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Dr. Stan Conspicuously Keeping Low Profile?
Dr. Stan where are you? Are you living in the house with the ladies like you were last season? You seem to be keeping a very low-profi
7 messages
10-17-05 09:57 PM
Are you as disapointed as I am with the new season?
The coaches seem to have gone overboard with the "bad #####" attitude, the producers are really playing up the drama and manipulating
0 messages
10-17-05 11:26 PM
Are there REAL SO houses?
I think a Starting Over house situation would be good for me. Not very interested in doing a TV show though. I wonder if there i
16 messages
10-17-05 11:37 PM
Haven't Watched Can someone up date me
I tried to tape every show since Oct 6 when the women came in and every time it didn't work, will I've finally gotten it to work today so can an
0 messages
10-18-05 10:25 AM
What Is Going On
I have been watching SO since the 1st season, and now its seems like a soap opera. Where are they going to find some of these people. I feel that so
1 messages
10-18-05 11:48 AM
Who is your Favorite Housemate?
Kudos to Christina for saying "I didn't look up the definition of 'fat' or 'need to grow up' on the internet in front of Jill and Lisa,
17 messages
10-18-05 01:57 PM
2 messages
10-18-05 02:41 PM
new website
I hate the new starting over website. I like how the espisode guide told me everything i missed. I think starting over may be selling out a bit.
5 messages
10-18-05 03:39 PM
I am SO tired of the women crying that they want to go home.
Yes, starting all over again is a tough thing to do. The physical and emotional toll must be tremendous. That being said, I'm sick of seeing t
2 messages
10-18-05 08:35 PM
Oops, almost forgot
Not a survivor, but a conquerer. You can use that too (wink) :) I heard somebody say it, and use it cuz I liked it.
0 messages
10-18-05 08:59 PM
Rhonda is misinformed on ADHD
She stated that TJ wasn't heard as a child so she talks nonstop now. I have a niece and nephew with ADHD. We listen to them the same as we listen to
7 messages
10-18-05 09:30 PM
I feel a BOARD OF REVIEW comin!
MISS Jill didn't do her assignment to carry her baggage! MISS Lisa didn't set her own table!! Here we go ladies. Remember this show is a rea
3 messages
10-18-05 11:18 PM
I sense MAJOR tension in the SO house...
Has anyone else picked up on the feeling that there is no closeness or cameraderie between the housguests? Everyone seems to be on eggshells. In pas
3 messages
10-19-05 02:02 AM
Episode for 10/18/05
I just want to send encouragement to Christina and all the other Christina's out there...I am proud of her intelligence and strength and consider ev
1 messages
10-19-05 08:52 AM
For the ladies in the house giving Christina such a hard time, I guess I see why the did something childish like look up "prostitution" in front
2 messages
10-19-05 10:25 AM
Has anyone noticed that the subjects for the Starting Over contestants on the website are petty issues? I am turning 50 in wks and struggle with th
18 messages
10-19-05 01:01 PM
I think that the life coaches need to stay there good for the women. They make them open up and see what this women have been hinding from in there li
0 messages
10-19-05 04:41 PM
Past Guests MySpace Accounts...
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 10-19-05 AT 05:14 PM (EST)[/font] I did a search and couldn't find if these had already been po
0 messages
10-19-05 05:13 PM
House Guests
Hey remember the day they (the house guests) were on the computer? Do you guys think they look at this message board?
6 messages
10-19-05 07:12 PM
Todays show- Survival and Living 10/19/05
I am trying to remember- for the life of me what Iilanya (sp, sorry, dont mean to offend) said today during their meeting- about surviving and
5 messages
10-19-05 11:52 PM
Livin' inside the BOX
Can u believe TJ lived in that box for 2 hours????? I raised a son with ADHD and that would not have been possible for him! That box would
8 messages
10-20-05 10:57 AM
10-19-05 Christine
Christine seems to be just a very fragile child living in the shell of a young wife and mother. She has yet to hit rock bottom because she is just now
4 messages
10-20-05 12:04 PM
the whole show
for the last 3 days ......... this whole show has really stopped amusing me! i don't know how much more BS i can handle!
2 messages
10-20-05 04:55 PM
This mans perspective
Ladies I just wanted to say thanks you. I am 45 year old man who is a survivor of sexual abuse as a child. I have recently begun counseling and confro
3 messages
10-20-05 05:03 PM
I'm in pain, PEOPLE!
I love Jill. I think she will be dragged, kicking and screaming, into her life and I fell like I might benefit from it. As I have ment
0 messages
10-20-05 05:15 PM
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