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BBWhatIf?: Week 7 ds/User_files/445ef9f67a971634.gif [font size = 0]Just a reminder that this
40 messages
06-25-06 08:14 PM
I'm Ben, i live in London, U.K. Our BB is on right now!! NIKKI TO WIN
1 messages
06-27-06 04:10 PM
Auto voters
is anyone using them? I have been on other sites and some say they aren't counting some say they are. Im lazy and using 1 or 10, lol.
2 messages
06-27-06 04:26 PM
1 messages
06-30-06 10:03 AM
BBWhatIf?: Week 8 ds/User_files/445ef9f67a971634.gif [font size = 0]Just a reminder that this game
32 messages
07-01-06 08:00 PM
Canadians Can Vote
Or at least pretend they are Americans online. Go vote! Or don't vote and have the pleasure of blaming the final choices on your American friends%
Canada Girl
8 messages
07-03-06 11:42 PM
Who to pick?
Ok. I've only been watching BB for two seasons. From those seasons, I'd like to see: Nakomis, James, Diane (I kn
76 messages
07-05-06 04:15 PM
BigBrotherRealityAptitudeTest 3! Week1 entry
[center]http://community.realitytvworld- com/boards/User_files/44a4c21f634a7c52.gif[/center] [font size = %2
22 messages
07-06-06 05:18 PM
BB All-Star PTTE: Official Signup Thread
... and PreSeason CastingCouch Bonus! [center]http://community.realitytvworld- com/boards/User_files/449bb0e6638d93f7.gif%
34 messages
07-06-06 05:48 PM
This is a spoiler-free zone
Please do not discuss what is (or isn't) happening on the live feeds until after the show has aired in the Fanatics forum. Until it airs on the
0 messages
07-09-06 08:58 AM
Big Brother Recap
I found a site that recaps everything for you with screenshots and stuff. The author is pretty funny so if you're interested, check this out if u
4 messages
07-09-06 10:04 PM
Will........Not so cute a little more mature??
Is it me or is Will cocky without the likability factor this year? He has more of that too cool to live personna. I wonder if he was put up by BB
32 messages
07-10-06 08:38 PM
Mike boogys attempt to "show" kayser up.
Mike boogy: “I don’t understand why america is so in love with kayser what’s the big deal about kayser why does everybody love kayser……%
2 messages
07-11-06 08:03 PM
Who Played The Best Game and Why??
I'm interested in knowing how others would respond to this. Between BB1 Eddie, BB2 Will BB3 Lisa BB4 Jun BB5 Drew and BB6 Maggie I would say%
7 messages
07-11-06 09:55 PM
Why do I love Will Kirby
He's smokin hot Those shorts are smokin hot two Did I mention he's smokin hot He's pretty freakin smart %0
14 messages
07-12-06 10:09 PM
what do you think about allison? personally i hated her and im on janelles side. i kind of thinks she funny from watching last night and all of her
3 messages
07-13-06 10:49 AM
BB All Stars Dream Cast
My "Dream" cast would be the following: 1) Alison 2) Dana 3) Diane 4) Holly (for sh#$s and giggles)
8 messages
07-13-06 10:58 AM
Conflicting HOH Scenario
I'm way to caught up in BB. I was thinking last night what would happen if there was a HOH from say Kaysar.....and an anti BB6
6 messages
07-13-06 12:44 PM
BBRAT3: Week 2 Entry
[center]http://community.realitytvworld- com/boards/User_files/44ae22f13e5aa109.gif[/center] Welcome back all of you j
22 messages
07-13-06 07:34 PM
BBWhatIf?: Final 3. ds/User_files/445ef9f67a971634.gif Final week folks. %
40 messages
07-14-06 04:45 AM
What's up with Jase?
I despised him in BB5, and I didn't want him to make the All-Stars. But I actually find myself liking him now. Do I need an intervention? %
18 messages
07-14-06 10:24 AM
guess what
big brother is on in 30 minutes whoo hoo :)
1 messages
07-14-06 12:07 PM
Where is HouseCalls?
The CBS site says that it started on July 7th and that it's on Daily at 1 eastern and 10 pacific. But it's never on. The site also says
2 messages
07-14-06 12:49 PM
is it just me or does it not seem as great this year... i dont think there isnt or wont be much drama, and thats what makes the show interesting...h
4 messages
07-15-06 02:38 PM
Janielle - Ugh
Janielle gets on my freaking nerves. She has so got to go. I am a very anti-Sov 4 person. But she especially gets on my nerves. And what I don't
37 messages
07-15-06 02:59 PM
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