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BB3 CBS Fantasy Game
Wondering where everyone is in the standings. Is anyone from here in the top 100? I have 877 currently!! Come on, what%2
Drive My Car
20 messages
09-04-02 11:22 AM
Oh Jason How I love thee - Let me Count the Ways
Oh Jason Does anyone not absolutely adore this guy? He is so beautiful ds/User_file
10 messages
09-04-02 10:19 PM
Dani's strategy
Some people have questioned Dani's strategy and have even tried to attack her character. However, that woman is playing this game like it is supp
5 messages
09-05-02 11:19 AM
Might Just Be a Nasty Rumor
I don't know if this is true~I read it on another BB3 board but supposedly Danielle had already split up with Javier prior to the show and she onl
LaineyBug 24
3 messages
09-05-02 04:10 PM
who does marcellas think he is
What makes marcy think he's should be counseling amy or anyone else about their behavior. Up until this evening's nomination I have enjoyed Marce
12 messages
09-06-02 10:00 AM
I could be completely wrong but.....
I could be completely wrong and off base about this but is it wrong to be rooting for Lisa ? In the beginning I so wanted Dani to win but I'm chan
LaineyBug 24
10 messages
09-06-02 10:03 AM
Last HOH Comp, Whos Next and Amy
I do not believe Danielle wanted to win HOH. I think she deliberately answered incorrectly once she knew Jason would be the winner. It%0
14 messages
09-08-02 06:19 PM
Roddy has been screwed
I've never been a Roddy fan this year. Personally, I've been rooting for Lisa. However, I thought Roddy had every reason to be reallly pisse
16 messages
09-10-02 02:41 PM
Big Brother Popularity List V 3.8
Gosh, I almost forgot that we've lost another House-Guest in the past week! My list keeps flip-flopping every week, simply because most of th
1 messages
09-10-02 11:00 PM
How 'bout you read the live feeds and then tell us again about this unspoken alliance? What are you basing this assumption on? The fact that Da
24 messages
09-11-02 01:54 PM
Unspoken Alliance - Part II
If you are going to ban me, I might as well go out with a bang. I want everyone who opens this to read the comments from Rayak first and then read
5 messages
09-12-02 09:22 AM
from the gotmilk spokesperson
How did I get assigned this tag? Not that I mind, mind you I'm just wondering if there's any money in it. Should I walk around s
6 messages
09-12-02 04:54 PM
hey...I missed the end of tonights 2 hour episode. Cans omeone please tell me who got the golden veto and if they used it and who got voted out?
2 messages
09-13-02 08:32 AM
The UNSPOKEN alliance
Listen guys, we have to now bring up the unspoken alliance between Marci and Dani, and of course it is the Black alliance. It already started when
11 messages
09-13-02 11:52 AM
About the schedule
Survivor starts next week (Thurs Sept 19th) The past year, the two shows were never on at the same time. Plus, they are both i
5 messages
09-13-02 01:34 PM
Iron Chef meets BB3!
Hey RED LADY! Did you catch what the first item was in the Food Competition? It was sea-urchin-roe, or UMI! We need to get the BB3 housegue
2 messages
09-16-02 07:09 AM
Big Brother Popularity List V 3.9
Well, another tough week for the Houseguests, and for fans of the show, as it plummets with a stupid "Gross-Out" food competition that we se
10 messages
09-17-02 03:42 PM
Danni cheating for HOH???
Has anyone heard anything about Danielle possibly looking at Jason for the right answer for HOH?
9 messages
09-19-02 11:16 AM
anyone else looking for less recap more interaction
It seems too much time is spent recapping the previous Big Brother and not enough time is spent showing what goes on. Wasn't there ever
1 messages
09-19-02 09:48 PM
Last Night's Evicted HGs
I loved the piece on Lori. Her boyfriend looked like Larry from Three's Company and her home decor was priceless. All that pink and green frou frou
LaineyBug 24
1 messages
09-20-02 12:47 PM
Critical Big Brother Fantasy Game week
OK folks, it's here... the first week where no matter what you do you've going to have to have one of the eviction nominees on your team..
10 messages
09-20-02 03:31 PM
The Finale is just 4 days away!
With the Finale just 4 days away I am getting very excited. I can't wait to see the piece on Chiara tonight and how she reacts to everyones critcism
2 messages
09-22-02 09:00 AM
Danielle is screwed... YEAH!
Did you get the look on Danielle's face when Jason said that he voted for Amy to be evicted. Dani must have realized the implications by that STUPI
6 messages
09-22-02 06:00 PM
Amy vs. Chiara
We need to set them up on Fox Celebrity Boxing. By the way, who actually started the fighting between the two of them. I don't have the live fee
4 messages
09-23-02 01:20 PM
Where Can I Find the AMC 900 number ?
I didn't have enough time to write down the 900 number given at the end of Saturday's BB, and I want to vote. Does anyone have it?
3 messages
09-23-02 02:30 PM
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