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"Pirate Master Episode 14 (Finale) Internet Spoiler Thread"
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Original message

vince3 17341 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Playboy Centerfold"

08-27-07, 10:49 PM (EST)
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"Pirate Master Episode 14 (Finale) Internet Spoiler Thread"
Please keep details of the Final 3 of Jay, Ben, and Christa's final expedition, the Pirate Court complete with the return of the ghosts, and the crowning of the first (and only...) Pirate Master!

However, it won't be me. Not until at least 6 or so tomorrow night. (I have cheauffer duties and house work to do for my mother......)

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 Last Time On: The Host's Summary of... kircon 08-28-07 1
 One Becomes Three kircon 08-28-07 2
 First Mates Expedition, Part 1 kircon 08-28-07 3
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 RE: Pirate Master Episode 14 (Final... kircon 08-28-07 5
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 Pirate's Court kircon 08-28-07 7
   RE: Pirate's Court kircon 08-28-07 8
       RE: Pirate's Court Asrai 08-28-07 9
 The Ghost Invade the Ship kircon 08-28-07 10
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kircon 3239 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Car Show Celebrity"

08-28-07, 05:31 AM (EST)
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1. "Last Time On: The Host's Summary of the Series "
Host: This summer 16 modern day pirates set sail around the Caribbean to search for hidden treasure.
We see all the players in a boat rowing towards the ship during the night.

A very large chest is pulled from the water.

Treasure! Louie laughs and says ďI think I want me some of that!Ē The sun rises over the ship. We see Jay and Ben pulling rope and hoisting the sails.

Host: Locked inside the mysterious Chest of Zanzibar are the clues to that treasure.
Several pirates are huddled over a hole, while Sean lifts up a small treasure box.

Host: One discovery has led to the next. And itís all worth one million dollars.

Ben Confessional: This is the best opportunity Iíve ever had, Iím on a pirate ship, thereís no place Iíd rather be than here.

Host: Divided randomly into two crews, the hunt began,

We see a shot of both crews, the hostsí fires a pistol, all jump off the side of the ship.
Chopping a rope, coconuts falling down the hillside,
pulling treasure from the water, and firing the gun.

Host: With the Black Crew victorious, they choose Joe Don as the first Captain.

As Joe Don puts on the hat he says, ďYou know what man, I got to be honest with ya, this feels right.Ē

Host: According to the Pirate Master Code, Joe Don received half the treasure. And chose Ben and Cheryl as his officers.

Joe Don laughs over the treasure.

Captain Joe Don yells out to the crew, ďGood Job Pirates.Ē

Host: Joe Don ruled with an iron fist.

The Captain is seen with a stern face at Pirate Court. ďThings are going to change a whole lot.Ē

Host: This did not go down well with the crew.

Alexis complains that ďyou have your gold on your gold bed in your gold cabin.Ē

Host: Finally winning their first expedition, the Red Crew put an end to Joe Donís reign.

Louie shouts Captain Joe Don is dead. Joe Don is seen in the middle of the river with his hand over his eyes.

Host: The Red Crew elects Azmyth as the ships new Captain.

*Azmyth swings from a rope and jumps into the ocean with a shout of joy.*

Host: Splitting the treasure evenly with his winning crew, Captain Azmythís fresh approach set well with the pirates.

Jupiter stands before Azmyth with a big grin on her face. Azmyth with his best accent, (Remember that), and his beard carved into strange shapes, says: ďThis is yours, please enjoy!Ē Jupiter gives him a big hug and kiss.

Host: But things soon changed. Captain Azmyth developed a fake British accent.

Laurel Confessional: I have no respect for that fool right now. Heís a super freak in a blue coat.

Host: Then he chooses the physically strong Ben and Jay as his officers. Ensuring the Black Crews dominance.
Ben and Jay lead the crew in a victory.

Host: The all male triad was born. And as they began to keep more treasure for their own, it was clear they had a plan to take control to the end. We see them all playing with their money.

Ben, Jay and Azmyth raise mugs and say, ďTremendous TrioĒ

Host: Winning expedition after expedition, * three different shots are fired* the Triad seemed unstoppable. *ding Ė ding* And one by one, Sean, Joy, and Joe Don, were cut adrift.

Host: But when the game changed, ďBen, Jay, you are no longer officers.Ē , the Triad was dismantled.
Ben and Jay take off their coats and hand them to the host.

*The host fires a gun*

Host: When the Red Crew claimed the next treasure,

Jay says, ďI would like Christa to be the next Captain.Ē

Host: Christa became the games first female Captain and was determined to go to the end.

Christa Confessional: I have a 6 year old daughter and this could mean such good things for our life.

Host: But the rules took a turn. ďItís all yours.Ē
The host gives all the treasure to Christa.

Jay Confessional: The game has changed dramatically. The captain keeps all the money and only two people get Black Spotted.

Host: Christa decides to rule with her conscience.

Christa Confessional: Iím going to give everyone ten thousand. Iím going to split it evenly.

Host: But when Jay and Ben became her closes confidants...

Jay says, ďYouíre going to have to be...kind of ... evil.Ē

We see Christa looking very sweet while ruling over Pirate Court. (For you female lovers out there, she is wearing a small swimsuit top under the Captainís coat. She seems to be quite endowed. And sweet)

Host: ...they blindsided some of the gameís biggest power players.

The host says:

Azmyth, your voyage is over. *chop*
Nessa, your voyage is over.

Jay Confessional: Nessa is one of the strongest competitors out there. Sheís a little boxer!

Nessa says, ďHave fun eating each other alive.Ē *chomp*

Host: Jay stopped at nothing to keep Christa in power...

Jay Confessional: If Christaís in power, Iím in power.

The Host fireís a pistol while standing on deck.

Host: ...through the next expedition...

While talking with Christa, Jay says, ďGo big or go home.Ē

Host: ...(Jay) continued to dictate the Black Spots.

Jay Confessional: I like having other people do my dirty deeds.

Host: While Christa grew into her role as captain.

Jay Confessional: Christa came off as this sweet girl, but lately sheís cut some throat.

Host: But when Ben sabotaged Louie on the next expedition, it weighed heavily on his mind.

*Jay and Christa shaking hands and grinning*

Ben Confessional: It made me sick to my stomach, but I knew what I had to do.

*ding Ė ding*

Host: That night:

While defending him, Ben says during Pirate Court, Louie is a better sailor and I can probably say heís a better man than I.

Host: Ben could no longer contain his guilt.

Ben tells Louie that he threw the expedition yesterday.

Louie looks at Ben in Shock.

Louieís name card is shown.

Host: And Louie became the 13th pirate...

