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I Think We Are Being Played
i was reading the threads about the new Lisa and the discontent with the LC's but, as usual, I have another take on it. Perhaps because of my b
2 messages
01-11-06 02:30 PM
I am so very disappointed in TJ! She appeared to have come so very far only to take 2 miles back. She appears to want to control the new environment
1 messages
01-11-06 05:04 PM
Could SO possibly be editing while they're watching our reaction..if so let's tell em what we think!
I once loved this show, now I'm just PISS#D that I'm hooked. If they continue all this editing manipulation for we the viewers..I will be tem
6 messages
01-11-06 09:25 PM
When I first visited the Starting Over website and saw that it had links to a website I was very excited. I was hoping to join a virtual community of
3 messages
01-12-06 07:26 AM
TJ ..Shush UP
OMG Tj is so controlling, she can't keep herself out of other peoples business, and she's just a top spun out of control, I have to wonder W
1 messages
01-12-06 11:14 AM
OMG I just moved and I didnt get to see any of the new Starting Over so can someone kindly feel me in?
1 messages
01-12-06 04:12 PM
past people
Ok, so I was just wondering where I can find out what is going on with the couples from the couple portion of the season, as well as the where are
1 messages
01-12-06 06:35 PM
When will this be on DVD?
I want to get this show on DVD in the worst way.
3 messages
01-12-06 06:40 PM
Two weeks left?
Did anyone notice that twice on the Jan 11th show Jill said they "only have 2 weeks left in the house" and that was why she didn't understand TJ
8 messages
01-12-06 06:52 PM
Could you handle TJ as a roomate?
Hi i've been a watcher of Starting Over since the premiere and love this show. Okay so about this season. I have to say TJ has to be the most irrita
2 messages
01-12-06 07:05 PM
Hey I got hooked on this show and the station I watch stopped airing the show. What happened to towanda and why did Summer leave. What did she do or
7 messages
01-12-06 09:04 PM
What happened Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs?
I just found out they are started back up again.. I need to know what happened? anyone have a tape to sell me? or know where I can get a transcrip
3 messages
01-12-06 09:53 PM
TJ and Lisa
I was starting to think that TJ was changing, but then she went and proved otherwise. I could not believe she took over Kim doing Lisa's hair like
24 messages
01-12-06 10:04 PM
Help.. Please catch me up
Please someone would you please catch me up with what happened on the show this week... I watched Monday's episode and was so disappointed because
1 messages
01-12-06 10:16 PM
A Psychiatrist and a Large Quantity of Zanax...
is what TJ needs first and foremost. Honestly, no life coach is ever going to make an impact on that ADHD brain of hers. In the begining (I only s
1 messages
01-12-06 10:19 PM
I gave the LINK earlier but it was deleted, not sure why. moderators may be blocking this information? So I will write it out so it does not upset
1 messages
01-13-06 00:15 AM
Forgotten Houseguests
It really seems that the original women are just floundering. They haven't really given them new assignments and I don't see any progress. Actua
3 messages
01-13-06 00:32 AM
Starting over at home
Hi all. Since i'm at school and don't have access to a video camera i've decided to start over at home!! I thought by posting on here it m
1 messages
01-13-06 12:54 PM
TJ and Jill
Ianlya was wrong - Jill had not outgrown TJ's friendship. Jill according to her own words had put up the titanium wall when Allison left, and cut
5 messages
01-13-06 04:54 PM
I Am One Of Those Viewers That Is Starting Over At Home
Here Is My Goal Learning To Train My Basset Hound at Home & yes Rhanda & Iyanda And Dr. Stan are aware of it I gave them my E-mails adresses of My
19 messages
01-13-06 05:54 PM
starting over on the internet
I think it would be a great idea to if there was a forum for those of us who can't get away for six + weeks to have our own starting over session
8 messages
01-13-06 07:36 PM
Missed last 1/2 hour of todays show
Help. Local news interupted the last 1/2 hour of todays show. Can someone share with me the jist of the last half hour, please???? Tha
1 messages
01-14-06 08:12 PM
starting over website
I went to the starting over website, am I correct that it is because it says that the site expired on 1/8/06 and
2 messages
01-14-06 10:55 PM
NO Starting Over MONDAY 16th in Los Angeles!
I don't know about any other locations, but here in Los Angeles, Ca the Martin Luther King Parade in on starting at 11:00am-2:00pm.%
0 messages
01-15-06 12:14 PM
My goal is to stop watching the show.
I was going to respond on another thread about my goal of never watching this show again on the "Starting Over at Home" thread, but it got "lo
7 messages
01-15-06 01:27 PM
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