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This is a spoiler-free zone
Until 11 pm EDT, please do not discuss tonight's show on Fanatics or Bashers. Here's a link to the East Coast Spoiler Thread where you can post
0 messages
09-13-05 07:54 PM
Sex in the Big Brother House
I had a question, I recall hearing that during season four two HG's had sex together, who were the two HG's? and what were the circumstances
5 messages
09-14-05 10:03 AM
Where will Kaser End Up After The Show?
How much work do you think Kaser will get after the show ends? I just watched a re-run of blind date and "Howie" was on that episode. I think h
5 messages
09-14-05 11:28 AM
Why Janelle?
How come so many people are saying that Janelle is so much better than the "the 3 witches"? If I am not mistaking Janelle came on the show with
25 messages
09-14-05 12:59 PM
Twist on winning the million?
I thought I read somewhere that some kind of twist could enable the winner to walk away with the million. I think this possibility has already been me
3 messages
09-14-05 01:04 PM
I really think dat JANEL should of been dah first perosn off dah show cause she's sneaky and kniving so i mean why HOWEY cause he's black???
5 messages
09-14-05 01:13 PM
Sigh... Howie's Lightsaber
Can't believe I'm posting this, stupid Howie... grumble. Ok, my husband saw Howie's lightsaber, and now he [b]and[/b] my son wan
Canada Girl
3 messages
09-14-05 03:02 PM
Question.. but I'm confused where to post it
I posted a question in the live feed forum (since the answer would have been from a live feed viewer) but it was locked. When Maggie th
3 messages
09-14-05 03:36 PM
If April, Ivette, Jen, or Maggie walked into a bar I was in ....
0 messages
09-15-05 04:33 AM
April's Gone
Ding dong one of the witches is gone, but before she left she got a clue! Ever since the "Friendship" officially formed it was obvious that Ap
3 messages
09-15-05 03:53 PM
If Janelle, Kaysar or James walked into a bar I was in ....
I would buy them a drink or 2.
5 messages
09-16-05 05:54 AM
Where can I find transcripts from Housecalls?
1 messages
09-16-05 04:14 PM
Janelle wins this last 2 part HOH and she wins it all!
Janelle has that 500 grand in her pocket if she can beat these 2 fake wanna be's in this last HOH... She has the votes: Howie,
14 messages
09-16-05 04:20 PM
Shriekette and Haggie
Now that there are only three contestants left, their poise, or lack thereof, is really coming to the fore. Janelle has shown an incredible amou
10 messages
09-16-05 04:32 PM
Canceling Feeds
Does anyone know how I can go about canceling my feeds?
3 messages
09-17-05 00:36 AM
Janells robe
Does anyone know what brand Janelles and Aprils robe are???
6 messages
09-17-05 02:49 AM
Kaysar and Michael
Does anyone have any idea what message board they were reading on the show tonight?
1 messages
09-17-05 03:06 AM
Kaysar appearance on Young & Restless - Oct 5th
Don't miss it ! Kaysar and Janelle have what it takes for Hollywood.
1 messages
09-17-05 03:11 AM
A way for Janelle to win?
Barring the obvious-but-not-likely event of CBS seeing the light and quickly engineering an America's Choice double whammy whereby we A) Evict som
7 messages
09-17-05 01:41 PM
Ivette and $50,000
On the last episode, Ivetter kept mentioning that she's thrilled with winning the $50 Grand. Does that mean that she doesn't expect to win the
1 messages
09-17-05 01:49 PM
about Ivette's final evictions choice
I have to admit I am shocked. I understand she chose someone she liked..but she chose knowing full well..she was gunning for sec0nd place but if she c
9 messages
09-18-05 10:28 AM
Marcellas website
I was wondering if anyone had the link for Marcellas website? If so could you please post it for me. Thanks!
0 messages
09-20-05 02:13 PM
One of the Best Big Brothers Ever !
Despite the utterances of the TV critics, this was one memorable season for Big Brother. There were several episodes with confrontations that caused
1 messages
09-20-05 02:47 PM
Ivette Winning? If That Happens.......
I'll tell you right now, if Ivette ends up being the winner of this year's BIG BROTHER game, I'm shutting off my TV the SECOND Julie Chen an
21 messages
09-20-05 08:23 PM
Who Will Win Tonight?
Will it be Maggie or Ivette? Who will Janelle vote for? James hates Maggie, I predict he will not vote for Maggie.I am sitting on "pins and ne
13 messages
09-20-05 08:24 PM
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