Louie looks at the smiling Captain Christ and says, ďMake it swift!Ē

Host: ... to be cut adrift.


Host: Now only Jay, Christa and Ben remain in the hunt for Captain Steelís Treasure.

There are several shots of all three pirates, maps, gold, and a single pirate carrying a chest.

Host: But in the end, only one pirate can take home the $500,000 bounty, and become:

*sword twirls as light flashes*

*pirate flag waves over the ship*

Host: Pirate Master!

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kircon 3239 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Car Show Celebrity"

08-28-07, 06:09 AM (EST)
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2. "One Becomes Three"
Christa, Ben and Jay walk into the crewís quarters. There is food and a note waiting for them on the table.

Christa reads the note:

Youíve made it to the
final 3!
The Adventure Continues
~ Cameron

Ben says they are eating like Kings and Queens, Man!

Christa says she canít breathe right now.

Ben Confessional: Final 3 is just starting to sink in. A little bread, cheese, and vino. It is such a relief to be here. I thought my time was up.

While spreading cheese on some bread, Jay says itís sad to see Louie go, but, you know what, weíre sitting here final three, ďI ainít that sad.Ē

Ben says: ďIíll never forget him man, a good fallen solider.Ē

Christa looks at Ben with a smirk.

Ben Confessional: This was the hardest Pirateís Court so far. Louieís my boy, and to look him in the face and tell him I was the reason he was going, was hard. But Iím not quitting, so good by buddy!

Ben tells Jay and Christ that heís proud to be here with them. ďThis is exactly who I wanted to be here with.

Jay with a full mouth of food says they all made there choices to support each other up to this point.

(I swear I heard a zipper sound)

Jay Confessional: Christa is my best friend, but my relationship with Ben is really my strongest relationship on the ship.

Christa empties the wine into the captainís tea cups. They all toast. ďTo The final Three! *clink*

Jay Confessional: At Pirateís Court, I was in the sweetest position. I could have cut Ben adrift and I hope it wasnít the biggest mistake I have made in my life.

Jay asks what they think.

Ben states: ďOn that day, the best MAN will take it.Ē

* ringgggggggggggggggg*

The Opening Credits roll

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kircon 3239 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Car Show Celebrity"

08-28-07, 08:38 AM (EST)
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3. "First Mates Expedition, Part 1"
The ship is sailing on choppy seas.

The three are on deck looking at the sky.

Jay Confessional: ďWe woke up this morning; it was cloudy, murky, kind of a scary morning.

There is talk on deck about how weird the sky is and that they donít know what to expect. Jay says heís excited and scared because he has a 1 in 3 chance at winning half a million bucks. Christa is laying down looking at the sky with her hands folded over her chest.

Jay Confessional: This is the last expedition. I will die out there before I lose this. I will pour out my heart and soul into it. Nothinís gonna stop me, nothiní.

There is a shot of a partial rainbow. All seem to see it. As the camera pans out, it becomes a full rainbow.

Jay: ďItís a sign!Ē
Ben: ďMaybe thatís where our treasure lies, at the bottom of the rainbow.Ē
Ben points while Christa giggles.
Jay says if I go that way it will be on the other side.

Christa Confessional: I didnít get much sleep last night. I donít know. Iím having a real weird feeling right now. Iím going to be confident in my abilities, Iím confident Iím going to win. Iíll go from there.

They all stand looking at the rainbow and agree somebody is getting rich today.

Ben Confessional: Today Iím a nervous and excited pirate. Weíve gotten to the real deal. This is what this whole voyage has been about. All Iíve got on my brain is Captain Steelís Treasure. Ben is shaking with nervous energy. All Iím thinking is getting this money.

Another shot of the rainbow.

*ding Ėding* All pirates to mid ships.

Christa, Jay, whose arms are raised in victory, and Ben walk in to meet the Host who stands by the chest.

Host: Good Morning. Final Three. Congratulations.
So here we are...About to open the 14th and final lock on the Chest of Zanzibar. And begin the expedition for Captain Henry Steelís fortune, said to be worth half a million dollars.

Christa and Ben have large grins, while Jay seems to be breathing hard.

Host: Iíll open this one.
He walks over to the top center lock. He lifts the entire lid.
Host: It appears to be a note and one clue. This is very interesting. It appears this is not your final expedition.

The Host reads. I confirm that my treasure is out there. But you wonít be searching for it today. Only two of you will compete for that honor.

Ben Confessional: Iím disappointed. Iíve been building myself up all day. But if I make it to the next one, thatís a fifty-fifty chance.

Host: Captain Steel continues:
My first mate is the only man I ever trusted.
Find the First Mateís fortune and you will have what you need to find mine.

Host: So the one of you who finds the First mateís fortune has the right to look for Captain Steels Treasure.
The other two, you are at risk. You could be cut adrift.

Jay nods his head.

Host: Steel writes that the First Mate was an Englishman named Jenson Buely, a military mastermind, a lover of weaponry. He was well known for his swordsmanship. He had a fondness for the Latin language. He would record in Latin, his plan to attack other ships.

Host: Normally we would divide into crews, but today you will compete as individuals. Itís every pirate for them selves. And since thereís only one clue, Iíll give you a few minutes to go below and copy the information you need. On my command, climb overboard and swim to shore.

Christa Confessional: This is the first time weíve been on our own. Itís scary. Iím just gonna be confident that Iím gonna win. Iím gonna blow these boys out of the water today. *wicked laugh*

Ben tells us that all had to copy the map and write down about 29 words on the back. Latin to English.
I believe we will have to translate some type of message.

Christa Confessional: I feel I have a really good chance today because I know some of those words. But I was making sure I was also memorizing them as I wrote them.

Jay Confessional: Right now the entire game is at steak. If you win this, you are going after Captain Steelís treasure. But if you lose, I donít know. I donít think itís a good thing. I need to win this one. Itís what itís all come down to.

Host: Pirates to Port Side. Prepare to jump.

The three climb on the side waiting to jump.

Host: For the Firsts Mates fortune and the right to search for Captain Henry Steels Treasure.
Host fires the gun. The three jump overboard and swim to shore.

Host: They must swim to shore, find the bridge and the matesí sword for the next clue.

Jay Confessional: Iím not the strongest swimmer in the ocean especially with a pack on your back. Itís tough.

Christa Confessional: The guys were ahead of me, but we were all close.

Ben reaches shore first, then Jay, then Christa.

Ben reaches the rope bridge first.

Ben Confessional: I thought of Indiana Jones when I reached the rope bridge. It was narrow as could be, but I didnít have time to worry about it. Just do what you have to do.

