
(Sigh) I miss the show...
7 messages
03-11-15 12:54 PM
Michael Interview..
Found this over at I will link the article and paste it here as well... Michael was the latest cast member banished from FOX%2
5 messages
02-25-15 10:29 AM
Show returning in June
Just incase anyone was wondering, the show will be back, early June. Keep waiting...cause it gets good.. Kara
8 messages
11-12-07 03:20 PM
forever eden
does anyone know if and when a show like forever eden or paradise hotel will come on again- loved forever eden and i had never even heard of it until
1 messages
04-26-06 12:34 PM
Can anyone believe Brooks Choice
Well Forever Eden is up and running again...So has anyone been watching it..they are playing the episodes that the U.S. hasn't seen yet. Anyway Broo
6 messages
12-30-05 01:12 PM
forever eden
Hi, Does someone have complete season of forever eden on tape? I'd like to see it. Can you help me? thanks
1 messages
01-06-05 03:49 PM
HELP! Anyone have FE episodes on tape??
I was a really big fan of Paradise Hotel and somehow Forever Eden slipped through my radar! My husband and I sadly missed all the episodes that aire
6 messages
09-08-04 10:26 AM
Forever Eden
The show stopped airing all of a sudden, at first I thought a hurricane hit where-ever they were??? but I checked, and nothing disasterous h
1 messages
07-06-04 09:52 AM
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