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Pirate Master Fantasy Game Week 5 Entry/ Week 4 Results [View All]
[center][font size="+3"]Week 4 scoring[/font][/center] Ahoy mateys, we have a new leader, but the top three
59 messages
06-28-07 07:16 PM
Pirate Master - Ep. 5 - "It's Time to Vote" Thread
Just for the fun of it ... Who will be cut adrift in Week 5? THE RULES 1. Put the name of your choice for this week's pirate
Scarlett O Hara
8 messages
06-28-07 03:07 PM
Pirate Master PTTE: Wk 4 Results/Wk 5 List Changes
*ding – ding* Captain Longbraid calling all Pirates to mid-ship. Look sharp. Ye know the drill by now.
3 messages
06-26-07 07:45 PM
Pirate Master Episode 4 East Coast Spoiler Thread [View All]
Please keep sigpic free discussion of tonights episode of how to introduce a kind of immunity idol into a pirate-themed reality show until the west co
23 messages
06-26-07 12:34 PM
Pirate Master Episode 5: CBS Misdirection
[b]Two crews scavenge Blackjack Bay in search of the perfect hand. [/b] Is the "perfect hand" a land formation they need to find du
5 messages
06-25-07 09:58 AM
The Royal Pardon: buy-your-own-immunity.
So let's examine what we know (and think we know) about this thing, other than 'Isn't this kind of stupid? Whoever has the most money i
9 messages
06-22-07 02:54 PM
Pirate Master PTTE: Wk 3 Results/Wk 4 List Changes
*ding – ding* All Pirates to mid-ship. You know the drill by now. Here are the results: [center]http://www
4 messages
06-21-07 07:28 PM
Pirate Master Fantasy Game Week 4 Entry/ Week 3 Results [View All]
[center][font size="+3"]Week 3 scoring[/font][/center] Ahoy mateys, another fun week playing me fantasy game%
51 messages
06-21-07 07:28 PM
Pirate Master Episode 3 East Coast Spoiler Thread [View All]
Please keep all sigpic-free discussions about tonight's exciting exhibition of how [b]not[/b] to be a Captain by JD (or anyone else...%2
50 messages
06-21-07 05:20 PM
Be The... Pirate Master 1.3 [View All]
*ding*ding* Pirates midship! It's time to discuss morale. I hear we've been having lots of complaints? What's tha
42 messages
06-21-07 00:04 AM
Hoiw have the ratings been so far?
I am generally out of the TV loop, as I only watch Survivor, CSI and now PM. I saw an article that said the initial PM ratings stank. Have they
5 messages
06-15-07 11:44 PM
Pirate Mater Episode 4: CBS Misdirection
[b] As lingering outrage grows, one Pirate is out for the scalp of another.[/b] [b] A new treasure brings with it a shocking wrinkle i
2 messages
06-15-07 12:18 PM
Pirate Master Fantasy Game Week 3 Entry/ Week 2 Results [View All]
[center][font size="+3"]Week 2 Scoring[/font][/center] Ahoy mateys, welcome to a few new players playing me f
45 messages
06-14-07 09:00 PM
Pirate Master Fantasy Game Week 2 Entry/ Week 1 Results [View All]
[center][font size="+3"]Week 1 scoring[/font][/center] Ahoy mateys, we have a new season underway and quite a
56 messages
06-14-07 08:05 PM
Pirate Master PTTE: Wk 2 Results/Wk 3 List Change
*ding – ding* All Pirates to mid-ship. You know the drill by now. Ahoy maties! Captain Longbraid here. Here are th
5 messages
06-14-07 04:44 PM
Be The...Pirate Master 1.2 [View All]
*ding*ding* Stop polishing your knobs, quit hoisting your jibs, all pirates midriff! Now! Er. Mid-Ship! Now! F
41 messages
06-14-07 04:31 PM
Roving Reports - The UnOfficial Pirate Master Ep. 1 Summary
[font size=3][b][center]The Entirely UnCopied UnPlagiarized UnOfficial Summary of[/center][/b][/font] [font siz
10 messages
06-13-07 05:31 PM
Pirate Master Episode 3: CBS Misdirection
[b] The Pirates are growing tired of the current Captain’s reign. Is mutiny on the horizon? [/b] [b] One Pirate resorts
6 messages
06-13-07 04:20 AM
Be The...PirateMaster... [View All]
...a dialouge game. I figured that with the talking like a pirate (always a good time) and the interesting diversity of characters/pi
62 messages
06-12-07 03:30 PM
Chenbot makes Daddo walk the plank!
Three Faces of McMahon ds/User_files/46110b140cab70d0.jpg [font size=1]Cyg's 3
5 messages
06-12-07 07:47 AM
May 31st episode.... [View All]
First of all, I coudn't believe all that had happened, and it was only 22 minutes into the show....that's a good thing. John did ge
28 messages
06-10-07 02:52 AM
Ep. 2 Spoiler Thread
Here are a couple of vidcaps I found over at Survivoraddicts: First, it appears that at some point, Azmyth will become Captain. Cher
Scarlett O Hara
14 messages
06-08-07 05:11 PM
Using officers for alliance destruction.
There are going to be times when a new captain is better off choosing their enemies to be officers instead of their friends. [i]Officers don't
9 messages
06-08-07 04:08 PM
Pirate Master Episode 2, East Coast Spoiler Thread [View All]
Please keep all discussions of tonight's episode here until at least Midnight EDT
51 messages
06-08-07 12:38 PM
Be The... Pirate Master 1.1 [View All]
*ding*ding* Ahoy you ... you ... you . p p p ppp p i pi pire... I just can't. Okay big breath. Ahoy you ... enthusiastic yet
106 messages
06-07-07 07:40 PM
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