Ben is show looking off the side of the bridge for the mateís sword. Jay come barreling down the hill and starts across the bridge. He starts looking in the trees. Christa now enters the bridge.

Ben finds a sword hanging off the bridge. He starts pulling it up. The other two follow suit.

Ben tells us he knew he had to snatch that baby and take off. Jay and Christa follow right after him.

Christa stops to unwrap the leather sling from around the sword. Jay is doing the same.

Christa reads: Go to the pool to get the next clue. She and Jay take off.

Host: The pirates must now race down a steep ravine to a pool. In the pool is a large bolder on which is written the next clue.

Ben reaches a sign and says ďleftĒ. Heís the fist to make it to the pool. Jay sees the sign and also utters ďleftĒ.

Christa Confessional: I feel stressed out because I donít know if Iím doing the right thing, if Iím going the right way. The guys are pretty far ahead of me. I have no one to ask, no one to follow. I doubted myself.

Ben finds a pool/river and starts swimming, under rocks and over sandbars.

Jay has entered the pool.

Ben Confessional: When I found the rock I started to translate. I had already memorized the words I needed. But itís hard to translate two languages. Itís confusing.

Jay finds the rock and starts to work on the puzzle.

Jay Confessional: There were two parts to the map. One was the layout for an expedition, the other was Latin words. I wrote it two ways. One with Latin words alphabetized, then with the English words alphabetized. So hopefully Iím covered.

Christa finally reaches the pool. She is struggling with all her stuff.

Christa Confessional: I had a hard time carrying the sword, the bag, and the canister with the map. ďI am blond so I didnít think; let me put all the stuff in the bag. That would have made too much sense.Ē

Christa reaches the rock dumps her stuff and starts to decipher.

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kircon 3239 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Car Show Celebrity"

08-28-07, 11:39 AM (EST)
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4. "First Mates Expedition, Part 2"
Ben takes off when Christa reaches the writing on the rock.

Ben Confessional: I translated that we need to climb back to the top.
On a different body of water, look for writing on the wall, underwater.

Jay was keeping an eye on Ben. He took off right after him.

Christa Confessional: I really would have liked to kept up with the boys. To see where they were going so I wouldnít get lost. So I read the clue really quickly. I figured I would act like I knew where I was going. And hope I get to the right place.

Host: The pirates must retrace their steps back to the bridge where they will have opportunity to sabotage those behind them. They will then continue further into the jungle where they will find the next clue under water.

Ben and Jay are shown racing back up the trail.

Ben Confessional: This is huge. If I win, I have a 50/50 chance of winning. If I lose, who knows? So I have to win or Iím done.

Jay reached the bridge first, Ben ran to catch up so he would get cut.

They make their way across the bridge. Jayís foot slips through.

Ben Confessional: When we got to the other side of the bridge, we were ready to pass out, but started chopping.
We just stopped for a few, chopped down the bridge, and watched it fall. (I only saw Ben chopping, with Jay standing aside.)

*The bridge falls*

Jay Confessional: When Ben starting chopping the bridge, I was a little hesitant. On one hand I wanted Christa to catch up but the pirate in me took over, and I had no problem at all.

Ben and Jay high-five, then take off up the trail.
Ben passes Jay.

Christa reaches the bridge, looks down and the screen goes black.

Christa Confessional: With the bridge sabotaged, I had to find another way to get to where I was going.

Jay Confessional: Running through the Rain Forest is like running through a cow pasture full of cow poop. You slip and slide. You canít get your grip.

Jay is climbing the path and falls.

Christa takes a big fall on her side and has a hard time getting up.

Ben reaches a large body of water and starts swimming. Jay dives in right after him. Jay has a mask.

Christa is wandering in the jungle.

Ben and Jay are both swimming hard.

Ben Confessional: I was exhausted when I reached the water. I had about 15 pounds on my back. It was a struggle to stay above water. Jay was right behind me. I was about ready to pass out. *he reaches a wall, takes a breath, and drops below water.* Under the water there was a code that said, ďThe gold is by the waterfall.Ē As soon as I read it, I swam my butt off,

Christa is on river rocks searching, Ben is swimming towards a waterfall. Jay is following Ben. Ben swims around the waterfall, climbs up the rocks, grabs a chest and yells.

Ben kisses the chest.

Jay Confessional: It was heart wrenching to see Ben get that chest. The young man beat the old man today. It was purely a physical expedition. I just didnít have any gas left in me, I just died.

Ben Confessional: That was the hardest thing Iíve ever done in my life. *hugging the chest* I just kept thing about my family back home. I wanted to make everybody proud.

At that moment, Christ jump in the water and starts to swim.

Ben Confessional: This is the first treasure I pulled out...and itís the most important one yet. Iím on top of the world. But Iím so tired I could die. *he leans back on the rock, and grins*

Jay is swimming and says, ďFrick, Iím history.Ē

Jay Confessional: I should have cut Ben last night instead of Louie. I could have won this expedition. Could ofís, should ofís, and would ofís , those are the easy ones. You do what you think right and live with the consequences.

Jay gets out of the water and throws his mask on the ground.

Christa swims up to Ben, he says I got it. I got it. I got it. He keeps repeating that and keeps kissing the chest.

Christa Confessional: Iím happy that Ben won the treasure. *they hug* Iíve always said, Iím pulling out the last treasure. I donít believe anything but that is going to happen in this game. (Iím beginning to believe her.)

Ben shoots the gun, and yells again.

Christa climbs aboard.

Host: Welcome back.

Jay climbs aboard and ask, ďHey Cam, how ya doing?Ē

Host: Not bad, how bout yourself?

Jay says heís had better days as he climbs on board. (they all look like drowned rats.)

*The host grabs the chest as Ben hops on board* I gather you are the winner.
He looks at the other two and ask what happen.

Jay says the young man beat the old man.

Jay Confessional: This is the worst day on the ship. I really needed this one. I donít know whatís going to happen, I know Iím not guaranteed to go after Steelís Treasure.

The host opens the chest. True to his word the captain has left two clues. (a small flat box that fits in the hand, inside is a parchment.) * the host closes the box*
You have earned one of them Ben, and the right to hunt for the treasure, the big one.

The treasure is yours, go ahead and count it buddy. (Yes he did say that.)

Jay asks if Ben would like help.

Ben: Step on up. Thanks brother.* they start stacking and stacking.* Fifty Thousand dollars.

Jay Confessional: Ben is where everyone wants to be. It hurts. It hurts bad.

Ben Confessional: (I cracked up laughing. I had to leave the computer) *Ben is sitting with the Captains hat and coat on. He looks very, very goofy.)
I donít have to worry about the black spot; I donít have to worry about the crew. I had 50 thousand dollars handed to me. I donít have to pass any of it out.

