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man i hope that i am not the only person in the world that feels like i would love to be on the show but dont want people to see me like and yes i do
4 messages
10-12-05 07:56 PM
true reality issues
I love to watch SO. It is now the only thing I care to watch on television. Does anyone think that some of these stories are over the top? Does anyo
3 messages
10-12-05 08:36 PM
Previous episodes
I have had family trauma all week and have missed monday, tuesday and wednesday!!! I am so lost. Does anyone know how i can find out what ha
0 messages
10-12-05 10:33 PM
old shows from Sept. 19 2005 to Sept 27 2005?
I missed the early shows of the series on the couples, starting with the initial bootcamp... Is there any chance I can get to see the re-runs somewh
2 messages
10-13-05 00:16 AM
catch me up
I have been out of town since the ladies came in the house .. somthing happend and my tv didn't record will someone catch me up on what
1 messages
10-13-05 04:57 PM
Why are the recaps of the show not on the Startingover website?
I'm looking for the recaps of the show since the new women entered the house as opposed to the couples. Anyone know a website where they can be foun
3 messages
10-13-05 08:54 PM
What a great staff!!
I am completely hooked on the show! Rhonda and Iyana just blow me away w/how they get to the core issues that people need to deal with if they re
4 messages
10-13-05 09:25 PM
Enough with "Stay or Go"
It seems to me like the threat of being kicked out of the house is thrown around a lot more than other years. It began with the couples shows and con
10 messages
10-14-05 00:59 AM
Shake your BOOTY?????
What was up with the whole shake you booty thing today? As if I wanted to see Christina's butt jiggling around. Out of all the things
13 messages
10-14-05 04:34 AM
the old days
I have been a huge fan of Starting Over since day one. I discovered the message boards in the second season, and always looked forward to the spoile
1 messages
10-14-05 08:59 AM
Help, I'm talking and I can't shut up!!
TJ annoyed the bejeezus out of me today when she was driving Allison to the doctor's office. Did she take a breath? She must not realize how frust
12 messages
10-14-05 11:29 AM
SO getting Hurricane Katrina/Rita victims on show
Maybe next season or later on in the show, there maybe some hurricane evacuees on the show. Being from New Orleans and knowing the city dynamic of t
2 messages
10-14-05 02:48 PM
Who is going to be this season's "Problem Child"?
There seems to be one every season, so who do you think will be the big troublemaker in the house? I'm leaning towards Jill.I think she has a re
20 messages
10-14-05 08:12 PM
Couples Season
Would like to get video of the couples season to share with hubby but unable to find out how to get it. I submitted a request via "feedback" but n
0 messages
10-14-05 05:04 PM
new house
Glad to see that the couples are gone. I did not enjoy that season and I am happy to see a new bunch of woman. This groups seems interesting.
9 messages
10-14-05 11:23 PM
The LA Show Needs YOUR input! for Starting Over fans!
The LA Show needs your comments about Starting Over TV, the new Martha Show, and Dr. Phil...all taped in Los Angeles. visit http://www.
0 messages
10-15-05 00:18 AM
In the meantime
This maybe somewhat unusual for a young black male, but I take time to watch Starting Over as a self help aid. I was wondering are their forums out
3 messages
10-15-05 11:56 AM
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 10-10-05 AT 03:37 PM (EST)[/font] Once again Iyanla reached into her bag of vocabulary tricks by
58 messages
10-15-05 05:30 PM
Rhonda is such a Sweetheart
aww ! she almost made me cry today when she said that she had made a life long comminment to the ladies . That is so sweet . I just love Rhonda .
8 messages
10-15-05 08:46 PM
couples boot camp
I have been gone on vacation for a week and missed out on all the couple boot camp shows. Can someone inform me about what happened to the couples at
3 messages
10-16-05 02:23 AM
Breast Cancer Tote Bag
On the episode that aired Thursday, October 13th or Friday, October 14th, Allison went to sit down on the couch and she had a Breast Cancer awar
4 messages
10-16-05 10:20 AM
starting over on DVD
I missed the entire first season and a bunch of episodes from the second. As well, there are many that I would like to re-visit. Does anyone know i
0 messages
10-16-05 03:58 PM
Define a "Woman of Honor"
I have a problem with this goal for Christina and it comes from what I think a 'woman of honor' actually is. Let me explain... If IV had said "l
17 messages
10-16-05 05:41 PM
Would you look?
If you were a current or former HC, would you read the message boards? Especially if it was about you personally? I don't think I
14 messages
10-16-05 11:57 PM
Green eyed monsters
I think it's obvious that Lisa and Jill are simply jealous of Christina and that's why they are pulling stupid stunts like looking up 'prostitut
1 messages
10-17-05 09:06 PM
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