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Bunky had sex with Monica!
I just saw this in a message over at - Click on the link to see the picture of Bunky having sex with Monica (I didn't want to post
11 messages
08-19-01 08:35 PM
remaining episodes...
sat. aug 25....5 hamsters. hoh nominates 2 booties tue. aug and rehash thu. aug 30....1 booted. 4 hamsters left
0 messages
08-23-01 04:09 AM
Hardy wins HOH
Thats what the feeds are indicating. Kismet said in chat though that a banner says that Bunky and Hardy took the money, so maybe B will get voted o
4 messages
08-24-01 01:16 AM
Will only needs ONE vote (spoilers)
On the last live broadcast, I seem to recall Julie explain the rules of how the winner is picked. She said the remaining houseguests would vote,
5 messages
09-03-01 10:40 PM
Best Line of the show
Monica is my new best friend! -Will ----------------------- "So what are my chances of honest advances I'd say low Bet
0 messages
09-05-01 05:27 PM
Nicole and her web site...
Nicole has a hard copy of the home page of the below Nicole fan site: scom.html %
7 messages
09-06-01 09:25 AM
Official Picks Till the End
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 08-19-01 AT 09:31 PM (EST)[/font] Since the weekly evictions have gotten predictable due to all t
Mumbo Jumbo
24 messages
09-06-01 07:26 PM
Do the House Guests Know About New York
I read a report that CBS has informed the HG of the attack. Has anyone seen this and how is Monica handling it. [FONT FACE="Verdana%2
2 messages
09-13-01 12:14 PM
a modest proposal...
after BB1...i promised i'd never watch this abomination again...but they tricked me...and i did...but never again...never ever never never never nev
1 messages
09-21-01 10:46 AM
I love Will
I want his kids. He is playing the game so well, it is amazing. He knows its a game, he hasn't let personal feelings get that much to him. He
1 messages
09-24-01 08:52 PM
Lady T - this one's for you
Dr. Will Kirby explains how he lied and boasted his way to victory on the CBS reality show... He's a liar, he's arrogant, and
4 messages
09-27-01 10:38 AM
Hey Lady T - here's another one for you!!
SECRETS OF BIG BROTHER WINNER BIG BROTHER winner Will Kirby proudly admits he lied, connived and manipulated his way to the $500,000
1 messages
11-19-01 07:30 PM
''BB2'''s Mike Boogie and Will shop screenplays
Adam Sandler, for one, has taken a meeting ''Big Brother 2'''s Mike ''Boogie'' Malin is far too savvy to let an old
1 messages
11-27-01 05:30 PM
Reasons why I love this show.
1) If I could make this any more obvious... (sigh) I have been trying to get my point across all damn day!! I am the O
1 messages
12-09-01 09:59 PM
Any info on BB3?
I was just wondering if anyone had any info on BB3? I know Survivor is starting so soon, i am just waiting for when Big Brother is going to start.
3 messages
02-21-02 05:41 PM
Big Brother 3 Returns
CBS Gives Brother Another Try Maybe the third time will be the charm for Big Brother. CBS announced Tuesday that it's bringing the tepidl
1 messages
02-27-02 08:10 PM
CBS announces plans for BB3, starts taking apps...
Check it out: /bb2news.shtml#1014783748
6 messages
03-17-02 12:54 PM
big brother 3 (Help, Help)
I need help on the 2 minute vdeo that must be sent in with the application. Any Ideas I have 1 week. I ideas will be reviewed thanks alot>>>.
hope locklear
0 messages
03-24-02 02:11 AM
TV Show Looking for Singles between 21 and 36
CASTING CALL Wanna be the star of a new TV Show? It’s simple, it’s LoveCrime™: >> Find your soul mate >%3
4 messages
04-17-02 10:15 PM
Live Feeds?
They were pretty successful last year, weren't they? There's no chance of them being free then I guess. Anyone hear anything about them?
3 messages
05-05-02 11:19 PM
Big Brother Fans Unite
Ok, I'm a little concerned here...why are there only 45 posts total in this Big Brother Fanatic Board? I haven't been at Blows long enough to
8 messages
05-07-02 11:24 PM
BB exchange program !!!
I have watched a few eps of the current, inaugural version of BB Mexico. Today, Endemol, the show's producer is doing something very interesti
6 messages
05-24-02 09:22 PM
Just saw our first ad for BB3
Anyone see anything of interest in it. We are trying to decide if we should get ourselves hooked on this one (were very embarrassed to admit how fas
Canada Girl
3 messages
05-29-02 10:32 AM
My Tribute To Chilltown
I may be the only one here beside Survivorerist that likes Mike Malin and Chilltown, but I don't care--I gotta represent! Mike "B
5 messages
06-05-02 11:21 PM
One more set of hamsters returns to the house! But no word yet on casting... ml?2621
16 messages
06-07-02 10:47 AM
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