Host: It must feel good?

Ben: Iíll tell you what feels good is having a 1 in 2 chance try at the big daddy mother lode. *he rubs his hands together*

Host: Well Ben, youíre safe. But you other two are automatically marked with a black spot. You will defend yourself tonight at Pirates Court. *Christa is smiling broadly Jay is not*
You will fight for the right to claim the other one. *he holds up the other clue*
And to go up against Ben in the expedition for Captain Henry Steelís half million dollar treasure chest.
The Jury for Pirates Court will be the ghost of your past. *thud*
*Christa is grinning madly*
The ghosts will decide which one of you is cut adrift. *Christa gulps, Jay shakes his head*
Your actions of the past, the things youíve done. The choices youíve made, the pirates youíve cut adrift, they are coming back to haunt you.

Jay says, ďThey all love me.Ē Then laughs.

Jay Confessional: When the ghost climb up and see me on the black spot, some are going to think revenge.

Jay reaches his hand out to Christa and whishes her good luck.

Christa Confessional: Going against Jay will be interesting. Either they will hate Jay and want to cut him adrift or Jay will stay because everyone hates him and thinks heís an aggressive player.

Host: Ben hereís your jacket. He hands it to Ben.

Ben says this is my first taste of ďthe baby blueĒ he puts the coat on.

Ben Confessional: Iím riding high, I am. I always said I wanted to be El Captainí, for a short stint, and at the end.

Host: Captain, take your gold.

Ben: Right now Iím just going to let the night go through and think about my 1 in 2 chance at half a million.

Everyone is downstairs putting coins into their bags. Ben is very happy. Jay says he had fun stacking loot with everyone. No matter what.

Ben Confessional: If it wasnít for Jay and Christa, I wouldnít be here. Theyíve always been fair with me, so I split the 50 grand with them. A way to put my mind at peace and rationalize some of the terrible things Iíve done.
At least remain loyal to the people who looked out for me.

Jay says it been nice running with you guys, Ben says try your best, your absolute best. Christa says Iím not going against Jay, I going for myself.

They are all stacking and counting their coins.

Christa Confessional: Iím extremely scared right now, I canít even explain it. I donít like this at all. Iím going to tell the truth about why I did what I did. And hope that everyone sees that I have played this game,...mostly...honestly the whole time.

We again see Ben with the dorky hat. (I think itís too small and doesnít fit)

Christa has 78 thousand; Jay has a hundred and five thousand.

Jay Confessional: Of the pirates we helped cut adrift get to vote on who will go for the treasure. That doesnít bode well for me. I think there are going to be a lot of sour grapes. But Iím not going to take any crap. Iím going to talk to the jury the same way I played the game. ďStraight up and hard core.Ē Thatís the way I roll.

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kircon 3239 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Car Show Celebrity"

08-28-07, 11:48 AM (EST)
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5. "RE: Pirate Master Episode 14 (Finale) Internet Spoiler Thread"
I just realized that this show is 84 minutes long. Usually its about 40. I must go deal with some insurance agents about some water damage, not flood, pre-flood, but it's good we had the carpet out because we did get some flood. I will be back soon to start the Pirate's Court or part 2.

If someone else is working on part of the summary please let me know, so we don't duplicate. thanks k.

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byoffer 15808 desperate attention whore postings
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08-28-07, 02:03 PM (EST)
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6. "RE: Pirate Master Episode 14 (Finale) Internet Spoiler Thread"
As a Canadian non-viewer, I just wanted to jump in here and give Kircon a big ol' *smooch* for doing these summaries. Great job. I am on the edge of my seat reading! (and now waiting!)

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kircon 3239 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Car Show Celebrity"

08-28-07, 02:54 PM (EST)
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7. "Pirate's Court"
The sun sets on the ship and the lanterns are lit.

*ding Ėding* All pirates to mid ships.

Ben walks up to the Captainís perch. Jay and Christa walk to their ďblackĒ spots.
(My goodness, Christa has pushed most of her chest up and out the vest she is wearing.)

Host: Marked Pirates, you know where to stand. The Host whistles.

The Ghost starts pouring over the side of the ship. They take a seat and wait for the Host.
(They look pretty mean. Lotís of black make-up.)

The Host: Once again, everybody welcome back to Pirateís Court. This is the time and place for everyone to have their say. Itís a very different kind of Court tonight.

Host: This past expedition, Ben found his way to the First Mateís treasure. *The host smiles* You are now guaranteed to run for Captain Steels treasure. Thereís no chance of mutiny you are safe.

Christa and Jay you will have your say when you get to defend yourselves.

And the Ghost...You will have your say tonight when you cast your ballots.
It is you who holds the power.

Ben, Congratulations Mate! Howís it feel?

Ben: Iíve always said I wanted to be Captain. No better time or place to have fallen into it. Iím ready to run for the treasure. I ready to own it.

Host: I think weíll get right to it. Game time. Christa, defend yourself.

Christa: I came into this game with a clear cut strategy that has worked for me so far. *Joe Don frowning* Which in the beginning was to lay low and find a person to work with who was more aggressive. Although it may have seemed I wasnít playing. Everybody knows I came here to play for my daughter. *Kendra closes her eyes and sighs* I want to go for Captain Steelís treasure because of my daughter. I need the money. Itís the reason for everything I do in my life. So I just hope you consider my daughter. (We finally see a shot of Cheryl, may she finally rest in peace.) And give me opportunity to go for the treasure.
*she looks at the Host*

Host: Jay...Defend yourself.

Jayís hands are folded against his chin, as in prayer. He rocks back and forth.

Jay: If this is a popularity contest, or a beauty pagent I know Iím going to lose for sure. Iím sure Iím not very popular over there these days. *several angry looks* Itís no secret the kind of game I played. Everybody knows I had something to do with their leaving, if not directly responsible altogether for it. As a matter of fact, I probably black spotted everybody sitting over there. I probably got my hands dirty getting votes against everybody.
I was the mean dirty pirate. Which is what I believe pirates were! You didnít read about princess pirates, or super-sweet pirates, they were cut throat.
And Iíve played a cut throat game, and thatís why I am deserving. With that said, just remember Iím a nice guy. I just do bad things. OK?
*Joe Don smiles as if heís finally gotten it. Louie gives a big grin.*

Host: Alright letís open it up.
This is the time to get anything off your chest. This is your opportunity.

Host: Nessa you seem to be bursting. Whatís going on?

