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That suspension ritual was pretty incredible!! LOL at Don licking his lips! I gotta say Eric is playing a damn good game, and Noel%
20 messages
07-10-16 04:23 PM
Next Week's Episode (Possible Spoiler)
NBC is notorious for giving away info during the preview for the next weeks episode. I think Sci Fi did it last night too. If you look closely when th
5 messages
02-02-16 01:54 PM
pictures of jaime from the show
Ive looked around and cant find any pictures of jaime the my brother knows her and i want to see what she looks like ect. i cant believe i
1 messages
05-04-15 04:49 PM
contacting the Alts?
Think it is possible? Do they have public emails or anything? Can be funny, come to think of it, a vampire computer nerd is fu
3 messages
05-04-15 03:04 PM
Does anyone know where can I download the episodes?
Since I missed a few episodes (6,7) I want to download them. Any links on where to download?
2 messages
05-04-15 03:03 PM
Mad Mad House 2 - other Alts?
hello fellow MMHers! to compensate for not being able to discuss the finale immediately with yout tonight (:'(), I thought I'd start a
16 messages
03-09-15 00:21 AM
Sneetch Made Me Watch Last Night
And I'm laughing to find all my ya yas lined up here, quaffing virtual blood, and chatting about the "Alts". The Marilyn Manson
6 messages
01-14-06 09:43 PM
Choose an Alt [View All]
I'm curious to know who you all would choose to spend a weekend with if given a chance. Art? Don? Ta'Shai? Fiona? Avocado
43 messages
01-14-06 09:41 PM
Historical Mistake [View All]
Just wanted to correct Fiona's mistake. Nineteen people did not die by hanging at Gallows Hill. It was eighteen. One was pressed to death. %
21 messages
01-14-06 09:34 PM
Who else here has a crush on Avacado?
I thought he was cute from the very first episode and then when I got to know his personallity I liked him even more.He's s
6 messages
12-31-04 01:58 PM
Unabashed Art adoration thread. [View All]
Go ahead. You know you want to.
30 messages
07-19-04 06:14 PM
News/Articles Season 2
I figured I'd go ahead and start an actual News thread where we can put any articles we find relating to Season 2. I found this on [lin
12 messages
05-08-04 09:33 PM
Official Summary, Mad Mad House Finale [View All]
[font size = 4][center]Mad Mad House Finale[/center][/font] [i]You know, I have watched a lot of 2 hour f
25 messages
05-08-04 12:58 PM
Did anybody record the 2 hour finale?
My son set up the VCR wrong. He told me he checked it so I did not check it. We are really bummed. Glad to compensate you for the tape to cover expens
0 messages
04-30-04 09:06 PM
Does Season 2 have the chance to match or surpass Season 1?
Assuming a Season 2, we stand to lose one major element: the surprise factor. The TOPs initially had [i]no[/i] idea what was going on%
1 messages
04-30-04 08:53 PM
The finale - 4/29 [View All]
Are we all watching?
50 messages
04-30-04 06:33 PM
Unfair challenge
I don't think Art's challenge was really fair to Nichole. I like Jamie, and I think she needed to win, but they were saying how she pulled a
1 messages
04-30-04 09:28 AM
I had to laugh at Fiona.....
When she did her Wiccan Ritual. At the end she chanted the Goddesses names. That chant is acually a song by a british Goth band called Inkubus Su
18 messages
04-28-04 01:44 PM
2-hr Finale
I just caught a preview on TV for the 2-hr finale. They should not be showing this preview so soon. But I think they jumped ahead. All the Alts hav
12 messages
04-28-04 01:16 PM
Official Mad Mad House Episode 8 Summary
[center][b][font size=3]Official Mad Mad House Episode 8 Summary[/font] [font size=4]Hangin’ With Mrs. Cooper[/fo
6 messages
04-26-04 11:47 AM
Who's gonna win?
[b]Nichole[/b], despite the negative things, is still being edited per the Alts very words as the odds on favorite. I think this probabl
17 messages
04-26-04 00:46 AM
Rate your faves! [View All]
Hello to my fellow Mad Mad house freaks! I absolutely adore this show! So, let's rate/rank/put in order/you get the idea our faves!
24 messages
04-23-04 01:11 PM
I forgot
I forgot to explain the title of my summary last week, As The Tables Turn. Plus it was already too long. But anyway... Now that there a
1 messages
04-22-04 10:28 AM
Art and Don
Are the two most perceptive Alts in the house. Fiona can't get over her Eric/Lonna love long enought to see they are conning her. Tashia seems t
6 messages
04-21-04 10:24 AM
Bonnie's Chat Transcript
MMHBonnie: Before we start, I want to thank everyone who wrote in after last week's show. Your messages meant a lot to me. I'm ready to take y
4 messages
04-20-04 01:43 PM
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