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Conferences Starting Over General Discussion Forum (Protected)
Sort Topics by..... ID | Topic | Author | Date Discussion Information has NBC feedback now
I wish all of you would use the NBC feeback comments area on the starting over website. NBC needs to know that Iyanla and Rhonda are failing these wom
1 messages
10-25-05 07:06 AM
Do "Life Coaches" in "Real Life" Assigning Degrading and Humiliating Assignments to Their Clients In Order For Them To "Get it"!?
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 10-22-05 AT 03:28 PM (EST)[/font] Are the assignment that REALITY TV life coaches assign ( such
29 messages
10-25-05 08:01 AM
Iyanla and Rhonda are bitter and mean---Survey???
1 messages
10-25-05 08:10 AM
Smoking, Drinking, Talk About STUFFING Your Feelings.....
Today is the first day that I really noticed the drinking and the smoking, i.e.; Jessica. I am really surprised that the LC's haven't said an
0 messages
10-25-05 01:17 PM
Adulthood 101
When asked the difference between an adult and a child, one of the housemates responded by saying something on the order that an adult is self-suffi
1 messages
10-25-05 09:46 AM
Read the Life Coaches' Minds or You won't Graduate!
WTF?! This season seems to be about how well you can read the life coaches minds and guess what they want you to do! What, are they being trai
0 messages
10-25-05 02:59 PM
Just a lil sumthin
I am new to this board and have been watching the show since the very first season. I don't know about anyone else but I have learned so much about
6 messages
10-25-05 03:30 PM
What happened on todays episode? Why was Christina upset w/ Jessica?
I missed the show today =( Can anyone recap please?
0 messages
10-25-05 04:30 PM
What HG would you have the most trouble with?
If you lived in the house - really lived there - who do you think you would have the most trouble with? For me it would be Christina and
10 messages
10-25-05 04:44 PM
Whats with the volleyball net??
What is up with that, first Rhonda wants them to work as a team, gives them a deadline, and then takes Lisa away and IV takes Jill. How can they
18 messages
10-25-05 04:49 PM
I don't get some of the exercises!
Am I the only one that feels confused about some of these "significant" exercises that the HG's have been given. I'm still not sure that I ge
9 messages
10-25-05 05:59 PM
Women in Review - has your opinions changed about them?
I was struck by todays ep. It made me change some of my notions about the women and I thought it might be interesting to see what others think themsel
21 messages
10-25-05 06:53 PM
Life Coaches Favorites
Last year I had the impression that Rhonda really bonded most with Josie and Cassie. Iyanla seemed to bond with Rachel,Towanda and Kim..%0
1 messages
10-25-05 07:12 PM
I do not *GET* Dr. Stan!
K, i still, after 3 seasons, Do not *get* Dr. Stan. TJ was "motivated", "vulnerable" with him in today's session, and appeare
13 messages
10-25-05 08:48 PM
Wow, as I watched I was very pleased with the way the LC's were able to get it out in the open, the lack of communication and all of the back bi
23 messages
10-25-05 10:03 PM
Iyanla's "tear closeup" in the opening credits. Yuck!
What's up with Iyanla's closeup, with the tear coming down her face, in the opening credits? It bugs me, and it looks really self indulge
25 messages
10-25-05 10:52 PM
Board of Review
I was so glad that the coaches gave the housemates a C. It should be a wakeup to them all. Allison made me sick with all of her "advice" before th
2 messages
10-26-05 00:23 AM
Chat Room
Does anyone know of a chat room that is for Starting Over? Would love to get online and talk "in person" about some of the things that are discu
8 messages
10-26-05 08:00 AM
Judgmental People!
I don't understand why you all have to be so judgmental against these poor women!!! They don't have any
1 messages
10-26-05 10:31 AM
Injuries on the show?
Yesterday Christina had an ice pack on her left shoulder, and today they show her laying on her bed with a heating pad and TJ has a splint on her ri
0 messages
10-26-05 11:32 AM
Missing 10-20's show
Does anyone know why the show was pre-empted from the Orlando, FL (WESH 2 TV) on Thursday? They broadcast "Ellen" in it's place, inste
7 messages
10-26-05 11:32 AM
SO HGs compared to Stepford wives?
Allie is right on Q as she smiles her life away. I've noticed if you're good when you get to the SOH there must be a bad reason for it. But if you
1 messages
10-26-05 01:20 PM
10-25 Episode
Jill: I first thought her exercise was so lame! Writing on a mannequin - stupid. But when they started to dress it with the clothes in the bagga
27 messages
10-26-05 01:38 PM
The Show is starting to Bore me.
I really used to like the show,but now it just seems to fake and its really boring me. Allison's lesson day kinda made me upset. The fact is she
4 messages
10-26-05 02:33 PM
They all might NEED help but they dont all Want it!
bottom line!
brown eyed angel
0 messages
10-26-05 03:36 PM
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