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Pirate Master
14 messages
11-23-21 01:19 AM
Possible new show
Hey everyone, I read this stuff all the time, but have never posted - until now. I have some inside info! As you heard Mark Burnet
10 messages
11-21-21 01:19 AM
Pirates of the Carribean Reality TV show
Hi guys, new here so bear with me if this has already been covered. I've done a google search and it brings back nothing relevant...
2 messages
04-08-16 03:31 PM
please help me!
I am curious about what the object of this series will be if anyone knows can you please explain this to me?
3 messages
02-18-16 06:23 PM
Pirate Master PTTE [View All]
Ahoy buckos, Captin Longbraid here. I hear scuttlebutt about a new MB show. Something about being a Pirate Master. Arg! http://ww
34 messages
12-08-15 05:50 PM
PirateMaster [View All]
Somebody please get captain "spiderbraids" out of that uniform and phony accent. The red team doesn't stand a chance with his leader
38 messages
05-04-15 04:41 PM
Pirate Master Episode 11 Internet Spoiler Thread [View All]
Please keep discussions of the 3 on 3 battle to the death between the Black Crew and the Red Crew that may or may not include a real-life sabotage att
29 messages
05-04-15 04:30 PM
Be The... Pirate Master Vista edition
Before giving a final bonvoyage as we cut our viewers down to somewhere around 12, (And that's counting all 3 vinces. ;-) ) I'd like to
18 messages
03-03-15 01:46 PM
Pirate Master Episode 14 (Finale) Internet Spoiler Thread [View All]
Please keep details of the Final 3 of Jay, Ben, and Christa's final expedition, the Pirate Court complete with the return of the ghosts, and
25 messages
11-16-07 07:36 PM
PM PTTE Wk 13 Results - Wk 14 List Changes - Final Results
ding ding* Captain Longbraid calling all Pirates to mid-ship. Look sharp. Ye know the drill by now. [center]http://draw
18 messages
09-01-07 01:22 PM
Pirate Master Episode 13 (F4/Finale?) Internet Spoiler Thread
Please keep all information about what may or may not be the final episode in the history of this show until at least one of us can download and summa
19 messages
08-29-07 01:11 PM
"Pirate Master Episode 14: CBS Misdirection "
This is the last one. [b]While one Pirate is left in the dust, two Pirates run neck-and-neck in a crucial Expedition. Pas
9 messages
08-27-07 04:16 PM
Pirate Master Episode 13: CBS Misdirection
[b]The Captain makes pawns of the small crew still left aboard ship. Will crew members accept blood money in order to throw an expedit
2 messages
08-16-07 07:23 PM
Pirate Master Episode 12 Internet Spoiler Thread [View All]
Please keep all details of the Final 5 skirmish of Capt. Christa and her two men vs. Laurel and the poor soul that picks the red shot here until at le
30 messages
08-16-07 05:11 PM
Pirate Master PTTE: Results and List Changes
*ding ding* Captain Longbraid calling all Pirates to mid-ship. Look sharp. Ye know the drill by now. [center]http://w
10 messages
08-16-07 04:56 PM
Suns For Fun
[table border="0"][TR][TD] [url] ime/Sunsforfun1.gif [center][font size
10 messages
08-14-07 10:01 PM
Pirate Master Episode 12: CBS Misdirection
[b]Internal strife threatens to tear apart a powerful alliance. Trust is shattered when two officers vie for the heart of their captai
1 messages
08-10-07 08:45 PM
Cheryl Kosewicz found dead in home
From the front page: r-pirate-master-contestant-cheryl-kosewicz-found-dead-in-home-5583
13 messages
08-07-07 06:00 PM
Pirate Master Episode 10 Internet Spoiler Thread [View All]
Since these things are gonna appear at 3am (and I may or may not be up at that time.....) I'll put these up sometime on Monday during the nightt
35 messages
08-07-07 02:42 PM
Pirate Master Episode 11: CBS Misdirection
All new this week. A Pirate, determined to keep his allies on the competing team in power, betrays his crewmates while hunting for gold
3 messages
08-02-07 09:23 AM
Pirate Master Episode 10: CBS Misdirection
Well CBS is still putting up their misdirection [b]In the aftermath of one Pirate's dismissal, a new powerful alliance emerges from
3 messages
08-01-07 09:16 PM
Pirate Master Episode 9 East Coast Internet Spoiler Thread [View All]
Might as well put this up now, since it's entirely possible that the episode might be up on the site in 3 hours..... Please kee
23 messages
07-30-07 11:50 PM
Pirate Master Canceled? [View All]
I just heard on the radio that CBS has canceled this show and they were making fun of it "being cut adrift". Looking for a link. %
58 messages
07-29-07 03:22 PM
Getting Better and it died?
Eventually watched the show, and I have to say it was better than most of the series was. The two teams had a different task (OK both counting tas
0 messages
07-27-07 09:16 AM
Pirate Master Episode 9: CBS Misdirection
[b]The ship's command is rocked to its foundation when an unexpected twist shocks them all! When the captain's bounty is recover
12 messages
07-25-07 03:11 PM
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