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Hello everyone! I am very new to the boards and would like to know if Starting Over has disappeared for anyone else. I was mortified on Friday whe
2 messages
02-06-06 03:53 PM
Washing Machines in SO Houses?
What's the deal with the washing machine situation in the SO houses? In today's episode it showed Kim and Christina loading a stackable washer
8 messages
02-06-06 04:24 PM
Be nice Mr. Camera Man!!!!!!!
We did not need to see Lisa in that rag of a night gown jumping up and down with her nipples sticking out..bleck! Well at least we know she doesnt s
23 messages
02-06-06 07:55 PM
Who needs Joe Camel?
If I've got this staight the smaokers are: Jessica TJ Jill Jodi Kim Lisa2(?) Christina (?
1 messages
02-06-06 11:57 PM
KIM'S feedback meeting!
can't find one on this topic so here goes! Can someone fill me on on what happened in the feeback meeting? My son started taping it
2 messages
02-06-06 11:59 PM
What is the "Chip Hustle"?
I know after XXXtina got kicked out of the strip club when the law changed she went on to the chip hustle. Does anyone know what that is exactly??
8 messages
02-07-06 00:20 AM
If Kim can sit at the table and feel and I mean feel that she is not helpable. She cried. That there tells me that she can be helped and that it is go
1 messages
02-07-06 01:02 AM
If Lisa want to talk to Mr. internet then let her. She needs to make that desition as an adult. Stand up for what she wants and not let anything stan
0 messages
02-07-06 01:09 AM
Just wanted to say that even though Lisa has money to spend that she has had no consiquenses when she has made mistates. She getting all t
1 messages
02-07-06 01:09 AM
I just saw the show and Lisa got busted writting Mr. I. In a way i know how she feels because its nice being able to talk to a guy over the internet a
2 messages
02-07-06 08:47 AM
Attention: Lisa Posters
Take it to the INDIVIDUAL Houseguest Forum. We have WAY too many Lisa threads there.
Cygnus X1
0 messages
02-07-06 09:52 AM
February 7
At the same time that SO is supposed to air in my area the TV stations will be broadcasting a funeral for a local officer killed in the line of duty.
2 messages
02-07-06 10:25 AM
missed jan 24 episode of starting over
hey i missed the january 24 episode of starting over goodbye hustle is there anyone who has tivo that might of recorded that show if someb
1 messages
02-07-06 11:43 AM
A "Starting Over" Spin-off
I would like to see a "Starting Over" Spin-off that focuses on men. There could be 2 male life coaches (dr Stan as one) and one female.
20 messages
02-07-06 03:49 PM
Not just a woman thing
I'm curious about the fact that the show is almost always about women. Yes, there was the couples boot camp before season 3 started - and that'
1 messages
02-07-06 03:52 PM
For the 4 that went upstairs and did not help Lisa today.... "You go girls".......She played around knowing that she was to get everything to
2 messages
02-07-06 05:18 PM
how do Ie-mail ropm the mods
0 messages
02-07-06 05:24 PM
How do I PM or e-mail the mods?
help this is all new to me.....
1 messages
02-07-06 06:03 PM
Hey Heres a Question
Is there a way to e-mail the girls or post on a message on a board where they read? LOVE THIS SITE GIRLS!!!!!!!!!
1 messages
02-07-06 09:24 PM
Original Starting Over Board
Any posters here from the SO board on Nikki Freelance Writer
123 messages
02-08-06 03:08 PM
I'm a first-time poster so bear with me: I'm wondering why Jill's smoking was addressed right away by Iyanla, and limits were imposed on her
25 messages
02-08-06 03:12 PM
Where did Starting Over go?
I live in Houston and I can't find Starting Over anywhere. It just disappeared. Can anyone tell me where it went and what time it comes on?
1 messages
02-08-06 03:15 PM
Mr. Internet.
I'm posting this here because he is not a houseguest. Some have said he is a jerk and not worthy of Lisa's attention. Others have said
1 messages
02-08-06 03:18 PM
Starting Over Nominated for 2 Daytime Emmy's..AGAIN!!
Announcements were made this morning...The show is nominated for "outstanding achievement in single camera editing" and "outstanding special cla
2 messages
02-08-06 04:01 PM
Your Daytime Emmy Nomination for Starting Over...who gets what?
This might be fun. Check this info out: In its second season, "Starting Over" grew an impressive 43% in women 25-54, according
27 messages
02-08-06 05:49 PM
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