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Official The Casino #5 Summary
[h2]You Gotta Know When to Fold ‘Em[/h2] I come from a long line of gamblers. My grandmother cheats at cards. My father squande
10 messages
06-20-21 05:56 PM
Hiding in plain FOX
If I should ever become an internationally wanted criminal, I'm heading directly for the Golden Nugget. It's a foolproof plan. They'll ident
5 messages
07-10-16 03:56 PM
VIDCAPS: Assorted The Casino sample vidcaps
The following is just a random assortment of some quick vidcaps that I took of tonight's Episode 1 broadcast... mainly just because The Casino is th
1 messages
02-22-16 06:47 PM
Love me some Monique
I just want to run through the casino naked with her hand in hand laughing at Tommy as we do! I.HEART.MONIQUE http:/
2 messages
02-22-16 06:44 PM
Tommy the dealer boy
I've been acquainted with a few people who have dealt cards in casinos. None of them have meetings with the owners of the casino or the director of
Rockytop Chick
4 messages
02-22-16 06:44 PM
The Casino Ep 6 (?) Summary
In which FOX decides to test-drive its brand-new [link: ory.php?s=2717|reality channel] by r
9 messages
02-22-16 06:43 PM
The Casino - Episode 4 Summary
[b][font size=4]The Casino - Episode 4 Summary: No Mickey Mouse, We Got Beat by the House[/b][/font] A quick refr
Bucky Katt
5 messages
02-22-16 06:42 PM
The Casino Episode 7 Summary!
Whole new week, same shitty show: The Casino Ep7 summary Or This is what I signed up for?: The Casino Ep7 Summary %
7 messages
02-22-16 06:41 PM
Summary writer sign-up thread for FOX's The Casino [View All]
This thread is the episode summary writer sign-up thread for [ FOX's The Casino], which premiere
39 messages
02-22-16 06:40 PM
Same Drunken cowboy in two episodes??
So the show on 6/28 had the young, innocent girl come to town. She met a local pimp and almost got turned into a ho. She had a "job" where
Rockytop Chick
2 messages
02-22-16 06:39 PM
Pictures of TOM
Okay I know this might sound LAME, but I'm a really big fan of Tom and I wanted to know if anyone had any good pictures of him because I cant real
3 messages
02-22-16 06:38 PM
Tommy is just the kind of guy I really DISLIKE
1. He got the job through his Dad and is not a very good employee which is real 2. He thinks he's a major player in Vegas which, by the
13 messages
02-22-16 06:37 PM
trashy girls ep
[font color=teal] you know, it wasn't bad! i actually liked this ep. probably b/c that loser... what's his name? the pooper-sco
6 messages
02-22-16 06:34 PM
Ugliest.Prostitutes.Ever [View All]
Those were some FUGLY hookers at the Cottontail Ranch. I have seen better looking ho's on the street. http://community.r
22 messages
02-22-16 06:34 PM
TimTom to sell Golden Nugget
Gee. They had the odds the games naturally throw to the house, all those high rollers, national TV exposure, and Mark Burnett. And they still
3 messages
02-22-16 06:28 PM
Death Knell Week: Predict the viewership.
If that title looks familiar, it's because we did the same thing over on [b]Forever Eden[/b] before it went down. That time, FE was u
15 messages
02-22-16 06:27 PM
The Casino
The show is great as is Vegas on NBC. My significant other thinks there is an other casino show called American Casino which uses the green valley res
4 messages
02-22-16 06:25 PM
This show is SO fake but I love it anyway.
I believe I've seen the last 3 episodes (maybe more, I'm not sure) and I'm finding the surprises and "Oh my God" moments to be fake an
4 messages
02-22-16 06:21 PM
who IS the best casino? And the most honest?
I got burned a few times, and wonder if there IS a casino that is honorable, that pays good, and doesn't just milk your bank account with no w
2 messages
02-22-16 02:31 PM
Whatever happened to Matt Dusk?
Since he failed to sell himself out through reality television, he went to someone who'll purchase [i]any[/i] aspiring performer: Wal
2 messages
02-22-16 02:29 PM
Andy Bloch
I was watching The Casino tonight (nothing else on), and I watched the Card Counter story line. I heard the name "Andy Bloch" and I knew it
11 messages
02-22-16 02:29 PM
"Just say NO!" I'm so glad 'The Casino' is now gone. It had an eerie facinating quality. The time slot can now be filled with something
13 messages
02-22-16 02:27 PM
Fed up
Every time I turn around the have a re-run on Las Vegas. I can understand when the president is on or some award show, sometimes can be exceptable.
2 messages
02-22-16 02:23 PM
The Casino Series Premeire Summary
[font color=navy blue]With much fanfare, FOX has unveiled its latest reality show, [i][i]The Casino[/i][/i]. They were%2
12 messages
02-22-16 02:22 PM
Matt Dusk
I just went to Matt Dusk's website to see if he still works at The Nugget. Apparently not as he is touring Canada now. I found this paragraph inte
4 messages
02-22-16 02:21 PM
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