Nessa: Iíll start with Jay. Seems you went out of your way to do things, just to be evil, things you didnít need to do. Whereíd all that come from? The lies, manipulations, excessive cruelty to everyone here.
*she turns around* And Ben, you were right there with him. You sabotages Louieís expedition, I find that sad. I thought I meant more to you than that.

Host: Unfortunately Nessa, Benís not on trial tonight.

Nessa: Thatís alright; I can still give him a piece of my mind.

Host: Cheryl, whatís going on in your mind?

Cheryl: This is going to be a tough decision. I donít respect anyone standing before us tonight. Not one of them. I think they should all go. When they come out and backstab and lie and cheat, that shows me thatís how they are in real life. Thereís a right way to win money and a wrong way. I went about it the right way, trying my hardest to win treasure. Now the whole world knows you have faults.

Host: Kendra?

Kendra: How does it feel to stand there? You two put me up me up so many times. 6 times I stood up there. Christa pulls out the pity card. Her daughter. Woe is me. Set an example for her. Get a job. Show her how to stand on your own two feet. (Ouch!)
*she looks at Jay* I donít like the way you played.
*she looks at Christa* I think you are week.

Host: Joedon (as if itís one word)

Joe Don: Jay, man. Iím indifferent with you. If you want to play it dirty, thatís your business. Youíre not a Pirate Master, youíre a Puppet Master. Now you have to answer for what youíve done. I knew it would come back on you. Christa, you know how I feel about you, Iím not going to rip on you. From my viewpoint, you were being controlled by Jay the majority of the time. Youíre following not leading. If you donít stand for something, youíll fall for anything.

Host: Azmyth, What do you have to say tonight. (Azmyth has his dreads up and black around his eyes. He really looks like a ghost.)

Azmyth: I donít have much for Christa. She floated by and was at the right place at the right time.
Jay with all his lies and deceit, whoís to say anything he said, was the truth. Itís all strategy, right? Itís disappointing to see this very bright, brilliant man act the way he does. So letís see where that lies.

Host: John, Whatís your take on these two pirates?

John: (Now with a full beard) Jayís abilities at deception are rather impressive. The fact that he was able to deceive everybody all the time. It seemed to me that everyone was after him. * Jay is nodding his head in agreement. He breaks into a smile.) He was able to overcome great adversity.
Whereas Christaís big heart was for the men. The spirit of the Crew. It takes something more than Macavailian (sp?) tactics to keep a pirate crew together. I believe in Christa, she may not have tricks, but I believe in her, *Christa is grinning wildly* no matter how soft you think she is.

They did not show any questions from Christian, Joy, Jupiter, Laurel, or Louie.

Host: Jay one last chance to close your defense.

Jay: I did come and play an aggressive game. There are some things you may see as deceiving. Iím not ashamed of the things I did, because I came to play a game.
Being Pirate Master, blodies your hands. I donít think you can play the game without blood. If you think you can get through it with out deciept, then you are gravely mistaken. Thatís all I got Cameron. * he lowers his head*

Host: Christa

Christa: Iím sorry if anyone thinks my talking about my daughter is anything more than it is. It is the truth. She is my life and thatís why Iím here. Thatís all. *she lowers her head*

Host: Alright! Itís time to cast your ballots. You have two cards. One for each Pirate. Mutiny is not an option.

You may not like your choice, buy you need to make one. One by one move to the dagger and cast your ballot.

Azmyth removes the cover. He impales his card. Next up is Jupiter, (Itís quite dark and I canít tell who is voting)

Host: 13 Ghost, 13 ballots. Letís see what youíve done.
He slowly pulls the cards off the knife and walks back to his place.
*the host fans the cards out*
I have the results to the ballots. You both got ballots.
Christa, (about 30 seconds later) you got one.
Jay, you got 12.

Jay, your voyage is ended. *he hangs his head*

Christa smiles a triumphant smile.

Host: Jay you will not be cut adrift tonight, but you can no longer play for the treasure. You will join the ranks of the ghost. (The look on Jays face is priceless; Iím really a goner now, with all these people who hate me.)

Azmyth has a wild crazy eye look going on. Looks quite evil to me.

Host: You will all stay aboard this ship and continue the adventure.

Christa, hereís your coat, please go up and join Ben.
She walks up and stands by Ben.

Host: Jay you may join the ghost. * They seem to be licking their lips and waiting to pounce. Again Azmyth gets a crazed look towards Jay.

May I tell you all, this adventure is not over! You all will have a role to play.

Jay Confessional: I donít know whatís going on. I was hoping to leave and get away from the ghost. Iím hoping I have a chance to help them. There is one I would like to see win.

Host: Pirateís Court is adjourned.

Captain, itís your ship.

Everyone walks off.

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8. "RE: Pirate's Court"
LAST EDITED ON 08-28-07 AT 03:51 PM (EST)

I must walk my dog. Be back soon.

I'm back and I'm here till we find who is the Pirate Master.

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9. "RE: Pirate's Court"
Thanks for summarizing this! I just watched and let me just say that I thought it was gonna go differently, but I am still happy with the outcome. I also thought it was the perfect time for the dedication at the end. Classy!

Again, thanks Kircon and everybody else who helped us all out by writing the summaries! Great job and I certainly appreciated it!

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10. "The Ghost Invade the Ship"
The Ghost file into the crewsí quarters, inspecting everything.

Jay walks over to his bunk.

Jay Confessional: (his title now says Jay Ghost Crew) Iím not ashamed of the game I played. I came to play Pirate Master, not Princess Master.

A lot of talking is going on. Jay is talking to Kendra.

Joe Don Confessional: Iím rooting for Christa. I think Christa has utilized her physical body, and her gentleness. So itís like this, *he looks like heís juggling melons in slow motion*, blond hair, big breasted, woman, that you have a difficult time voting against.

Jupiter tells Joe Don she would like to see Christa beat Ben. Joe Don thinks it would be cool for a female to beat a male. Nessa smiles. (Was he this odd before he left?)

Nessa Confessional: I think Christa deserves to be Pirate Master. People underestimated her because of the sweetness. I always thought there was more to Christa than meets the eye. I think she proved that by the way she played the game.

Christa tells Jay she hopes people see she played the game smartly. (Doesnít matter any more) Like I totally did!

Christa Confessional: I desire to win the game. I played it very hard. My niceness and whatever I did was my personality but it was also my game. I believe 100 percent Iím going to win that treasure. I know I can...whine...whine.....whine.

The sun rises over the ship.

Captain Ben calls orders to the entire crew. He likes being captain.

Ben Confessional: I have no idea why the ghosts are still around. It makes me a little uneasy. He barks more orders.

