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0 messages
01-10-18 04:47 AM
Poor Randy
She lost her job, got dupped on national T.V, and then that expression on her face when he said he was an actor... CLASSIC!!! But hey, at
5 messages
07-10-16 04:19 PM
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1 messages
07-10-16 03:53 PM
1 messages
02-02-16 04:44 PM
Casino actors in this show [View All]
I think Kristy (Blonde with a space in her tooth), and Ellie (Red Head Eliminated last week). I"m sure I saw both on them, in the summe
23 messages
01-14-16 04:53 PM
Having trouble watching online episodes?
If your having trouble with watching the online episodes. I believe it's because your Windows Media Player is out of date. You probably will have
4 messages
01-14-16 12:03 PM
Steve in a Commercial
How many of have seen Steve in a commercial? I'm not speaking about the promos for the show but an actual commercial.It's the commercial where o
9 messages
01-11-16 04:35 PM
The Boss is ..........
I have finished the final episode of My Big Fat Obnoxious Boss. After 10 episodes, the big mystery of the boss is finally revealed. The B
4 messages
01-11-16 04:31 PM
Steve was on Grays Anatomy!
I just thought that was so cool! I just love Gray Anatomy and my hubby and I got a kick out of remembering all the things he did on My Big Fat Obno
8 messages
01-11-16 04:28 PM
Randi needs to play along
This show is annoying and I getting bored with it quickly. If this girl had any sense she would play along. She should act like she likes Steve beca
2 messages
05-14-15 11:50 PM
Last chance to post your Boss guesses
The secret boss is: Some kind of animal. Specifically: A Monkey in a suit, tie and Trump Wig.
2 messages
05-14-15 11:47 PM
Randi on
She is going to be chatting on this reality website. Check it out.
2 messages
03-14-15 08:48 PM
Where are the Obnoxious Boss episodes?
They used to be on but I can't find them anymore. I haven't finished watching it all, so if you know of any place I can sti
3 messages
03-07-15 11:26 PM
My Big Fat Long Obnoxious Finale-Official Episode 6 Summary
Boy oh boy! Here it is, The Big Day! Will they make it through the ceremony without a belching contest, morning “pile” report, or an
11 messages
07-27-09 06:51 PM
Any1 got My Big Fat Obnoxious Boss DVD episodes for guy in uk?
i cant believe people didnt think this show was good enough to keep or even make a dvd out of..i saw this programme on in england, great britain and
1 messages
07-18-06 03:34 PM
Episode 6 is online (and free)
For us few that enjoyed the show they have put episode 6 online and episode 7 will be posted on March 11. Here is the link: http://
10 messages
04-01-05 01:02 PM
They have some frickin' ballz
First they lie and lie about when (if) the show will be back and then they have the unmitigated GALL to ask us to actually [b]pay?!?!%
15 messages
03-04-05 11:45 AM
Did this show get cancelled? Where are the final episodes???
Hi. Does anyone know what happened to this show. Did it get cancelled mid season???? Did the ending ever air????
1 messages
02-12-05 11:47 PM
Official Summary for Episode 5. "Thank You"
Tonight on Survivor… 4 players, 3 Immunity challenges, 1 survivor! We’ll declare the ultimate survivor: Vanuatu. Okay, not us, but t
18 messages
02-10-05 08:09 AM
The "Real Boss" is... [View All]
I've seen some good speculation elsewhere so I thought I'd start a thread here. Here are some interesting guesses of who the Real Boss
45 messages
01-30-05 11:30 PM
Official summary sign-up thread for My Big, Fat, Obnoxious Boss. [View All]
It's sanctioned by AyaK and everything. The first week is complete, with the second and third claimed. The rest of the series is curre
28 messages
01-16-05 05:08 PM
My wife would like a DVD or VHS copy of the Obnoxious Fiance. Can anyone help? Thank you, Joe
1 messages
12-21-04 07:24 PM
Cancelled ?
Rumors are flying that this Sunday (12/5) will be the last show and FOX will take it off the air after that. Anyone heard anything on
15 messages
12-21-04 11:25 AM
Episode #5 general discussion thread.
As we return to America's least-watched night of television... (Censored), I was flipping back to [b]Survivor[/b] every few seconds
5 messages
12-13-04 05:56 PM
Episode #4 discussion thread: Caveat emptor.
'Let the buyer not sue.' Admittedly, the risk of landing an all-out lawsuit from a flea market buyer is slightly lower than it would be in
12 messages
12-09-04 10:31 AM
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