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What should Dana do?
So Dana is the new HOH... actually, she has the ability to make things interesting (although she probably won't). I'm sure the original alli
11 messages
07-25-03 12:04 PM
[font color=navy blue]Eleven years isn't really to much of a spread when it comes to true love is it? He's dreamy. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm.
14 messages
07-25-03 06:50 PM
fantasy league
Is anyone else having trouble logging into the fantasy league results from last night? I keep getting the message that its a blackout period.
0 messages
07-26-03 11:03 AM
So there is a redeeming quality to this season, last night made it for me. Robert, Justin, and Jee with their "It will be a unanimous vote ag
7 messages
07-28-03 01:43 PM
The summary is up :)
The summary is up in Bashers if anyone wants to read it. :) ds/DCForumID9/323.shtml#
0 messages
07-28-03 07:27 PM
My fault, Spidey - it won't happen again.
Gosh, I am truly sorry for posting "spoiler" info here. I did not understand the concept of this board versus the spoiler board. Las
2 messages
07-29-03 05:42 PM
2 messages
07-30-03 10:52 AM
Hello bb fans me again....
To all the bb fans sorry for my caps earlier. I use them at times do to the fact I have a heard times reading small print. So please for give me.%0
3 messages
07-30-03 11:35 AM
Returning Houseguest.
Does anyone know if they are going to use the same method they did for last year? (Letting Amy return to the BB House) Will they do that this ye
5 messages
07-30-03 12:25 PM
Thoughts on the "jury".
I read on another board that folks think the 7 jury members are going to be at each other's throats while sequestered. I think they assume that the
2 messages
07-30-03 01:52 PM
Psyco killer, quest que c'est...
Scott went nuts! Who else is glad he's gone because he's totally nuts and whiny ("I love you Amanda,:'( boo hoo."), but sad to
Call Me Crazy
2 messages
07-30-03 02:38 PM
More info please!
Did anyone else find the booting of Scott a bit abrupt? One minute he's there, the next he's gone. I know we were all expecting it, but damn
Canada Girl
5 messages
07-30-03 02:43 PM
Do they have an extra week?
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 07-31-03 AT 04:43 AM (EST)[/font] ...because of the Scott boot out in Week One? And what will t
Canada Girl
1 messages
07-31-03 07:01 AM
Nathan is one dumb SOB
This cowboy shattered the original alliance so that he could save Ali?What's in it for him?Handjobs?Getting jiggy under the covers?He is d
14 messages
07-31-03 12:51 PM
RAG BB Leg: Results Wk Two/Entry Wk Four
Week Two scores are in and there's been quite a few changes in the standings. You can still join if you wish to play this game. Let's t
27 messages
07-31-03 07:11 PM
Strategy ?
When they played the game for the power of veto, the ex's knew that they needed to win it. With this in mind, why didn't they join up and
1 messages
07-31-03 07:46 PM
I'm glad Dana shook things up....
I am glad she did. I think this show would have gotten extremely boring if everything went according to plan. Now because of what she's done, the
4 messages
08-01-03 11:40 AM
IHow about a veto change?
Has anyone any thoughts about a change in the use of the veto? What if only the HOH and the two voted for elimination could compete
4 messages
08-01-03 08:22 PM
Hello to all - Dana's chess game won't work?
Hello to all BB fans - My first post in this forum and I just want to say hey. Hey! What do you all think of Dana's nominations? Good
6 messages
08-02-03 02:08 PM
Big Brother Fanatics Love List 4.3
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 07-28-03 AT 08:42 AM (EST)[/font] [font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON
7 messages
08-02-03 06:40 PM
Any Surprises?
Are we going to see an America's Choice again this year? Also, will they be bringing in any surprise guest stars? I can't imagine being co
7 messages
08-02-03 11:21 PM
i was just wonder if anyone knows the answer to my question. What days to the events in the house take place? not when they are shown,
2 messages
08-03-03 05:01 PM
Name those Houseguests
I always like this thread and since no one else has started it and it's getting close to reveal I thought I'd get it going. I'm going
15 messages
08-05-03 01:25 PM
Big Brother Online 5
That time has come for the 5th installment of the hit online reality series, "Big Brother Online". We're looking for 12 fun, ecce
2 messages
08-05-03 08:36 PM
Real Big Brother Fan Here.
I am one of the bigest BB fans here. I have not miss a show yet from the get go. But I am new to the posting. I hope to fine more BB fans like me here
1 messages
08-05-03 10:25 PM
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