Ben tells Laurel she looks good in the jacket but she doesnít deserve it. She tells him to go away. But to coast through like you did. He tells her, ďthanks for being my little personal secretary.Ē She yells at him to get away. She finally screams, ďIíM THE GHOST CAPTAIN!!! She keeps screaming, while he tries to talk.

Laurel Confessional: Ben tries to come across as positive, but, heís such a faker.

She asks if he wants to do work while heís standing there. He says no, Iíll just watch my personal secretary.

All the girls are lying around saying they wonít work till they are paid. Alexis says he can get the ship to where he needs it.

Ben Confessional: Itís frustrating when things need to be done and only half the crew wants to work. There are people who will do the work. *they show Cheryl and Azmyth pulling rope. Iíll do it all myself if I half to.

Jupiter Confessional: Nobody wanted to support the fact that Ben was Captain. But I did, like I got your back buddy. There could be potential for Ghost to be able to make some money.

The ship is in full sail. Louie is at the wheel. He is glad to be back on board. ďYou just got to love it and suck it all in. Itís a good sailing day.

Louie walks over and shakes Benís hand. Ben says there is something he wanted to go over with Louie.
Itís been a crazy week. A lot of things went down. It was not a high point in my life. I would like to make it right.
Would you accept the 12 thousand dollars I made during that expedition? Louie says, ďI will take it.Ē
Ben says, I know it wonít make it right. Louie says,:ĒI forgive you, man, itís a game.Ē Ben says, I really respect you, and it hurt me to do it. I went through with it, pulled the trigger, and thereís no turning back.

Ben Confessional: I feel better about Louie and now I can sit back and clear my head and ready for Captain Steelís treasure.

Jay is talking with Christa, telling her to go big and win.

Jay Confessional: Ben and I are tight, heís a cool dude. But when it comes down to him or Christa, Iím going to root for Christa. Because I think she needs it more. I think sheís a better person.

He tells Christa, Iíve got faith.

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11. "The Last Pirate's Court"
The moon appears from under a cloud, we see the ship.

*ding Ėding* All Ghost and Pirates to mid ships.

Everyone files in.

Welcome to Pirates Court. This is the time and place where everyone gets their say.
This will be the final Pirates Court on this Voyage. As Captain Ben and Officer Christa prepare to find Captain Henry Steelís Treasure. Said to be worth half a million dollars.

They canít do it alone. Ben and Christ need to recruit 3 ghosts each to help them on their crew, to find the treasure.

You will have your say when you make a case for yourself. Why you would be on either of their crew. Ben & Christa will have their say when they choose you.

To make it fair, Ben you will pick one man and two women. Christa you will pick two men and one woman.

Pirates Court is in session: Who wants to play? Let me see your hands.

Iíll start with Louie, why should they choose you?

Louie: I give everything I have. I donít care who Iím running with or what crew Iím on, Iím going for it. If you want me, I have everything to give. You got me.

Cheryl? This is why Iím here. Competition. Iíve got it all. Iíve got the mind, athletics, and the heart. No matter what team Iím on I will play 100 percent for whomever.

Sean? I can run like a horse, swim like a fish and hold my breath like a whale. I have it all, cunning, intelligent, driven, and capable. You have a chance to put together an elite crew of pirates. Iíd bend over backwards to make sure either one of you wins.

Jupiter, are you going to play? I really want to. First of all I helped win 6 out of eight expeditions. I am willing to give either one of you guys 100 percent.

Azmyth? I have endurance for days. Iíve pulled out three plus treasureís myself. Iím always on a lookout for what ever. Iím here to be on whoeverís crew and fight for the gold.

John, I saw your hand up, make a case for yourself.
Ben, I donít know you that well, some of the things Iíve heard arenít positive. I find I havenít invested in your spirit, so I will not avail myself to you Ben.
Christa, I believe in you. I think you deserve it and you own it. You will be the Pirate Master. And I want to be there for as much as I can give. *Christa has a large smile*

Nessa? Iím a bad a$$ Cameron. Full package, running, I want to be part of it. Just the chance to run another expedition.
Host: who would you want to run with? Make no mistake, which ever crew I was on , I would give above and beyond. But if I had to narrow it down, I would choose to see a female Pirate Master.

Jay? Iíve been on a lot of expeditions with both of you. My record speaks for itself. I want to put it out there; I do believe Christa will win the Pirate Master. Christa, I know you want me by your side at the end, but look around me and make the best team to give you the win. Itís important for you to take home the money. I think some have fresher legs than I do. Make your own decision, and if you donít choose me, not hard feelings. *he looks at the Host and says, thatís all Iíve got.

Kendra, Make your case.
Christa I will offer myself only to you. I know there are faster women, but if you can use me, I offer myself to you.

Joe Don? Ben you have a lot of strong males who would serve you better than me. Christa, Iíd love to see you take this thing, I really would. My alliance is to you. You know how I roll. *he bows his head* you know how I roll. *he bows his head again.

Host: Youíve heard everything. Ben letís start with you, do you have any questions?

Yeah I do. Oh, I like what youíre doing to me. Iím the underdog. You know what; you have no idea what you all just did. Youíve started a battle, and Iím going to prove to everybody what Iíve got. For Sure. People look at me and donít expect a lot, but, This is my time, everything has led to this. I got a general idea of what I want. So for the people who come with me, I will split everything I got. 80 grand. I will let my record speak for itself. Iíve lost two expeditions, and one because I was an a$$. *chuckles from the crew* Iíve won eleven expeditions in a row. So think about it long and hard. Who do you want to bank on? Iím only getting meaner by the minute, so letís get it on. *Sean smiles and shakes his head in agreement.

Host: Christa, what would you like to say?
Iím in this game for one treasure and itís a big one. Tomorrow, Captain Steelís treasure will be mine. I hope you believe in me. Iíve played with my heart and my gut. And that is the way I will choose my crew. Far as the money goes I have 70 thousand dollars that I would like to give you.

Host: So is this play or pay? Christa states if she wins. She has to take money home to her kid.

Host: This time you are choosing for players on your crew. Choose wisely. You have 14 cards in your wallet. Choose three.
Drums play while the two choose.

Alright Lets see what you have done. The Host takes the cards.

The Host calls a member from each crew

First member of Benís crew, the Black Crew is Cheryl, Azmyth, and Nessa

First member of Christa crew, the Red crew is John, Jay, and Nessa

We have a situation.

Ben offers 10 thousand dollars win or lose. A little insurance policy.

Christa counters with Jay and Johnís share of the money.
John says, donít even think about offering me money, Iím willing to fight for you.
Christa will match Benís 10 thousand insurance and add 59 thousand if they win.

