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Break into house
Missed that info what where how who when give people
0 messages
01-06-06 12:56 PM
These exercises are NOT real life!
I get so frustrated when watching them do some of their exercises. Today Rhonda has Kim creating the doll house then proceeds to tear it apart. Rhon
39 messages
01-06-06 04:36 PM
With which houseguest would you least wanna live?
Christina and Jessica have traits that irritate me, but I think that in general, I'd be OK with being housemates with either of them. %0
24 messages
01-06-06 07:19 PM
Nyuk Nyuk Nyuk
Just saw the repeat where Nyuk Nyuk (Iyanla) kept telling them that there would one less allowed in the lifeboat until there was only room for one
19 messages
01-06-06 07:45 PM
Talk to me about Doc Stan!!!
Dr. Stan is in desperate need of a makeover...what's with the 5 o'clock shadow at 8 in the morning? How can I find my "inner self" with a m
1 messages
01-06-06 11:15 PM
Allison and drinking
Does she really drink that must or is the show being edited to make it look that way...Just like last year and Sommer eating junk food and Josie aways
1 messages
01-07-06 10:10 PM
Starting Over:
Those women man they have got it made it seems that they don't have to worry about there bills at home nothing imagine that. I really want to comen
18 messages
01-07-06 11:07 PM
Missed a Show? Get the Summary.
Hey everyone, I don't know if this has been posted anywhere, forgive me if it has, but I found this blog that has the summary for each show.
1 messages
01-08-06 09:31 PM
I found this post on another site, thought people in LA might be interested. I received this e-mail from Rhonda's Fearless Living Insti
3 messages
01-09-06 09:33 PM
Help from Southren Californians
Does anyone on this message board watch Starting Over on NBC 5 Los Angeles? I want to know if your broadcast signal has been bad. Mine has? Thanks
2 messages
01-09-06 06:26 PM
Did anyone go to the 5K?
I wanted to stop by the SO 5K walk in Encino, CA, but I got stuck at work. Did anyone go? If so, let's have details!
4 messages
01-10-06 03:05 AM
Where can i find recaps of the show?
Where can i find recaps? Can someone assist? David
2 messages
01-10-06 03:21 AM
The Cast leaving
I will miss Allison and Jessica a lot. I have been following Starting Over since it's second season but I was able to go back and find the first on
2 messages
01-10-06 05:59 AM
Life Coach
I wonder how they decide which woman is assigned to their Life Coach. In most cases in works out perfect. However I think last year Sommer might
15 messages
01-10-06 07:51 AM
TJ ' s gotta go ..she's being a B****
I think what TJ did on today's show (Jan 10th 2006) was wrong by being a drama queen, who cares if the girls bought wine get over it! and sh
2 messages
01-10-06 01:59 PM
Christina laughing, what is wrong with the show this year.
Hi all, this is my first post on this forum. I used to post on the Starting over forum when they had one. I wanted to ask you all if any
5 messages
01-10-06 02:59 PM
TJ says "Ive never swept and mopped this my entire lifetime!"
What the heck?! You can't tell me in the 2 months she's been there that she's done more there than in her ENTIRE LIFE?!! I hope not%
0 messages
01-10-06 03:31 PM
Is it just me or is TJ extreamly Annoying. Jill should of given her the smack down. As my daughter would say. "she works my nerves!"
1 messages
01-10-06 04:27 PM
I don't think Rhonda likes T.J.
I felt so sad for Tj today. They never sit around and mock Lisa with her language and attitude. That is TJ's personality and that can not change
26 messages
01-10-06 06:36 PM
Normally, I love Iyanla, BUT
This time I was sooo peooed with her because I couldn't get the gist of the new Lisa's story because Iyanla interrupted far too much...just becaus
0 messages
01-10-06 08:03 PM
SO Blog
I have been reading a great blog of the SO episodes (I don't get to watch). Today it is gone...anyone know of another or why this one asks for a
1 messages
01-10-06 10:23 PM
Do Cast Members read these?
I certainly hope cast members don't read these posts. They could be more damaging than being exploited by the show. For whatever it is w
1 messages
01-10-06 10:24 PM
Christina's original artwork
Well, I saw a thread on this subject in the individual houseguest forum that was locked (I guess because it was in the wrong forum?). I reall
4 messages
01-11-06 07:27 AM
IV Says That All Women...
I disagree with Iyanla that all women have been hurt by a man. Surely to God there are some women who have not been hurt by a man. But I have be
7 messages
01-11-06 09:22 AM
wondering out loud about the show now.
1. I wonder who Christina will hang out with now since she only tried to be friends with Allison or Jessica. 2. Without Allison around to c
5 messages
01-11-06 10:04 AM
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