Nessa says sheís not good at math but will choose to run with Christa.

Ben chooses Jupiter to fill the spot.

The crews will stay aboard the ship, while the Ghost will be cut adrift.

Host: Your voyage has ended. The Ghost climb overboard into the boat.

Captain, Cut these Ghost adrift.

*ching* Ben didnít cut through all the way, and uses his hand to break the rope.

*Louieís laughter is heard disappearing into the darkness*

Ben Confessional: The Black Crew consist of myself, Azmyth, Cheryl, and Jupiter. Very hard core. Ready to rock.

Christa Confessional: The Red Crew is me and Jay and Nessa and John. Crew of second chances. The Misfits.
I choose this crew because they all deserved a second chance.

Nessa Confessional: There was a bidding war over me. Iím on a final crew for the last expedition. It feels good to be wanted.
Nessa tells Christa that sheís told everyone they underestimated Christa, thereís more to her than meets the eye. People donít get that. And I want to see a female Pirate Master. Iím going to kick a$$. I want to see Christa win.

Ben Confessional: I put all the money Iíve won on the line. Because people want Christa to win, it lit a fire under me. When I get out there, Iím locked in.

*Azmyth pulls a piece of glass from Benís foot*
Iím gonna run till I die. This is going to be nuts, dude.

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12. "RE: The Last Pirate's Court"
We are in the final stretch, You and I should know in the next hour who is the Pirate Master.
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13. "RE: The Last Pirate's Court"
Thanks so much for recapping these! Now pleeeeeeeeeease put me out of my misery? lol
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14. "The Pirate Master!"
The sun is up.

*ding - ding* All Pirates to mid ship
Morning Pirates, this is it. Captains Steels Fortune is out there. And you Christa and Ben and your crews will be running for it.

The first clues were not in the Chest of Zanzibar, but in the First Mateís Chest. You two have earned the right with those clues in your hands. One of the clues will lead you to the treasure worth half a million dollars.

*everyone is smiling*

The Captains Crew is Black. Ben, Azmyth, Cheryl, and Jupiter.

The Red Crew is Christa, John, Nessa, and Jay.

I have your sashes.

Christa Confession: I know what ever happen here, weíve won. I feel really good, calm and patient. Prepared to receive my treasure.

In front of you are your kit bags, everything you need inside them plus your blunderbuss. (I finally find out the name of the gun in the last 15 minutes of the show.) Make sure you fire that thing to let the other one know you are the Pirate master.

Ben Confessional: Finally Iím here. This has been my dream. This is my time to shine; my time to show everybody that I got what it takes to be Pirate Master.

Host: Go over the side into the long boats and row to shore. For Captain Steelís half million dollar treasure, and the right to be called Pirate Master: HONOR YOUR CREW, FIGHT FOR YOUR FLAG! BANG

Both teams start to row.

Host: The Pirates and their crews will row to shore. Race up a mountain trail to find a set of caves.
They will have to untie a Chinese box, and then unlock it with keys to open one of the drawers to get their next clue.

Cheryl Confessional: We paddled like weíve never paddled before. It was crazy. We got ahead. I couldnít go any harder.

The Black Crew hit the beach first and starting running up the trail. The Red Crew is close behind.

Nessa Confessional: We passed the Black Crew on the way to the caves.

The Red Crew reaches the cave first and starts tearing down the barricades.

Ben Confessional: We had to knock down the wall barrier to reach an ancient Chinese Puzzle Box that was tied to the ground.

Everyone is working on untying the knots.

The Red Crew brings out the box first, with the Black Crew close behind.

Jupiter reads the clue: Take this box down the path...

Host: The Crews must now carry the puzzle box up a steep trail to an abandoned armory.
There they must look for a key hidden in the barrel of a canon.

The Black Crew starts out first with the Red Crew right behind.

Ben Confessional: Azmyth and I had to lug this big box, the two boniest cats on the whole voyage. Weíre running up uneven terrain, carrying a hundred pound box.
We had a led when we reached the armory.

Ben found the key in the canon. They opened the 3rd lock and found two decks of cards with a note.

Ben Confessional: We had to put the cards in order, starting with the King of Clubs. The Red Crew was right behind us, so we knew it was anybodyís game.

Jay Confessional: The Stacking cards seemed simple, but Christa over thought it.

Christa thought you were to switch suits every card.

Jupiter realized that when stacked there was something written on the edge of the cards.

Cheryl Confessional: Once we had the deck together, there was a clue that we had to read backwards. It said under cannonballs.

The Black Crew heads off looking for cannonballs. Azmyth discovered they were very heavy.

Azmyth Confessional: We dug around and found some burlap. We pulled it up to find a Captains wheel for the ship.

Ben starts reading the clue.
ďWill you find my treasure...or will you fail.
Your fate is still unknown.
Only you may travel up this trail,
Leave your Ghost and go alone.Ē

Host: The finalist must now go on alone and find their way up a steep trail that leads to Captains Steelís Quarters where they will find their next clue.

The Red Crew is still stuck on figuring out what the cards are for. Jay wanted to stack the cards in order. Instead he tried to find the Black Crew to see what they were doing. He saw them coming out of a gate with a ships steering wheel.
ďIt seems obvious to me we must look for the wheel. He takes off to search for the wheel.

Ben heads up the path a little sad to leave behind the ghost, but also realizing they hold him back.

Jay calls for everyone to come help look. They are still putting cards in order. Jay finds the wheel and clue. He realizes Christa must now head up the path to the Captains Quarters.

Ben Confessional: Carrying the wooden wheel up the path was hard. But I knew Christa was also carrying one.

They are both running up the hill full speed.

Host: The Pirates must find the Captains chambers, mount the wheel on a coat of arms and decipher a code which will tell them where Captain Steelís treasure is hid. They must also locate a locked metal box with a key inside they will need o unlock the final treasure.

Ben Confessional: I went inside to what looked like an old office of his. There was a large wooden plaque that the wheel fit on. To find my fortune you must align the wheel. After staring at the wheel for a while and not finding anything, Christa shows up. So Iím like neck and neck again.

Neither could figure out what it meant. Ben realized there were notches on the board. He aligned them and figured out it said the treasure was in the chest of Zanzibar.

Christa is looking on the table for clues.

Ben Confessional: Itís mind-blowing to think theyíve been staring at the chest every week not knowing there was a fortune in it. I realized I needed to take a heavy steel box without a key and head back to the ship. Ben starts off down the path.

Christa looks at the wheel and figures out what it says. (I wonder if Ben left the wheel as is or moved it?)

Ben said running down the mountain with a big steel box was like carrying a kid. ďI gripped it like a pregnant womanís belly. I know Christa would have a hard time with it. I wanted to make up every second I could.

Christa started walking down the mountain with the steel box.

Ben reaches his crew and asks someone to help carry the box. H e keeps running down the hill.

Host: The Pirates must now make their way down the trail, to the boats, and row back to the ship. The pirates must again leave their ghost and find their next clue in the chest of Zanzibar.

Christa finally makes it down the trail dragging her steel box.

John picks up the chest and heads down the trail.

The Black Crew makes it to the boat first.

Azmyth says they paddled like crazy back to the ship.

Ben realized he would have to figure out the last parts by himself.

When the Red crew reached the beach there was no other boat in site.
They started rowing.

Host: The Pirates must find brass puzzle pieces hidden inside of the chest and arrange them under the metal boxes to reveal the combination to the lock.

Ben starts pulling out all the drawers in the chest. He found the metal pieces and realized he must work the puzzle on the bottom of the box he brought back. I tried to piece them together, and then realized Christa was on board.

Christa found the drawer with the puzzle pieces and knew she still had a shot.

Ben moves near her to keep an eye on her. Ben realized there were two numbers.

He figured out the code was 1688, he punched the number into the combination lock on the metal box and it came undone. The top opened to reveal a small silver key.

Ben Confessional: The most beautiful key on the planet. And that was my destiny.
He unlocks the lid of the Chest of Zanzibar. Opens it, unlocks the flat panel to reveal the treasure.

Christa just sat and watched. She could do anything else.

Ben ran around the deck shouting and jumping. The Host looked on and smiled.

Ben hugs and thanks Christa; she wraps her legs around him and stay that way for quite a while.

Christa Confessional: She says through tears. Iím genuinely happy for Ben, I wish it had been me, but it wasnít to be. I can go home to my daughter who is my real treasure.

Ben shots the blunderbuss in victory.
Ben Confessional: Itís a lesson out there for everybody who been doubted by people. When youíre an underdog. Use it as fuel and prove the world wrong. Step up and show them the underdog. Ain;t the underdog anymore.
Iím mesmerized by the fact that Iím Pirate Master. Iím going to go home, put my feet up have a few brews and chill. Iím going to the beach, and surf. Iíll kick my feet up and not worry because I know I wonít have to worry from paycheck to paycheck.
He hugs the Host: Cameron and tells him heís the man.

Host: After enduring 15 grueling expeditions, using both his brawn and cunning, 23 year old Ben Fagan of South Carolina, has beat out 15 competitors to discover Captain Henry Steelís Treasure worth half a million dollars. He is now Ben Fagan, The Pirate Master

There was this at the end of the show:

In Memory of
Cheryl Lynn Kosewiz

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18. "RE: The Pirate Master!"
Thanks again for summarizing, kircon. Now I know how it all ended!

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08-28-07, 09:55 PM (EST)
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15. "RE: Pirate Master Episode 14 (Finale) Internet Spoiler Thread"
Ahhhhhh thanks for the summary. I'm sad that Christa didn't win. I truly liked her. Oh well. I'm never good at picking the winners lol.

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08-28-07, 10:15 PM (EST)
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17. "RE: Pirate Master Episode 14 (Finale) Internet Spoiler Thread"
I had alot of buffering problems and it took me forever to watch the finale. Now I am disappointed with the winner. I just never liked Ben. I too was hoping for Christa.
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08-29-07, 11:36 AM (EST)
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19. "RE: Pirate Master Episode 14 (Finale) Internet Spoiler Thread"
I didn't really like either of them but I liked Ben a little more. Cheryl brought up a point I had missed the entire time. She said something about Christa crying about wanting this money for her kid and if she needed the money so bad she could get a job. That point made me root against Christa. She is a stay at home mom which is nice if someone is out working but in her case she's divorced. Single mothers across the nation work their butts off supporting their kids so why does she deserve the money any more than the rest of them.

Okay sorry about the rant I'm done now.

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Loree 8616 desperate attention whore postings
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08-30-07, 10:18 AM (EST)
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21. "RE: Pirate Master Episode 14 (Finale) Internet Spoiler Thread"
I really wanted Jay to win. But when he was eliminated I started hoping for Christa just because I did not want Ben to win.
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08-28-07, 09:56 PM (EST)
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16. "RE: Pirate Master Episode 14 (Finale) Internet Spoiler Thread"
Thank you SO MUCH for doing all of this. You spent your whole day writing and summarizing! You made it so suspenseful by writing in parts. You're the greatest and it's much appreciated!

©Snidget Creations, 2007

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08-29-07, 12:46 PM (EST)
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20. "RE: Pirate Master Episode 14 (Finale) Internet Spoiler Thread"
Thank you very much Kircon, I really enjoyed your summary.

It was a strange way to end the show but not a bad idea, I thought. Jay did make a big mistake in keeping Ben over Louie for what was two very physical expeditions. Did anyone find it strange that the most sensible ghost speech seemed to come from John? No animosity or need for revenge but nicely stated for both contestants! Who knew?!! I liked Christa also but it seemed that the final expedition came down to Ben finding the clues faster than her, instead of a ghost being the deciding factor. That was good.

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Loree 8616 desperate attention whore postings
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08-30-07, 10:23 AM (EST)
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22. "RE: Pirate Master Episode 14 (Finale) Internet Spoiler Thread"
I think John was booted so early that he got out of the show before all the animosity started. He didn't stick around long enough to feel betrayed by a friend. He hardly even knew the final 3.

Joe Don reminded me how much I didn't like him. His speech about Christa was kind of creepy. And Azmyth just looked creepy. He must of been playing with Jupitor's eye paint.

Cheryl seemed to have a real chip on her shoulder. She was sure the final 3 were nasty people outside the game too. I think she took the game too seriously.

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08-31-07, 10:52 AM (EST)
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23. "RE: Pirate Master Episode 14 (Finale) Internet Spoiler Thread"
Cheryl seemed to have a real chip on her shoulder. She was sure the final 3 were nasty people outside the game too. I think she took the game too seriously.

Her post-game actions raise real questions about her stability, which might explain the chip on her shoulder.

RIP, Cheryl.

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08-31-07, 02:44 PM (EST)
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24. "RE: Pirate Master Episode 14 (Finale) Internet Spoiler Thread"
Let me add my voice to the chorus of appreciation Kircon! You did an outstanding job summarizing the webisodes and we all greatly appreciate it.

I also thought your tribute to Cheryl was touching. What a waste...

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11-16-07, 07:36 PM (EST)
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25. "RE: Pirate Master Episode 14 (Finale) Internet Spoiler Thread"
ooops....nothing to see here

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